Stunning Bathroom Countertops That Lend Elegance To Any Bathroom

by Pooja Dara | February 18, 2024 | 9 mins read

Bathroom countertops ideas for your home

Unlike kitchen countertops that are at the centre of hectic activity all day, bathroom countertops are intended to spruce up space rather than being only functional

Needless to say, bathroom countertops not only give you the space to refresh, cleanse and groom yourself but also help you organise all your personal care essentials in one place. They’re practical and provide you with additional workspace too. 

When it comes to choosing the right material, colours and sinks (basins) for your bathroom countertop, there are options aplenty, so let’s check them out one by one. 

Different Types of Bathroom Countertops (Based On Material)

  • Granite:
    • It is a top-end, tough and durable material
    • It is more expensive but has a high resale value as well
    • It is scratch- and stain-resistant, as well as water- and heat-resistant
    • It requires low maintenance but needs adequate sealing to maintain the original shine
    • It gives an elegant and timeless look
  • Engineered quartz:
    • It is an expensive buy but gives a fancy look
    • It is a man-made, anti-bacterial and durable material
    • It is mostly stronger than granite
    • It is non-porous, stain- and scratch-resistant but not heat-resistant
    • It is easy to clean and also never needs sealing 
  • Recycled glass:
    • It gives a hip and trendy look
    • It is scratch-resistant  and heat-resistant 
    • It is not stain- or crack-resistant 
  • Laminate:
    • It is water-resistant, so it’s easier to clean
    • It is durable and more functional
    • It is relatively cheaper than other countertop materials
    • It lacks the beauty and glamour of other high-end materials 
    • It has to be entirely replaced upon damage
    • It also tends to get thinner over time; the colour fades as well
  • Stainless steel:
    • It is a practical and industrial material but is rarely used 
    • It is easy to clean and is heat-resistant
    • It gives a classic and bright look
    • It may get damaged or dented upon heavy impact
  • Solid surface:
    • It is a synthetic material
    • It is easy to clean
    • It is water-resistant but not scratch- and heat-resistant 
  • Concrete:
    • It visually mimics natural stone and is eco-friendly
    • It has an organic and appealing look
    • It can be easily cast into any shape 
    • It is extremely durable but not water-resistant 
    • The seam lines are visible and it needs to be waxed regularly
  • Marble:
    • It is an affordable and long-lasting material that has a high resale value
    • It is scratch-resistant but not stain-resistant
    • It gives a unique and contemporary look 
    • It needs sealing to provide a protective layer
    • It can be honed or polished to achieve a matte or glossy feel 
  • Tile:
    • It is water- and heat-resistant but not stain-resistant 
    • It requires medium maintenance but can break upon heavy impact  

Various Styles Of Bathroom Countertop Basin

  • Integrated basin: The sink is already built and integrated into the countertop surface, helping you avoid the hassle of installation. You can install one or two integrated sinks on a single big countertop depending upon the number of people using the space at the same time
  • Vessel basin: The sink is much smaller and is placed right above the countertop such that the bottom of the sink is aligned with the countertop surface. Typically, glass, metal, stone or ceramics are used for making vessel basins. They look pretty elegant and sophisticated 
  • Trough basin: The sink is long, rectangular and built into the countertop’s surface. It is ideally installed in a bathroom that’s used by more than one person at a time 
  • Drop-in/self-rimming basin: The sink can be easily installed above the countertop and can also be replaced without altering the countertop itself. How? Because in this case, the sink has a finished and rolled rim that drops in and keeps it in place
  • Under-mount Basin: The sink is installed from underneath the countertop surface by cutting a hole of appropriate size into the countertop’s surface for the sink 

How Do I Choose A Bathroom Countertop Colour?

Ideally, the colour for the bathroom countertop should be chosen according to the overall theme and colour scheme of the bathroom. Our suggestion is to use a bright-, light- or medium-toned countertop for a small bathroom and a dark-coloured bathroom countertop for a big bathroom. Consider the lighting in the area too. However, the overall effect shouldn’t be overwhelming or dull to ensure the right frame of mind for those using the bathroom.  

Some of the most popular colours for bathroom countertops are blue, pink, pastel, black, grey, light yellow, gold, white and brown. 

Which Is The Best Countertop For A Bathroom?

You can opt for a countertop for your bathroom as per your needs and material preferences. However, if you’re looking for high durability as well as rich looks, the three most popular choices are quartz, granite and marble. Here’s a quick comparison of all the three materials so that you can choose the best from among them. 

Quartz Vs Granite Vs Marble Bathroom Countertops

  1. Quartz countertops are engineered; are often sold with integrated sinks; have a more uniform colour; can be easily shaped; are less rigid than natural stone; and are relatively more expensive 
  2. Granite countertops are useful for high-end bathroom makeover projects; are more versatile; are often sold with vessel, under-mount or drop-in sinks; have a striking surface that looks luxurious with speckles and grain textures; and are available in matte, leather or honed finish 
  3. Marble countertops are preferred for low-traffic bathrooms; have a graceful look owing to dramatic veining; are available in the matte, honed or antique finish; are often sold with a vessel or drop-in sinks; and are the most expensive

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Now comes the most daunting question for homeowners: how to care for bathroom countertops?

