Guarantee Your Child’s Success In Studies With These Vastu Tips For Study Room

by Pooja Dara | February 17, 2024 | 6 mins read

Study room vastu for your home

We all know how important it is to ensure that your children have a calm and focused mind while they are studying. Study room Vastu Shastra holds the key to maintaining that mental balance. Check out study room Vastu pictures for some inspiration and make your existing study room Vastu-compliant

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture that is important even today. The name of this science has been derived from a divine being called Vaastu Purush (God of Vastu). Vastu Shastra is considered to be a factor that introduces positive cosmic energy into our abode and affects our day-to-day lives in ways that we can’t otherwise imagine. 

You can experience blissful and effective living, happiness, growth, success and peace if you religiously apply Vastu principles in your home’s structure, directions, aesthetics and a host of other areas. In the context of your children’s education, the study room Vastu can set a conducive atmosphere to learn well, improve the levels of their stamina and concentration and uplift their academic performance. 

One often tends to overlook the little details like direction, colours, the type or placement of the furniture in the study room. But it’s these very details that can make a lot of difference in your children’s concentration and focus while they study or work. 

In this context, let’s now explore some Vastu tips for the study room to learn how your child can make the most of the positive vibrations in space.

Vastu tips for a study room to guarantee success for your child

Directions Of Study Room Vastu

  • The study room should be ideally located in the north, northeast or east. All the other directions tend to induce laziness, restlessness and a sense of tension in the child 
  • Ensure that your child faces the north, northeast or east while studying as it helps in improving the grasping power or memory. Avoid the south at any cost
Directions of study room vastu to induce laziness, restlessness and a sense of tension.
Remember that the direction of the study room is a vital aspect that should not be overlooked

Type Of Room/Furniture Used

  • The study room should always have only four corners instead of five as five corners can create mental obstructions or problems 
  • The study table should be rectangular or square only. Avoid oval, circular and other odd shapes. The size of the study table needs to be medium and the ratio of length to breadth needs to be 1:2
  • Make sure that your study table doesn’t have any sharp edges as it can bring negativity into the area 
  • Avoid using glass in your study table; use good quality wood instead 
Best colour for study room according to vastu for study room.
The furniture you use in your child’s study room can influence a host of factors critical for success
Vastu tips for your kid’s success in school

Study Room Colours As Per Vastu 

  • Use pastel, neutral or light shades as they are the best colour for study room according to Vastu. You can choose from yellow (knowledge), light green (commerce, maths and banking), light pink (MBA aspirants), light blue (law), white and cream (calmness and peace), lavender and light purple (strong memory)
  • Avoid using black or darker tones as they are considered “inauspicious” as per Vastu experts
  • In case your study room is in the north, then pastel green is the best colour, according to Vastu. For a study room in the east, a combination of off-white and pale yellow can be used. As for a study room in the northeast, you can go for violet
  • Check out more study room colour combinations as per Vastu here 
Study room vastu pictures which tell you which are the best colours for study room according to study room vastu
Choose colours as per Vastu principles and ensure your child’s success

Placement Of Furniture And Objects 

  • Place images of Goddess Saraswati (knowledge) and Lord Ganesha (good luck) in your study room — ideally on the wall in front of your study table — as doing this nurtures optimism and auspiciousness in the learning environment
  • Place the storage cupboard for books and other study-related objects on the southern, southwestern or western walls. Make sure you don’t sit under an overhead beam while reading as it affects focus and creates distractions. Also, don’t place storage cabinets in the center of the study room. Closed storage spaces are considered more auspicious than open storage spaces 
  • To perfectly balance the energies in the space and yield good results, place a crystal or copper pyramid and/or clear quartz on the study table. Place a crystal globe in the northeast corner as well 
Study room as per vastu with placement of furniture and objects
Cupboards where books and other study materials are kept need to be in a particular place for optimum results
  • Keep your study table neat, clean and decluttered at all times 
  • Place a table lamp and computer (if any) in the southeast corner of the study table and a pendulum wall clock on the northern or eastern wall of the room 
  • Your study room needs to get sufficient amount of natural light; so, make sure you place the windows in the north, east or northeast and keep them open while your child is studying
  • Use a sturdy and comfortable chair to sit on while you study but don’t lean against any door. Research suggests that ergonomics plays an important role in maintaining proper body posture and improving productivity 
  • Make sure the doors of your study room are two-shuttered and always face the north or the west only
  • You shouldn’t ever be facing a blank wall while you are preparing for your exams. Instead, adorn the northern/eastern wall with all your trophies, certificates and recognitions for a boost in motivation. You can even use photos of inspiring personalities who are related to your field of study 
  • Avoid placing a bed and a mirror in the study room as they create distraction and laziness in the child 
  • You can put some green plants, especially the money plant, in your study room to improve the air quality and reduce stress levels in your child. The ideal location for these plants is in the northeast or the east near the window. You can plant them in shrines, glass bottles or glass bowls
  • Keep the area in front of the study table open and spacious. If your room isn’t very big, then you can leave a slight gap between the study table and the wall so that the energies can freely circulate in the space 
  • Get rid of any broken furniture, calculators, pens, etc. to reduce negative vibes in the study room 
Vastu tips for study room with a comfortable and sturdy chair helps in maintaining posture for study room vastu
A comfortable and sturdy chair helps in maintaining posture while studying

All in all, designing and arranging the study room as per the Vastu tips above can do wonders for your child’s success. If you need any more guidance regarding the principles, then reach out to our experts at Design Cafe. We’d be more than happy to help you.

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