12 Expert Tips To Design Luxury Home Interiors On A Budget

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 15, 2024 | 9 mins read

Budget-friendly Luxury home design for you

The ultimate design guide for luxury home interiors on a budget.

All of us want a luxury home where we can enjoy a cosy time with our family and loved ones. But most of us associate luxury home interiors with exorbitant prices. This stops us from achieving our ultimate dream. So, if you are among those who think luxury house interiors are only possible with a big budget, we are here to break the myth. We have curated some expert-approved tips and tricks to give your home a feeling of luxury without burning your pocket.

Remember, simple designs, functional furniture, clean lines and aesthetic decor can make your home look luxurious and comforting too. Get ready for a budget-friendly yet grand house makeover and turn your home into the paradise of your dreams. If you are a first-time house owner or looking for some luxury home interiors to revamp your old house, we have something for each of you. What are you waiting for? Read along to explore!

Luxury Decor On A Budget In A Home At Bluejay Malgudi In Bengaluru

Marble is one of the quickest ways to give your home a luxurious vibe. It looks elegant and blends with your home interiors seamlessly. But if marble flooring seems too pricey for you, opt for a luxurious marble wall panelling for your TV unit. That’s what our designers did for a home in Bluejay Malgudi in Bengaluru. This will cost way less than marbled flooring yet bring in the charm of luxury home interior design. We added a floating cabinet with drawers in grey to create a striking contrast against the marbled wall and provide some additional storage space. You can further jazz up the interiors with metallic framed stools and nested coffee tables with tinted glass tops. We also added a winged chair with an ottoman for a comfortable seating option and to complete the look of this luxury home.

Luxury home decor on a budget with marble wall paneling for TV unit
Luxury home decor at Bluejay Malgudi in Bengaluru

Luxury Kitchen Interiors In Pristine White At Fortuna Manomay Citadelle In Bengaluru

A beautiful kitchen not only adds aesthetic value to your luxury home design but also makes your cooking time fun and hassle-free. In this house at Fortuna Manomay Citadelle in Bengaluru, we designed the kitchen with a white acrylic base and overhead cabinets and a glossy black dado. The acrylic reflects a lot of light, making the kitchen look bright and spacious, while the black dado creates a striking contrast adding to the luxury of the space. But the centre of attraction is definitely the island countertop and sleek pendant lights. This provides you with extra workspace in your kitchen and can be used as a breakfast counter or a bar unit to hang out with friends and family while preparing meals. You can also add some drawers or shelves beneath for extra storage space in your kitchen.

Luxury home interior on a budget for kitchen with white acrylic cabinets and a glossy black dado adds aesthetic value
A modular kitchen with luxurious interiors in Bengaluru
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Luxury Home Interiors On A Budget At Assetz 63 Degree East In Bengaluru

When thinking about luxury house interior design, we mostly think more about eye-level design. But poor lighting can destroy the look of your house in spite of spending a huge amount on furniture and furnishings. Here comes the importance of a false ceiling. It gives you ample lighting options, making your home look spacious and opulent. Though the interiors of this home in Assetz 63 Degree East in Bengaluru are kept minimal, the designer false ceiling with cove lights, spotlights and ring lights deck up the space beautifully, adding luxe to the room. We added a tinted glass front for the top cabinets so that they reflect maximum light creating the correct ambiance in this minimalistic yet luxurious living room.

Luxury home design on a budget with a false ceiling with cove light
A false ceiling adding luxury at Assetz 63 Degree East

Luxury Living Room Ideas On A Budget At A Home In NCC Cyber Urbania In Hyderabad

You can add a royal touch to your luxury home interior design with gorgeous wallpaper and some statement-making furniture. We designed this living room in NCC Cyber Urbania in Hyderabad with an all-blue colour tone. The pair of winged tall chairs bring a palatial luxury vibe to the space and add to the cosiness. To match the aesthetics, we also added an artistic wallpaper in blue and gold. You can also add some paintings or photo frames to complete the look of your luxury home interior on a comparatively lower budget.

Luxury interior on a budget for living room
A palatial living room in NCC Cyber Urbania, Hyderabad

An Ornate Ceiling Light For Luxury Home Decor At Sobha Dream Acres In Bengaluru

Investing in a statement light fixture can be an excellent way to lend a luxurious glow to your living room. We used an ornate chandelier to amp up the space for this home in Sobha Dream Acres in Bengaluru. The white brick cladding accent wall adds texture to the interiors. The attractive mirror frame, a Buddha statue on a floating shelf and two pendant lights on either side add a serene vibe to this luxury home decor.

