10 Stunning Interior Wall Designs That Will Inspire You to Revamp Your Home

by Sneha Virmani | February 5, 2024 | 6 mins read

Interior wall design ideas that will inspire you

Discover 10 beautifully unique interior wall design ideas to make your house a home. 

What you see below is a beautifully painted wall in a living room, but what makes it stand out are the framed artworks. Acting as a focal point in the room, the neutral theme in the space still draws the eyes to the interior wall design. Since you cannot make every wall an accent wall, the adjoining wall features a matching black wall clock that seamlessly blends in with the other statement pieces. But what is this even important? 

The walls in your homes are like a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with exquisite artefacts, accent decor pieces, floral wallpapers, and quirky textures. These small but significant additions add a visual interest to make the room more interesting. Still looking for interior wall design ideas? Our blog below has you covered with 10 ideas that will grab your guests’ attention. 

Interior Design Wood Walls

Wood is one of the most underutilised materials that have the potential to amp up your space at a surprisingly thrifty budget. The more complicated the design, the deeper you must dig into your pockets. But this stunning living room wall is the perfect example of using wood with a marble laminate to reduce costs while making a statement. 

Interior design wood wall with marble laminate in living room
Leave room for crevices and install light fixtures

Living Room Interior Wall Design for Hall & Dining Room 

When you have an open living room cum dining space, there is only so much you can do regarding wall decor. A little less can make the area look boring, but do too much, and it gets overbearing. With accent floor decor in the living room and dining space, focus only on one wall and let it shine. A textured wallpaper setting the base for a contemporary ferris-wheel-inspired photo wall is brilliant. 

Interior wall design for hall and dining space with texture wallpaper
A console table against the wall occupies empty floor space
Enhance your home's interior aesthetics?

Interior Wall Texture Design-Play With Colour & Form

An open kitchen and dining area is often the most used space in a home. Why let the walls be left empty when you can use something as cute as these painted plates as wall decor? Not only do you get to enjoy your meal in style, but it also acts as a fun conversation starter on days you decide to play host. Observe the eye-catching brick-wall interior design amplified by the mirror piece that brings the whole place alive.

Open kitchen and dining area have a white interior wall texture design
A white background is perfect for colourful decor pieces

Interior Design for TV Wall 

When it comes to interior wall design ideas, the list is endless. You can go as bold and colourful, or keep it chic with basics like this one. A classic wallpaper wall contrasting the warm wood TV cabinet is convenient to use as a console and keeps the space free from all the wire clutter. Looks good, doesn’t it? 

Pattern wallpaper interior design for TV wall
A green plant amidst the earthy hues is a refreshing addition

Brick Wall Interior Design 

A gorgeous stone wall in your living room sounds great, but trust us when we say it looks even better. You don’t need to go the traditional route with a striking red. This subtle grey brick wall setting the base for a teal laminate TV unit against white cabinets is a subtle focal point that lends a charming rustic vibe to the room. 

Brick wall interior design against tv unit in living room
Use hidden LED lights to accentuate the wall

Interior Wall Texture Design 

The beauty of playing with textures on a wall in your home is that you can go wild with your imagination. This wall panel moulding design for a living room brings a touch of exclusivity and elegance to the space. A contemporary art piece on the wall earns brownie points for aesthetics. 

Panel moulding interior wall texture design in the living room brings a touch of elegance
Use bold paint colours to make the wall stand out
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Children’s Bedroom Wall Interior Design 

Your child’s bedroom is more than just a space for them to sleep. It is a zone that stirs creative ideas and lets the little one explore their playful spirit. This lime green polka-dotted wallpaper is an excellent choice if you want a gender-neutral option. Fun, quirky, and everything bright, just the way children like it. 

Lime green polka-dotted wallpaper for children’s bedroom wall interior design
A colourful floor rug and swing make the room vibrant

Interior Design for Pooja Room Wall Units 

A pooja room like this elegantly designed one offers unmatched tranquillity as you immerse yourself in prayers. But what steals the show is the intricate jaali with a marble backlit wall. The gold and white colour combination adds to the serenity of the space. 

Intricate jali interior design for pooja room wall units
Hanging bells and spots of green complement the wall

Interior Wall Design for Entrance Foyer

The foyer of your home is more than just an entrance. It is a peek into your personality. A well-designed foyer wall speaks volumes about the theme of your home, and this one is an idea that is sure to stun your guests. Different sizes of round mirrors bring symmetry to the textured wallpaper while making the wall a focal point of the home. 

Entrance foyer interior wall design with different sizes of round mirrors has symmetry to texture wallpaper
The glass console with a curved stand lends symmetry

A wall is a canvas that conveys your emotions through designs. These 10 designs will inspire you to revamp your home, and you don’t need to do it all alone. Reach out to us at DesignCafe and let us help you design the walls of your home into a stunning piece of art. 

FAQs About Interior Wall Design

1. Can I mix different materials and textures for a unique interior wall design?

The walls of your home are empty for you to play with. You can use a variety of different materials and textures and layer them to blend with the rest of the theme. Choosing the right textures to complement materials adds visual interest to the wall and is a great way to make your home uniquely yours. 

2. Are there any eco-friendly options for interior wall design?

Natural materials like wood, stone, clay, and glass are all eco-friendly options for an interior wall design. You can use wood to create panels on the wall, while stone cladding is a classic way to amp up the room’s visual interest. Clay installations on the wall look great against monochrome wall paint, while glass decor accents add a touch of elegance. 

3. How can I create an accent wall as part of my interior wall design?

To create an accent wall, use only one wall in a room and play with either colour, texture, art, or decor to make it a focal point. 

4. Can I incorporate artwork and wall decor into the interior wall design?

The key to correctly incorporating artwork and wall decor together is to ensure they balance off seamlessly instead of making the wall look chaotic. If the artwork is the centre of attention, keep the decor minimal and in sync with the colour palette.

5. Can lighting fixtures be integrated into the interior wall design?

Lighting fixtures look great as a part of an interior wall design. Warm, ambient lighting illuminates the wall and makes the room more inviting.

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