Fathers Day Special I 8 Special Decoration Ideas For The Best Daddy

by Mehnaz and Sreya | January 9, 2024 | 9 mins read

Best ideas for father's day decorations

From living room additions to DIY photo props, here’s our list of some of the best Father’s Day decoration ideas for your dad!

We often fall short of words and gestures when it comes to expressing our love for our fathers. They are our pillars of strength and support and are loved by the entire family. Yet, if you are someone who is often confused about how you can make their special day even more beautiful and grand — know that we have the way and you are going to love it. 

While celebrations can take many different forms, those that happen at home are always special. So, to help you make it a memorable experience for your father, we decided to come up with some really cool Father’s Day decoration ideas that signify how much your old man means to you!

A Father’s Day Decoration Idea That Brings Alive His Work Corner

With hybrid modes of work chasing the front rows of corporate life, it is only fair that your father gets to have a dedicated workspace with knick-knacks and elements he adores the most. As a father’s day surprise, you can choose to create a unique work/study corner for him at home.

Set a designated workstation area that is well-lit and airy. Consider investing in a sleek laminated work desk for your father to place his gadgets and work-related documents. Another way to make the most of our workstation decor idea is using long ledges and floating shelves to store items of importance and urgency. It is perfect for fathers that are involved in tons of paperwork.

Corner work desk and chair brings an attractive workspace this fathers day decorations
Style meets productivity in this elegant WFH corner
Corner work space decoration for fathers day with shelves and classic chairs
 A WFH haven with a spacious desk and bookshelf

Tip: Ensure that you opt for an ergonomic chair for the most comfortable work and study experience for your father!

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Incorporate Father’s Day Decoration Elements In The Common Areas 

Looking to make your dad’s day? Here are some ways you can do it. Create a design arrangement in your home’s common areas with elements that appeal to your father’s interests and likes. For instance, games they enjoy or books they love to read. It could be a fun ping pong corner, a cute shelf, or just a poker setup that’s enjoyed by him and his friends time and again.

Fathers day decoration idea in living cum dining area partition designed with a ping pong table is the best decoration idea for fathers day
Unleash the fun with a foldable ping pong table
Decoration for fathers day in the common area with a poker set-up brings back bachelor days.
Gift a fun and inviting setup for Father’s Day

Tip: If your living space is compact, you can opt for a foldable ping pong table or portable setups to avoid taking up floor space.

Reinvent The Furniture By Adding His Favourite Pieces

Dads love resting in front of the TV after work to catch a live game or just catch up on current affairs. So why not add a piece of more comfortable furniture for him to rest in the living area? A resting armchair or a sectional sofa with a chaise end will help your dad sit back, relax and rest after a long day’s work. You can also add a reading chair near your sofa if your dad prefers a quiet corner to read his books. While talking about dad-specific furniture do check out TV units that come with an attached work desk so that your dad can enjoy his late-night work with a game of soccer or cricket on TV.

Armchair and sectional sofa to infuse style and comfort for father's day room decorations
A statement armchair to infuse style and comfort
Decoration fathers day, Comfortable armchair or reading chair with footrest help relax and rest after a long day's work.
Enhance the comfort of a reading chair with an ottoman

Tip: Understand what your father likes and where he usually enjoys resting and chilling at home. Then choose furniture according to the setting of the space.

DIY Father’s Day Decorations With Some Dad Photo Props

If your dad’s always taking the wheel behind the camera, it’s time to get him in the front row! This means adding a fun photo prop for your dad, a DIY greeting card and even some lovely wall decor to complete the look. DIY decor and gift ideas are often most acknowledged and appreciated by anyone being gifted one. And what’s better to let your father know you love them than a nice little corner exclusive to him?

DIY father's day decoration on wall with photos and some quotes that bring back old memories.
Easy Father’s Day decorations to DIY
Father's day decorations DIY with family photos on the wall that brings golden memories back.
Relive memories with photos clicked by your father

Tip: Choose photos and memories that have a beautiful story around them. These could be times from his academic years, travels and tours or even simply moments captured with the family.

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Surprise Your Dad With A Cosy Coffee Corner In Your Home

A personalised coffee corner in his bedroom is the best gift you can give your dad. Design a cosy nook where he can sip a hot cuppa from the comfort of his bed whenever he wishes. You can use a side table to place the coffee machine and some coffee mugs. Add some of your dad pics on the wall behind or frames with inspirational quotes. You can also hang mugs on the wall with some hooks. This will help save space and bring a quirky vibe to the wall. You can also transform your breakfast counter into an exclusive home cafe where he can enjoy his evening coffee with his friends while watching a movie or enjoying a match. This coffee corner will be one of the unique gifts he can cherish – not just on this special day but for years to come.