Luxury home decor on a budget with an ornate chandelier is an excellent way to lend a luxurious glow to your living room
We transformed this home in Sobha Dream Acres

Luxury Decorating On A Budget In A Home At Alembic Urban Forest In Bengaluru

Metallic accents are a great way of adding jazz to your home interiors. We added a metallic framed mirror to the foyer area of this apartment in Alembic Urban Forest in Bengaluru to accentuate the entryway. Mirrors help create the illusion of a bigger space and reflect light beautifully. You can also add pendant lights to make the entryway look bright. Textured wallpaper behind the mirror takes the luxury home interiors a notch higher. This will add layers to your home interiors and help bring attention to the designer metallic mirror.

Luxury home decorating on a budget with a metallic framed mirror is a great way of adding jazz to your foyer area
A luxe entryway at Alembic Urban Forest, Bengaluru

Brass Handles On Kitchen Cabinets Are Perfect For Luxury Decorating On A Budget

Revamping your kitchen with high-end finishes like lacquered glass or glossy acrylic finish can be expensive. But you can still lend a luxurious touch to your kitchen with brass handles. It’s a great hack to get a new luxe look for your home without making major changes. The brass handles stand out against the grey cabinets in this kitchen and add bling to the decor. You can match it with light fixtures in similar materials to maintain continuity and make your luxury kitchen interiors one of a kind.

Luxury home decor for kitchen cabinets with brass handles adds a new luxe look
Accessorise a modular kitchen with luxurious handles
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A Luxury Bedroom Makeover On A Budget Using Wallpapers

If you are looking for a luxury bedroom idea on a budget, opt for decorative wallpaper. These are relatively cheaper than wall paint and elevate the beauty of your bedroom instantly. We opted for a leaf motif wallpaper to lend a tropical vibe to this master bedroom. The velvet headboard in red lends a striking contrast and pairs beautifully with the printed wallpaper. The two pendant lights on either side brighten up the room and create the perfect mood for a relaxing time.

Luxury bedroom idea on a budget, opt for decorative wallpaper elevates the beauty of your bedroom instantly
Luxury bedroom makeover on a budget with wallpapers

Marble Flooring Adds The Ultimate Luxury Look To Your Home

You can never go wrong with marble flooring. It is lighter on the eye, makes your room look bright and lends a soothing touch. Though a bit on the expensive side, the right veins of the Italian or Indian marble take your home interior design up by several notches. If you are looking for a relatively cheaper alternative, you can choose porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles. These look quite close to marble yet are budget-friendly. You can add a touch of gold to your furniture and accents like the base of the table and borders of the chairs to add to the luxury appeal.

Luxury home interior design with marble flooring adds the ultimate luxury look to your space
Marble flooring for elegant and luxury home design

Dress Up The Windows With Full-Length Velvet Curtains

Floor-to-ceiling curtains help in adding layers to your home interiors and bring in a luxurious vibe. If you are looking for some luxury living room ideas on a budget, try dressing your windows with some dark-coloured velvet curtains. Velvet has a luxury appeal and the vibrant colour will liven up your space. You can also pair them with some sheer curtains of an extra layer for a contrasting effect. In this living room, we matched the curtain colour with the sofa unit to maintain continuity and add to the luxury appeal of the space.

Luxury home design on a budget, Dress up the windows with full-length velvet curtains lends luxury appeal
Floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains define luxury

Mirrors Are Excellent For Making Your Room Look Luxuriously Spacious

If you have a small bedroom and want some luxurious bedroom ideas on a budget, consider adding mirror panelling on the wall. They reflect light and amplify the beauty of the room’s interiors. In this bedroom, we added trendy mirrors on either side of the extended headboard for a luxurious look. You can also use a wardrobe with a mirror front or a combination of wood and mirror panelling on the wall, depending on your budget. But if these mirror options seem too pricey, buy a large mirror with a metal or wooden frame and add it to the accent wall of your bedroom. They act as the focal point of your bedroom and lend a luxurious look.

Luxury home interior for bedroom room with mirror panel on the wall amplifies the beauty of the room’s interiors
Mirrors work wonderfully to lend a luxurious vibe

A Luxury Outdoor Setup At Salarpuria Greenage In Bengaluru

Enjoying the outside view from one’s home has become quite a luxurious experience, especially in today’s cramped apartments. So, if you are lucky to have an open area in your home like a backyard, terrace or a small balcony, make the most of it to bring in a natural vibe along with a luxury appeal. In this apartment at Salarpuria Greenage in Bengaluru, we designed a cosy nook with brick cladding walls, rattan chairs and some house plants where our clients can enjoy a cosy time after a long day of work. The design is minimalist yet brings a luxury resort vibe to the home.

Luxury outdoor home design with natural vibe
A cosy area with a luxury resort vibe in your home

Now that you know how to ace luxury house interiors on a budget, let’s show you some modern bedroom home interiors. If you are looking for expert help for your home makeover, book a free consultation with us today, and our designers will help you with personalised designs that suit your budget and requirement. You can also check out our experience centres to have a look at our latest design concepts and talk to our designers right away.

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