Study Table Designs For Students: 6 Space-Efficient Ideas Trending Right Now

by Nikita Keshwani | January 9, 2024 | 5 mins read

study table designs for students

Short on space? These stylish and compact study table designs for students smartly utilise the available space to create a productive corner.

Study tables have become an integral part of the Indian household in the past few years as Covid necessitated online education. A study table for students is a great way to encourage them to develop discipline and concentrate on their studies for long hours. At the same time, it’s not always possible to dedicate an entire room to create a study space. If you’re looking for ways to fit a study table in a small space, check out these compact yet modern study table designs that students are bound to love!

Modern study table design

Add A Foldable Study Table For Students

This is one of the most trending designs for study tables for students. It’s innovative, ergonomic and low maintenance. Moreover, it’s easy and safe to operate so students can just pull it down when they wish to study and pack it up when not in use. This is a great way to utilise the vertical space of a room and keep the floor space free for playing. The floating wall shelves serve as the perfect companion to this folding study table for students to store their books as well as toys. The floating shelves are backlit to illuminate the desk and make studying comfortable for your kid even during the wee hours of the night.

Foldable study table for students affixed to the corner wall in the bedroom adds to the room's spaciousness
Folding study table to make the room look spacious
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A Big Study Table For Students In The Bedroom Corner

This colourful bedroom houses one of the most space-efficient designs of study tables for students. This trendy foldable study table for students opens up to offer a big area to study. We understand space can be a luxury in a small apartment, which is why this design is a perfect solution to ensure students get more than enough space to study comfortably. On opening out, this folding study table desk reveals drawers that can be used to store stationery. The most amazing aspect of this study table design is that it consumes very little vertical space. The rest of the vertical space features cabinets and open shelves for storing study materials as well as toys.

Pull-out study table design in the bedroom corner
Multifunctional and modern study table design

Study Table-Cum-Bookshelf For Bedroom

This is another great study table design that perfectly utilises the corner space as well as the vertical space of a bedroom. This modular bookshelf is designed in shades of cream and blue, which features multiple open-box shelves for storing books and stationery. It extends into a cream study table for students with chair. The simplicity and high functionality of this design make it easy to incorporate into your kids’ room interiors. The tall windows bring ample natural light and make this a productive corner of the room. We’re sure this study table will become your kids’ favourite corner in the house!

Study table cum bookshelf for students utilises the corner space and the vertical space of a bedroom
Make studying fun with a well-lit study table design

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A Pull-Out Study Table With Chair For Students

Kids love a themed bedroom and this unique space theme looks absolutely out of this world! The compact size of this room makes it challenging to add a study table, which is why we have devised a way to incorporate it into the wardrobe design. The modular wardrobe includes a modern study table design in the form of a pull-out desk. The sleek desk offers a comfortable space to study and can easily be put back inside to make the room look spacious. The open shelves under the desk will house all the books and study materials after the desk is slid inside.

Wardrobe features a pull-out study table and chair, making it a convenient workspace for students
A wardrobe with a built-in study table to save space

Multifunctional Living Room Table Design For Study

A budget solution to giving your kid the best study table without actually investing in a study table is to opt for multifunctional foldable furniture. Take this corner table, for instance. At first glance, it looks like the perfect stand for a fresh vase of flowers. But its smart modular design hides away a spacious study table with open compartments for storing books. Not only does this designer study table keep your living area clean but also lets you do more with a single piece of furniture. Just pair it with one of the living room chairs and you have the best study table design for your home.

Versatile table design for study in living room
Invest in space-saving foldable furniture
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Designer Study Table With Sliding Door

This study table design is perfect for students from urban families living in small apartments. The study table is attached to the TV unit in the living room and comes with a vibrant red sliding door. This sliding door is a smart way of keeping one section closed when not in use. A stylish task light and LED strip lights under the floating shelves keep the table well-lit. A wooden chair accompanies the table for a comfortable study time. What we love about this design is that it features multiple open box shelves for neatly stacking books without making the living room look cluttered.

Designer study table is integrated with the living room's TV unit and is accessible via sliding doors
Turn your living room corner into a productive space

These are some of the most trending designs for study tables for students. These modern study table designs for students are sure to strike the right chord and motivate your child to learn and grow. If you’re looking to incorporate these designs in your home interiors and want an expert opinion, get in touch with our talented designers for a free design consultation.

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