Spiff Up Your Home: 6 Types Of Indoor Plants Make It Easy

by Naina Khare | January 24, 2024 | 4 mins read

Types Of Indoor Plants for your home

We bring you different types of indoor plants that will instil the lucky-green vibe in your home. 

Keeping a plant in the house is a beautiful thing in itself – it adds to the beauty of your home. When you have indoor plants, the atmosphere of your house remains tranquil and extremely pleasant. They help you relax and are such a treat to your mental health. Take a look at these different types of indoor plants and add a lush positive vibe to your home sweet home!

1. Aloe Vera Varieties- Popular Types Of Indoor Succulent Plants

Types of indoor plants may vary, but aloe vera rules the roost. It’s one of the most common types of indoor plants in India. They have exceptional healing attributes and enhance the home decor. Besides, they are effortlessly easy to maintain. Light is an essential factor in this plant’s growth. Aloe plants need a minimum of six hours of sunlight. 

Aloe vera plants take in a lot of carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Thus, it purifies the air and provides a clean environment to breathe. They are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, making them perfect for the skin and hair. They also possess medicinal value.

Aloe vera indoor plant
The most common type of indoor plant in India is Aloe vera

2. Areca Palms- Second Most Popular Types Of Indoor Foliage Plants 

Areca Palm is the most commonly used at home when it comes to different types of indoor palm plants. These plants come with 100 ravishing leaflets. The lusty greens brighten up the home decor and add optimism and positivity. Due to its miraculous beauty, this little addition becomes the centre of attraction in your living space.

Areca Palm trees are expensive and hence, purchased in small sizes only. As for their growth, they need ample sunlight. However, exposure to direct sunlight may cause its colour to fade. Thus, types of grow lights for indoor plants can come to your rescue here. 

During summer, they must be fertilised with good-quality fertiliser to replenish essential nutrients. Areca Palms absorb pollutants and improve air quality. They also help reduce respiratory problems. 

NASA recommended the Areca palm tree as one of the Best Indoor Plants for Purifying Air.

Areca Palms indoor plant
Brighten your home with the lusty green Areca palms

3. Low Maintenance Type Of Green Plants For Indoors- Ferns

Fern plants give your home an equatorial look, which makes the living room decor classy and unique. Their most promising aspect? They do not require high maintenance. 

These plants can grow well in any soil type. However, there is only one condition – proper moisture in the soil. Ferns prefer a humid place where there is no direct sunlight. Thus, keep it away from dry air. The green leaves of the ferns purify the toxic pollutants and humidity from the air. Fresh air and better respiratory health at no cost!

Low maintenance indoor plants
The classy and low-maintenance ferns for your home

4. Types of indoor water plants – Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is the most common type of indoor bamboo plant. It is considered a symbol of good luck and fortune. However, it takes a lot of effort to maintain it. To keep your bamboo plant healthy, ensure it gets ample sunlight, soil, and water. Don’t forget to treat it with fertilisers regularly- to help maintain its richness and well-being. ‘Lucky’ Bamboo keeps the environment on its breath pure. You can place it in whatever direction you wish. 

Lucky Bamboo indoor water plants
Welcome fortune and good luck with the lucky bamboo
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5. Monstera- Another Type of Popular Indoor Low Light Plant

Monstera plants are another popular type of indoor low-light plants. These plants prefer to flourish in warm places for their living – where they can receive bright (and indirect) sunlight. Their leathery lush green foliage brings a fresh glow to your home and a typical tropical vibe.

These plants do not have any special requirements- they only need very little water and a warm and humid place – away from direct sunlight exposure. 

Monstera indoor low light plant
The one with no special demands-Monstera Plant


Plants play a significant role in our life. They add peace and happiness – and are a knight in shining armour! It’s time we thank nature for giving us such a priceless gift. We will always be indebted to mother nature – and will never be able to repay this debt ever. 

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