Personal Your Rented Home: 7 Hands-On DIY Room Decor Ideas

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

DIY room decor and tips for rented house

Glam up your rented rooms with these DIY room decor ideas!

We all love to stay in a home that looks personal, even a rented house. However, decorating your rented apartment can be tricky, especially when you have a lot of design constraints. After all, you can’t make any permanent changes as that wouldn’t go well with your rental agreement policies. Before jumping into the world of DIY room decor for a rented house, let’s go over some interior design mantras to help you while decorating your rented apartment. 

How To Decorate A Rented Room?

  • Avoid making permanent modifications to your room. Instead, go for minor and temporary changes such as rugs and upholsteries.
  • Stay clear of the house rules that might endanger your rental policies. Avoid drilling holes in your walls to hang posters or frames.
  • Leave the ceiling and flooring as is. Instead, choose to decorate them with lights and rugs. 
  • Focus on little accessories to add design elements to the space. 
  • Consult your homeowner before making any striking changes, as you wouldn’t want to surprise your landlord. 

Ready for more? Our budget-friendly DIY ideas for room decor for rented houses will help you give a much-needed makeover to your rented home. Read on. 

1. Plants Are The Best DIY Room Decor For Rented House

If you want to spruce up your rented room, the best choice is to add indoor plants. Go for small, readily available plants. You can jazz up the space with fancy planter designs. Money plants, ferns, creepers, peace lilies, etc., are the go-to choice when bringing green friends home. Besides the regular live plant decoration, you can also go with artificial turfs and even synthetic grass wall tiles for balconies. They add a bit of nature to the interiors–making you feel relaxed and calm.

Rental home decor ideas add diy indoor plants to infuse a nature vibe to the space
Infuse colour and nature with some plants in your rented home
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2. Soft Furnishings For DIY Room Decor For Rental Apartments

While decorating rental apartments, you can work wonders through the soft furnishing section. Think about themed upholstery for your furniture- printed cushions with matching curtains are popular as a rented home decor idea. As these are ideal temporary changes, you can plan an entire house makeover with the right set of upholsteries.

Decorating rental apartment with soft furnishing
Curtains, cushions, and the bed runner add cohesiveness to this room

3. Rugs And Carpets Are Ideal Home Decor Ideas For Rentals

Don’t like the stern floors of your rented room? Dress them up with beautiful rugs and carpets. Rugs and carpets hit two birds with one stone- they create visual demarcation and camouflage floor issues, a common problem in rented homes. You can choose various designs for each area of your rented house.

DIY home decor ideas for rentals with rugs and carpets
Rugs and carpets add a textural element to any room

4. Rental Home Window Treatments

If you are serious about interior decoration, it’s time to treat your windows better. Go for quirky roller blinds to add personality to your windows. They are great for rented homes. Or you can also go for window dressings with double curtains, drapery frames, and tie-up shades styles. If your landlord is okay with such changes, you can also go for tinted glasses, shutters, etc.

Decorate rented room with dark curtains to add personality to your windows
Add drama to your rented space with some dark curtains

5. Rental House Lighting Ideas

Sconces, chandeliers, floor and table lamps are great options for creating personalised space. The best part about employing different lighting arrangements is that they can be moved when shiting out, apart from offering different light intensities.

Create a personalised space with different lights decorating for a rental apartment.
Using different lighting elements cleverly has its advantages in rented homes

6. Modular Furniture Pieces For Rentals

You can buy personalised study units, bookshelves, and benches with lightweight and appealing storage. You can also use modular furniture pieces to decorate your rented home. These furniture pieces will add warmth to your place–helping you recreate a personal space. You can also consider wall-mounted shelves and floating cabinets as modular furniture decorations.

Decorate rented home with modular furniture pieces
Modular furniture is a boon for rented homes
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7. Removable Wallpapers For Rental Apartments

Accent walls are a significant home decoration element. Although such walls look like high-end design decisions, you can achieve the look with removable wallpapers. These wallpapers come in various prints and designs–ideal for different interior themes. Use them in your living room and bedrooms to create a visually appealing design.

DIY rented house decor with removable wallpaper
Wallpapers also work as great conversation starters

FAQs on DIY Room Decor For Rentals

How Do You Style a Rental Home?

  • Invest in statement lights.
  • Go for striking rugs and carpets.
  • Choose appealing wallpapers.
  • Go with artwork and handmade craft decorations. 
  • You can spice up your rental room with decor items that suit your style. Think about wall mirrors, floor lamps, wallpapers, rugs, etc.

How Can I Fix My Rental House?

  • Use wallpapers
  • Replace old paints with new ones
  • Add floor rugs
  • Go for modular furniture decor
  • Use new light fixtures

Our DIY room decor ideas for rented homes will jazz up your place. Have fun creating your personalised home without jeopardising your security deposit or inviting your homeowner’s displeasure. Stay tuned to our blog for more creative ways to decorate your home.

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