You need to take special care of your bathroom countertops as that’s the area most prone to daily mess. This section will discuss caring in two parts for each kind of bathroom countertop: cleaning routine and sealing routine

Cleaning routine:

  • Granite: Use a mixture of mild soap/baking soda and warm water to rinse the countertop. After a while, dab the surface gently with a soft microfibre cloth to polish it. Don’t ever use acidic cleaners, lemon, vinegar or bleach on granite surfaces as they’ll get damaged 
  • Marble: Use a mixture of dishwashing liquid soap and warm water to wipe the surface. After a few minutes, wipe it clean with a soft and clean cloth towel. Don’t ever use acidic cleaners, lemon, vinegar or bleach on marble surfaces as they’ll get damaged
  • Quartz: Use a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water to rinse the surface and a non-abrasive sponge to gently wipe it off after some time  
  • Stainless steel: Use a mixture of dish soap/baking soda and warm water and wipe it off using a soft sponge. Alternatively, use a specialised cleaner and polish for stainless steel surfaces 
  • Laminate: Use a mixture of baking soda and warm water and wipe off with microfibre cloth. Alternatively, use a mild household cleaner for this. Don’t use abrasive substances at all 
  • Wood: Use warm water on the surface and wipe off with microfibre cloth. Alternatively, use a specialised wood cleaner instead of abrasive substances to avoid damaging the surface permanently
  • Glass: Use a mixture of vinegar/mild soap and warm water and wipe off with microfibre cloth. Alternatively, use specialised glass cleaners 

Sealing Routine

  • Granite: This needs to be sealed every six months to one year. Use a specialised granite sealer for sealing the surface if the surface doesn’t pass the water droplet test 
  • Marble: This needs to be sealed every five months to one year. Use a specialised marble sealer for sealing the surface if the surface doesn’t pass the water droplet test 
  • Stainless steel: This doesn’t require any sealing routine at all. You can, of course, polish the surface using a specialised stainless steel polish
  • Wood: This requires occasional sealing and polishing using mineral oil that conditions the surface and effectively locks the moisture 

Finally, let’s check out some trendy bathroom countertop ideas for your home.

Bathroom Countertop Basin With Trough Sink

This white bathroom countertop with a trough sink looks simple yet elegant. The surface area for keeping personal stuff is quite small, but that is compensated by the wooden vanity drawers below it.

Granite bathroom countertops with a trough sink in the white bathroom looks simple yet elegant
Trough sinks prevent water from splashing out

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Bathroom Countertops With Vessel Sink

This white bathroom countertop with a vessel sink looks traditional and sleek. The wooden cabinet provides some solid support and storage space, and the round mirror also seamlessly blends in with the countertop. 

White bathroom granite countertop with vessel sink
The interiors of this bathroom look lively and bright

Bathroom Countertops With Integrated Sink

This greyish-white bathroom countertop with an integrated sink looks luxurious and classy. It accentuates the overall vibe of the space along with the dark grey vanity cabinet, the green potted plant and the big round mirror. 

Greyish-white bathroom countertop with an integrated sink looks luxurious
Integrated sink countertops eliminate the hassle of basin installation
Do you want a free design consultation, call our designers

Floating Bathroom Countertops

This floating bathroom countertop is a perfect choice for those who want to save floor space in the bathroom for easier cleaning and don’t have too much to display on the countertop surface. It complements the designer faucets and the overall colour scheme too.

Wood bathroom countertop with two sinks in a modern bathroom looks aesthetic
This wooden floating countertop breaks the monotony of this bathroom by adding contrast

Granite Bathroom Countertops

This yellow granite bathroom countertop looks quite sophisticated and modern. The white drop-in sink and the lighting fixtures are an ideal match to the countertop while the wooden cabinets have also been very intricately designed. 

Bathroom with granite countertops ideas and has white sink
This granite bathroom countertop exudes royalty and luxury

Marble Bathroom Countertops

This white marble bathroom countertop looks absolutely stunning sitting on an open wooden-framed shelf. The lights above lend an opulent vibe to space and the green plant adds a pop of colour.

White marble bathroom countertop sitting on an open wooden-framed shelf looks stunning
This marble countertop blends effortlessly with the walls of this bathroom

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

This light grey quartz bathroom countertop with two integrated sinks, two big wooden-framed mirrors, vanity cabinets and barn-style doors tie the whole farmhouse look together. 

Light grey quartz bathroom countertops with two integrated sinks lends a cozy vibe
This quartz countertop lends a cozy vibe to the bathroom area

That’s all there is! Go ahead and choose a bathroom countertop that serves as a stunning visual focal point in your bathroom space. Book your consultation call with DesignCafe in case you need more guidance on your bathroom makeover project. We’d be more than happy to help you out. 

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