Invite Prosperity With The Right Vastu Placement of Lord Ganesha In Your Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 7, 2024 | 4 mins read

Vastu ganesha entrance for placing in your home

Bring home prosperity and happiness by placing the idol of Lord Ganesha as per Vastu at home.

Lord Ganesha, the God of happiness, prosperity and good health, is considered one of the most auspicious of all Indian deities. Indian tradition lays a lot of emphasis on worshipping Lord Ganesha, especially before every auspicious event. However, many homeowners often forget the tradition of placing Lord Ganesha’s idol at home and more importantly at the right place. The right idol placed correctly attracts an abundance of wealth, good health and removes all obstacles.

If you are planning to bring Ganesha home, then let these Vastu tips for Ganesha idol placement help you further, you would witness a positive transformation in lives by doing so for sure!

Do's and don'ts to place lord ganesha at home tips

Where Should I Place An Idol Of Lord Ganesha At Home Entrance as per Vastu?

Vastu experts prescribe placing Lord Ganesha’s idol either in the west, north-east or north direction. Never let the idol face south because it can do more harm than good. It should never be near a washroom, toilet or against a wall attached to it. A Drishti Ganesh opposite your main entrance wards off all evil from your home.

Vastu Ganesha Entrance placed in the west, north-east or north
An idol of Lord Ganesha placed in the west, north-east or north is ideal as per Vastu principles

Which Areas Are Not Advisable To Place Lord Ganesha’s Idol?

Now while Lord Ganesha is considered auspicious you also need to be extra careful of where you place it. Certain areas in your home – underneath a staircase, garages, storerooms, laundry room, bedroom, and bathrooms  – that must be avoided. The reason is simple. These areas radiate bad energy and therefore it is not advisable to place idols of deities here. Vastu experts believe that these vacant areas are inauspicious.

Ganesh idol placement vastu is not advisable underneath a staircase, garages, storerooms, laundry room and bedroom.
Never place Lord Ganesha’s idol in dark or dingy corners; always ensure it is well lit
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Choose The Right Idol Of Ganapathi according to Vastu 

Choosing the right idol of Lord Ganesha is as important as placing it. An idol with Ganesha in a seated position is ideal according to Vastu experts. This is because it invites calmness, peace and creates a harmonious atmosphere at home. This is also referred to as Lalitasana. On the other hand, you can also place a reclining Ganesha idol if you desire a luxurious, comfortable and rich life.

Choose seated vastu Ganesha idol to create a harmonious atmosphere at home
A seated idol of Lord Ganesha in brass evokes calmness and peace

Is It Okay To Place More Than One Ganesh Idol At Home?

Vastu experts recommend placing just one Ganesha idol at home. It is believed that more than one idol negates the flow of positive energy and overwhelms Riddhi Siddhi. So, avoid more than one idol of Lord Ganesha at home.

Vastu experts recommend placing just one Ganesh murti at home
An idol made of stone stands firm in this home garden bringing in all that positive energy

What Position Should Lord Ganesha’s Trunk Be At?

You will find plenty of idols of Lord Ganesha, each with its own set of ornate carvings. While it’s easy to get carried away by immediate appeal of the idol you fancy, Vastu experts suggest paying special attention to the position of the trunk. If the trunk directs to the left of Lord Ganesh it symbolises prosperity and happiness. It is believed that when his trunk is towards his right Lord Ganesha will be difficult to appease.

Trunk position of the idol of Lord Ganesha
Ensure you place an idol of Lord Ganesha with a trunk towards his left

What Is The Best Colour For An Idol As Per Vastu?

Several Vastu experts recommend placing a white idol of Lord Ganesha in the right direction. It is said that a white idol invites harmony, peace, and prosperity. You may also bring home a vermilion idol of Lord Ganesha if you want self-growth and success. Conversely, you may stick a photo of the same as well.

Lord Ganesha's white or vermilion idol is the ideal colour as per Vastu experts
White and vermillion coloured idols of Lord Ganesha are considered to be the best

Tiny Details To Look For On An Idol Of Lord Ganesha

You will never find an idol of Lord Ganesha without two things – his vehicle or the mouse and a modak in his hand. Before buying and placing an idol for your home make sure you pay heed to these details. The modak represents prasadam offered to Lord Ganesha and the mouse symbolises omnipresence. 

Never buy a Ganesha statue without his vehicle or the mouse and a modak in his hand, as per Vastu
Ensure that Lord Ganesha’s idol has a mouse at the bottom and modak in his hand

Now you have the right Vastu tips to place an idol of Lord Ganesha at home. Do follow all the aforementioned and trust us, your home will be a storehouse of positive energy and prosperity in no time.

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