Vastu Colors For Your Living Room

by Shreya Bilagi | February 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

Vastu colors for living room

Are you lost and wondering which colour to paint your living room well we are here to help with our newest blog on Vastu colours for your living room. Read now!

Vastu is an important aspect while you’re constructing or revamping your home. And not just the directions but also colours play an essential role. If you are a true believer of vastu and have built your house, keeping this ancient science of home arrangement in mind then you are sure to be interested in vastu colours for your living room. Our latest blog on vastu colours is sure to lend you a hand in picking the perfect colour paint for your living room. Read this blog to know more!

A Wonderful White Vastu Colour For Your Living Room

White- what a wonderful colour, right? Well, white is a perfect vastu colour for a living room. White represents goodness, innocence and purity according to vastu. It’s a colour which needs no second thought to be used. Take a look at this living room with frosty white walls. It’s straight forward, simple and transparent. According to vastu shastra, the colour white stands for freedom and represents peace. 

A wonderful white vastu colors for living room which represents  goodness, innocence and purity
A white-walled living room with white vitrified tiles and a black and white striped bean bag

Pretty Pale Pink In Your Living Room

For those of you likey a splash of pink in your home now you have a better reason to paint your living room pink. The colour pink fosters warmth according to vastu shastra . If you want to feel good from inside out and get a sense of warmth then pink is the colour you should consider as a vastu colour for your living room. Pink represents deep love, so if you feel the sizzle between you and your partner needs to pep up a notch then it’s time to go according to vastu and paint your living room in the colour pink.

A pretty pale pink as a Vastu color for a living room which fosters warmth
A living room with pretty pink walls and a white sofa with patterned cushions
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Gorgeous Green Walled Living Room

Green is the colour of serenity, of nature and of freshness. It is a colour that symbolises growth, healing and abundance according to vastu. Take a look at this living room wall that is painted in a bright popping green colour which is considered a great shade for the living room according to vastu. This living room will leave you feeling energised throughout the day. So are you ready to go bright and bold for the sake of vastu!

Gorgeous green colors for living room according to vastu that symbolises growth, healing and abundance
A living room with a bright green wall, matching green cushions and white sofa set

A Blue-tiful Living Room 

Blue is such a beautiful colour and one of the best vastu colours for a living room. Blue is a colour that represents an emotion, devotion, inspiration and truth. The colour blue, according to vastu, is considered to heal body pains and have a soothing effect on the mind and body. So if you’re feeling blue then a bit more blue might take your blues away, try it! 

A blue tiful colour as a Vastu colour for living room which represents emotion, devotion, inspiration and truth
A living room painted in a popping blue with a wooden coffee table and white floor rug

Yellow, The Colour Of The Sun 

Yellow is a fun and friendly colour. According to vastu, yellow represents a higher mental activity, light and illumination. Take a look at this living room with walls in pale yellow. It makes the room look brighter and much more prominent. So would you dare to yellow for the benefit of better mental activity and light? 

Yellow colour as Vastu Colour for your living room that adds fun and friendly vibe
A living room with yellow walls and a white sofa with a glass coffee table and white floor mat

This is what we at DesignCafe reckon are some great vastu colours for the living room. We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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Shreya Bilagi

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