Stunning Computer Table Designs To Make Your Work Time Fun!

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

Modern computer table designs for your home

Bring home a stylish vibe with some modern computer table designs.

Currently, the line between working from home and the office has blurred to a huge extent. People love working from the comfort of their homes and also save a lot of time commuting. With innovative professions getting popular, freelancing has also gained a lot of popularity. 

With this leverage of working from home came the need for a personalised study corner in every home. Gone are the days when people used to sit in bed and take a few meetings occasionally. Now is the time to have an ergonomic work-from-home set-up where you can work longer hours. And one of the crucial elements of a study corner is a computer table. So here we got you some stunning computer table designs that will not only add to your productivity but keep your workspace clean and clutter-free. So read along to know more.

Space-saving Computer Table Design For Home

This study corner beneath the staircase is perfect for people with less space at home. The L-shaped computer table design beautifully utilises the corner space and provides some seclusion to concentrate and work. The desk has multiple drawers, overhead cabinets and floating shelves for ample storage space. The colour scheme is kept to provide an airy vibe and create and make the space look bigger. You can add an ergonomic chair for a comfortable working experience.

Computer table designs which are space-saving
An ergonomic computer table to utilise the corner space of your home.

Wooden Computer Table Design With Bookshelf 

This Computer table is designed in wood and white laminates to create a striking contrast and lend an earthy vibe. The computer table is spacious enough to house your laptop and provides enough arm room to work comfortably. It also comes with two drawers beneath to keep your stationeries, files, and other necessary items organised. In addition, there is a book cabinet with concealed storage where all your books and artefacts can be stored clutter-free.  

Computer table design made of wood with bookshelf
A wooden cabinet with a bookshelf for an optimum storage solution

Creative Computer Table Design For Two

Want to add a rustic look to your home office? This will be the best computer table design for your home. A simple wooden ledge with a keyboard pullout and some drawers provides enough space for couples to sit and work comfortably. The two bookshelves on either side can be used to showcase your books, files, and some artefacts. We have also added two wrought iron chairs in blue and green to add a rustic vibe to the space. You can also opt for a brick-cladding accent wall to elevate the rustic vibe.

Computer table designs in rustic theme for two
A rustic-themed study room with a simple computer table design

Smart Computer Table Design For Your Bedroom

Don’t have enough space to keep a separate computer table at home? Opt for a wardrobe with a simple computer table pullout like the one shown in this image. The table provides enough space to keep your laptop, stationery, and coffee mug. You can take the table out during your working hours and put it back once done. This way, you don’t have to lose out on floor space and make your home look seamless.

Smart computer table design for your bedroom
A wardrobe with a compact table pullout for small bedrooms
Make your study room the perfect place for productivity

A Multifunctional Computer Table Design For Modern Homes

Add a quark to your home interiors with a multifunctional study cum entertainment unit. This has a small computer table design and an entertainment unit. Just slide the door when working in an ergonomic workspace. And once done, slide it into a fun and vibrant entertainment unit after a long day of work. It also has multiple storage and display areas for your books, artefacts, and their knick-knacks at home.

Computer table design for modern homes which is multi-functional
A multifunctional study cum entertainment area for your home

Before ending this blog, let’s discuss some additional questions that intrigue our minds when choosing the best computer table designs for our homes.

FAQs On Computer Table Designs

What is the standard size of a computer table?
The standard desk height for a person between 5’8″ and 5’10” is 28 inches. But invest in an ergonomic chair for a comfortable work experience.

Which table is best for computers?
This depends on your requirements. If you need ample storage, an ergonomic table with keyboard pullouts, multiple drawers, and overhead cabinets is an excellent choice. And if you have space constraints, a ledge or a study pullout will do the job.

Though traditional choices like solid wood are good, they are expensive and might look bulky for your modern interiors. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly option that will lend a stylish look, opt for MDF or plywood. They are durable, and you can add laminates and finishes to them. 

Now that you know the different computer table designs, here are a few ways to decorate your study table. If you still have any queries or want expert help in designing an ergonomic study corner at home, book a free consultation with our designers today. They will guide you through and help you with personalised home interiors that suit your budget and lifestyle. Home to design your home soon and make your dream home interiors a reality!

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