Strong & Beautiful: 7 Metal Safety Door Designs For Your Home

by Pallabi Bose | January 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

Metal safety door design ideas for your home

7 durable and weather-proof metal safety door design ideas

Home is our safe haven. It is where we retire after a hard day of work and make memories with our loved ones and families. A home is a place we feel the safest. The main door is the portal between our comfortable indoors and the big, scary world outside. It protects us from outside invasions and dangerous intruders. But sometimes the door needs security. Hence, metal safety doors add another layer of protection. Here’s a list of safety metal door designs that ooze style and project strength simultaneously.

1. Wrought Iron Safety Metal Door Design With Arch

Arch doors have an old-world charm and majestic look. Made out of wrought iron in Spanish-style curlicues, these kinds of double doors can be combined with glass inserts and wood to give the home exterior a mediaeval vibe. You can easily turn the look of your home with metal safety doors as they are artistic and offer safety simultaneously.

Safety metal door design made of wrought iron that gives old-world charm
Spanish-style arched metal safety door design for home

2. Safety Door Design In Metal(Iron) For Compound Wall

If you like the grand iron gate of Buckingham Palace of Britain, this safety door metal design is for you. Made of iron and painted in black with little golden detailing, this gate is a perfect safety element for your home. This design can be used as a part of a larger compound wall or an additional safety door outside of your main wooden door.

Safety metal door design made of iron for a large compound
Iron safety metal door design to safeguard your compound

3. Steel Metal Safety Door Designs For Flats

Looking for a much more affordable metal to make a safety door? Then stainless steel should be your choice. Since steel is practically weather-proof, these doors are most popular among homeowners. Steel doors have powder coating, making them fire-resistant. Additionally, stainless steel doors can be designed in various sizes and patterns based on the homeowner’s requirements.

Steel metal safety door designs which are low-maintenance
Low-maintenance steel metal safety doors for flats

4. Aluminium Safety Doors With Auspicious Symbols

The main entrance is regarded as the primary entry point for positive energy. So, based on your preferences, you can design the grill door with auspicious symbols such as Lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi, Swastika, Om, sun, or Quran verses to bring good fortune. All of the motifs on grill designs can be effortlessly made thanks to advanced laser technology. Furthermore, aluminium as a metal is extremely durable, affordable, and low maintenance.

Metal safety door designs made of Aluminium whic has great durability
Bring home good luck with an aluminium safety door with auspicious symbols

5. Iron Sliding Collapsible Gate For Additional Safety

Sliding metal gates is an excellent and most popular way to ensure safety without being too ‘in your face’. These kinds of collapsible iron gates are popular in apartments and flats as they provide visibility. Since they are foldable, these kinds of gates can be installed outside your main entry door or at alternative entrances such as the balcony, terrace, garden, garage, etc. So, residents can keep the main door open whilst the gate remains locked.

Iron Sliding Collapsible safety door for additional security
Add an additional layer of security to your home with an iron collapsible gate

6. Double Safety Metal Door With Mesh Jali

Mesh grill inserts are commonly used on front doors. Wire mesh doors in black add a touch of glitz to any door. The goal of such security screens is to keep intruders and pests out. They are available in stainless steel, mild steel, PVC, or aluminium. Instead of a regular boring door, make it a double door with glass on one side, making it a more durable alternative to traditional insect nets.

Double safety metal door design with mesh jali for additional security
Metal safety door design for home with mesh jali for added protection
Modular home interiors for a hassle free lifestyle

7. CNC Metal Safety Door Design

Add drama to your home exterior with CNC metal safety doors. These types of metal doors are durable and allow you to leave the main door open to enjoy your solitude. The strong metallic gate is difficult to breach. The gate’s thin railing makes it challenging to access the inner bolt. Thus, it effectively provides great security against theft.

CNC metal safety door design to add drama to your home
Decorative safety door with dramatic metal fabrication

FAQs On Metal Safety Door Designs

Why should you consider installing a metal door over a wooden door?

  • Metal safety doors provide robust protection against fire and crime due to their durability and longevity.
  • Metal safety doors are built to endure any attack and resist external pressures.
  • When a typical wooden door gives way and shatters into pieces against high pressure and force, metal safety doors easily stand against such forced entry.
  • When exposed to variations in weather, metal safety doors, especially steel, are water-resistant and do not distort.

What are the best materials for making metal safety doors?
Steel, aluminium, and/or a metal alloy are the common choices when it comes to making security doors and windows.

Where can you install metal safety doors?
Metal safety doors are commonly used on the outside. Some of the most popular areas include:

  • Main gate
  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Garage

What is the price of metal safety doors?
The cost of metal safety doors is determined based on the material used, finishing, design, and so on. Additionally, you may have to pay for installation fees and the cost of the door frame for metal safety doors, amongst others. The average market price for a Safety Metal Door in India is Rs. 3,600/square metre or Rs. 12,000-15,000/door.

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