Brown Wall Paint Colours For Your Home

by Ashish Rai | January 13, 2024 | 4 mins read

Brown wall paint colours for your home

Brown evokes the colour of harmonious earth and is incredibly deep and relaxing. Like fresh whites and cool greys, brown teams up well with a variety of finishes, textures and styles. 

When we think of changing the wall colours for our home, brown doesn’t even make it to the top five. But did you know that brown paint colours have a way of opening the best of space and highlighting them. So what is it about brown? Every designer is fascinated by it! Is it because of its depth and richness? Its elegance? Or is it because it’s earthy? We want to think it’s all of the above and then some. 

Brown is the colour of the rich earth and is incredibly deep and relaxing. Deep brown hues carry a sense of calm that makes it an excellent choice for the walls of your home. There is a shade of brown available for every decor theme whether you’re looking for rustic country or sleek minimalism. For inspiration, here are the best shades of brown to bring in warmth and elegance to the walls of your home.

A Luxurious Shade Of Brown For The Bedroom

Brown need not be always dark and dramatic. You can use brown in your bedroom to evoke relaxing vibes. Since it is a neutral shade, it mixes well with other colours without making it too loud. The bedroom in this image depicts how perfectly brown can mix with other shades. The geometric pattern has shades of brown and white with LED lights making a charming wall accent. The use of earthy hardwood floor and tan wardrobe blends well with the entire setting.

Brown wall paint for bedroom with a luxurious shade of brown to evoke relaxing vibes with neutral shade
Brown is such a versatile colour that it becomes easy to accessorise with any other shades

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Brown Brick Wall For An Industrial Look

Brick walls are solid and robust in character. Both unfinished and finished brick walls lend an industrial look when left undone. See this image here. Notice how a dominant natural brick colour palette teamed up with a dark brown velvet sofa, metal shelves and a concrete floor makes this space look so warm and inviting despite a raw and edgy look?

Brown color for brown furniture where unfinished and finished brick walls lend an industrial look
An unfinished brick wall looks lovely when it is combined with unfinished dark metal
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Combine Brown With Blue

You simply can’t go wrong with a bedroom that is a combination of brown and blue. Brown is a neutral colour and so it goes with other hues. One represents the earth and the other the sky. They both have a calming effect and that is a good thing, you would agree right? Paint your bedroom and let your blues drift away. This modern styled bedroom with blue walls and wooden panelled wall with black pendant hanging lights is nothing less than extraordinary.

Brown two colour combination for bedroom walls with modern styled bedroom with blue walls and wooden panelled wall
The darker shade of blue complements the lighter colour of the cubed headboard

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What Colours Do Well With Brown Furniture?

Brown is a neutral colour and that makes it versatile. By this we mean it opens up an array of possibilities to combine it with other colours. Use a sharp contrast to this earthy colour to make it more interesting. You can use brown with white. Paint the ceiling white because it teams well with a leather sofa, white TV cabinets with dark brown accents and wooden flooring. All these elements together makes this living room a classy affair.

Brown wall colour which does well with brown furniture with whhite ceiling with leather sofa and white tv cabinet
The whole room seems relaxed with a dark brown sofa and white walls allowing the room to stay fresh and airy

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Brown On Brown

Have you thought of using brown on brown? In other words, experiment with different shades of brown and mix a little bit of white, gold, and purple. The transition between various colours is seamless and makes the overall decor harmonious. The image shows how different shades of brown are used brilliantly with subtle touches of white like this chandelier. Addition of an indoor plant does make the room appear fresh.

Brown wall texture with different shades of brown and touches of white and an indoor plant
A dark, rich, chocolate-brown accent wall sets the tone for this modern yet romantic master bedroom

There are numerous things you can do to your home with the colour brown. There are so many colours that work well with brown that it is impossible to go wrong. Some that you can pair with brown are yellow, blue, green, gold, even black. Let your imagination run free when it comes to adding some colour to your brown coloured room. Do share your views and opinions in the comments section below.

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