7 Blooming Spring Home Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 14, 2024 | 5 mins read

Spring decorating ideas 2023 for your home

The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.

~ Harriet Ann Jacobs 

When the sun sets on cold winter, beautiful spring pops its head out in the world. Nature welcomes spring with a warm embrace. It is the time when the sky is blue, the flowers are in full bloom, the trees are covered with lush green leaves and the golden sunlight has warmed up the earth. It’s like everything around has donned its beautiful attire to join the party that is spring. You can bring this celebration indoors too!

If you’re looking for some decor inspiration to level up from spring 2022 home decor trends, here are seven blooming spring decor ideas for your home!

1. Add Bright Pop Of Colour To Liven Up Your Home’s Decor

Liven up a neutral-coloured room by picking bright colours like red, yellow and orange. Much like the season of spring, these bright colours brought into your homes by way of elements like a rug, couch cushions, throws, etc. will make your home cheerful!

Spring home decor for living room with bright pop of colour element
Spring is synonymous with brightness! Add bright coloured decor to your spaces
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2. Add Freshness To Your Spring Decor With Fresh Flowers

Well, flowers for spring decor might be an obvious choice, but for good reason. One of the best aspects of spring, flowers bloom and thrive in the warmth of the season. Fresh cut flowers have unmatched beauty and delicateness. They beautify the space they are put in and if they are fragrant, that’s an added bonus that everyone should cash in on. Throw in a lovely vase with fresh flowers in your kitchen/dining or living space in honour of spring!

Spring decor for the dining room with a fresh flower vase is the beautiful spring home decor idea
Flowers and a little bit of sunshine make for Pinterest-y spring decor!

3. Make Natural Plants The Show Stopper Of Your Spring Home Decor

If you have been waiting for the right opportunity to get some indoor plants, this is it. You can decorate your coffee table with fresh greens — potted plants that will breathe life and greenery in your home. Indoor plants are really hassle-free to maintain, long after spring is gone too. These grow well in shade, take less space and don’t require much looking after.

Decorating your home for spring with indoor plants brings a nature vibe to the living area
Add some green to your living room with low-maintenance plants

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4. An Outdoor Seating Area To Enjoy The Beauty Of Spring

To observe nature in its full bloom, it’s great to have an outdoor seating area. You can dine, dance or party in a beautiful outdoor set-up. Having a garden would be the best thing, but you can also create some spring-inspired magic on a terrace or balcony. This set-up can be apt for dinner parties with the help of soothing lights. Throw in a wooden dining table, some potted plants, comfy lights and the works to convert any outdoor space into a party area.

Spring decor for outdoor seating area with potted plants and comfy lights creates spring-inspired magic on the terrace
Take advantage of the pleasant spring weather by creating an outdoor seating area

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5. DIY Spring Home Decor For The Biophilic In You

It’s one thing to include greenery in your living room, and a whole other thing to make the greenery a large part of it. This spring home decor tip is for all lovers of fresh green, the plant moms and the plant dads, whose hearts fill with joy when they see their plant blooming! The green naturally stand out when put against a backdrop that is neutral and non-interfering.

Spring living room decor with indoor plants hanging and placed on shelves lend greenery
We are totally in for a green wall to bring spring into our homes!
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6. Natural Light To Brighten Up Your Home

During winters you tend to transform your home into a warm cocoon. With spring season, its clear skies, and bright golden sunlight with just the right amount of heat — it’s time to drape your windows in sheer, light and flowy fabrics. They let the sunlight in, brightening up the entire space.

Spring decorating idea for living room with sheer and drape let the sunlight in and brighten up the entire space
Spring is the time when you must make most of the natural light, and find ways to bring it in!

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7. Spring-Inspired Drapes To Add Layers To Your Home’s Interior Design

Art finds a lot of its inspiration in nature. Birds, flowers and animals have always been a part of clothes, paintings and interior designing. Using big, bold patterns of spring foliage is also a great way of inviting spring into our homes. Use these patterns on drapes, couches or carpets.

With every change in season, we usually make some minor and some major changes to our homes. When you are transforming your house into the spring home of your dreams, the three elements of spring — colour, nature and warmth — should be well represented. All three elements can find a place in your home in the form of prints, patterns, colours, actual foliage and in tons of other ways.

Spring decor for kitchen cum dining area window with flowy pattern drapes way of inviting spring into your homes
Introduce spring-inspired patterns into your home using flowy drapes

We’ve rounded up spring decor inspirations to help you incorporate a bit or all of these bright elements in your home. How do you plan to embrace and introduce spring into your home? Let us know!

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