Choose cosy coffee nook and floating shelf for father's day bedroom decorations to bring a quirky vibe
A unique setup for coffee and breakfast in bed
Fathers day decoration idea, Transform breakfast counter into an exclusive home cafe corner that he cherishes.
A coffee maker to enjoy a hot cuppa anytime

Tip: Personalise a coffee mug with his favourite quote or photo to add an emotional touch to the decoration.

Make Room For Dad’s Special Entertainment/Gaming Corner At Home

What better way to celebrate the day than watching your Father’s favourite movie with him? Turn your living room into a home theatre and watch some classic movies of his times. Add a couple of recliner chairs or a comfortable sectional sofa, place a rug on the floor, and some ambient lighting. This is enough to do the magic. Just make a bucket of popcorn and some finger snacks, and you are good to go!

If your Dad loves playing snooker, we have a brilliant option for you. This dining table shown in the picture doubles up into a pool table in no time. This is an excellent way to incorporate a gaming area into your living room. Now your father can enjoy snooker time with his friends without leaving the house. So this Father’s Day, turn your dining room into a gaming corner with some intelligent and space-saving furniture ideas.

Father's day decorations, turn the living room into a home theatre and enjoy watching classic movies.
Spend quality time watching movies together
Decoration for fathers day, turn the dining room into a gaming corner with a dining table that doubles up into a pool table.
A sophisticated snooker set up for fun times

Tip: Add some hanging lights to amp up the space so it is well illuminated for a long night of gaming

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Serve A Wholesome Meal With A Father’s Day Decoration Tablescape

Special occasions are incomplete without a gastronomic treat. So surprise your Dad with a sumptuous meal and decorate the tablescape with some Father’s Day decorations. Spruce up your dining space with a lovely table runner, some candles and fresh flowers in a vase. Bring out your best crockery and enjoy a wholesome meal with your Father. Bake your own Father’s Day cake and write your special message on top with icing. This will surely satiate your Father’s taste buds and make his day!

Father's day special dining table decorations with candles, fresh flowers, and the best crockery lend an aesthetic look.
Cook up a treat for the whole family

Tip: You can hang a banner on the wall with personalised messages like “Happy Father’s Day” or “Love You Dad” written on it.

Decorate His Side Of The Wardrobe With Father’s Day Decorations

All of us love a clean and tidy wardrobe, however, organising it can be a herculean task. Surprise your dad on Father’s Day with a clean and clutter-free wardrobe. You can opt for built-in organisers to enhance the look and keep his essentials at eye-level so that he never misses them while rushing for work.

A wardrobe with an in-built ironing board which comes in handy for ironing clothes and other small items like handkerchiefs or ties. You can use this board to decorate your unique gift and surprise him. Your idea of decorating your Dad’s cupboard will definitely bring a smile to his face since your Dad might have desired it for a long time.

Wardrobe with in-built organizers for father's day decoration
A foldable ironing board for easy and quick access
Fathers day decoration ideas for bedroom wardrobe
Organisers to keep your father’s wardrobe tidy

Tip: You can decorate the wardrobe with some patterned stickers or some beautiful DIY father’s day decor elements.

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FAQs For Father’s Day Decorations

1. How Can I Decorate My Room This Father’s Day?

For Father’s Day decorations, you can first declutter your dad’s bedroom and try to incorporate some father’s day DIY elements such as greeting cards, dad’s photos, his kind of wallpaper design. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm his room with props – keep it simple but impressionistic.

2. How Can I Make Father’s Day Special?

You can make Father’s Day special by preparing his favourite food and including design elements that your dad would love. For example, a ping pong table or chess or a poker setup where your dad can spend time with his friends or colleagues during the off workdays. You can also add a personal touch of DIY props to let him know how special he is for you and the family.

3. What Are Good Father’s Day Gifts For Dad?

Gifting your dad on father’s day can be tricky. However, it’s not impossible. If you want to give him something customised then we suggest opting for personalised wallets, tee shirts, pens and the like. Or else, you can gift him some handmade Father’s Day decoration props like photo frames, and greeting cards. You can also enhance his home office experience with an ergonomic chair that’s comfortable and easy on the back.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and got some inspiration about Father’s day decorations. If you like our design ideas and would like to incorporate them into your home please book a consultation with our designers. Our expert designers will help you design your dream home exactly the way you have imagined. 

So what are you waiting for? Book a consultation today and get ready to revamp your home as per your taste and budget. And for more such interesting design ideas, check our blog and guide section.

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