Upgrade Your Bathroom With These Luxury Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas

by Naina Khare | February 5, 2024 | 6 mins read

Luxury bathroom tiles for your bathroom

Looking for luxury bathroom tiles design ideas? Well then, the welcome mat is put out; join the club! We bring you 6 inspiring classic luxury tiles and bathroom ideas. 

Just like the kitchen or the living room, the interior design of bathrooms needs to be well-planned and balanced. They are as essential (if not more) as any other part of the house. This is the place where you dress up and start afresh. This is where you wash off all your worries and call it a day. However, the best part about decorating bathrooms is that you don’t need a massive amount of investment. Cutting long story short, all you need to do is invest in some luxury bathroom tiles and a few interior props and accessories. So, here’s your license to charm —  bestow your bathroom a whole new look and bring it back to life!

In this blog, we present our top designer-approved luxury bathroom tiles designs. Maintaining authenticity and lifting up the decor game, these ideas will make you go GAGA!

Let’s begin, shall we?

Beige Is A Classic For Luxury Tiles And Bathrooms

This perfectly decorated beige luxury bathroom tiles design will make you fall in love the way you fall asleep — slowly and then all at once! With just the right amount of character and light, it will aggrandise your bathroom decor and sweep you off your feet (literally). Apparently, the world isn’t a wish-granting factory but all of your “oh, I want an aesthetically pleasing bathroom”, “my bathroom should be like the best seat in the house” wishes will be granted. Go for these luxurious tiles and wash your worries into thin air.

Classic luxury tiles for bathroom in beige will make you fall in love
Beige and luxury go hand in hand

Seductively Simple Luxury Bathroom Tiles Design

You know what they say about humour — it’s fun, but not everybody gets it. Well, these classic luxury bathroom tiles are a perfectly-perfect example of it. Fun but not everybody’s cup of tea! Wouldn’t you want to stand out from the norm? Of course, you would. Hence, adding these dark (and might we say mesmerising?) luxury bathroom tiles will give you a “forever” within the numbered days — and you will be grateful! A surreal mix of fact and fantasy, this bathroom decor will leave you dreaming about Santorini, Bruges, Kauai — you name it. Take a stand with the tangle on the conventional, cute and versatile bathroom decor and glam up your space right away!

Simple luxury bathroom tiles glams up your space right away
Simple but elegant beige luxury bathroom tiles
Turn your home into a luxury haven with our interior design solutions!

Luxury Bathroom Tiles Ideas With Unique Prints

Wouldn’t you want to be on a rollercoaster that only goes up? Ah well, what’s life without a little thrill? These luxury bathroom wall tiles are so perpetually fascinating that once you get these done, you are on your trip to seek greatness. The colourful, endlessly-pleasing flowery emblazonment is like a pocket full of mysteries. So, if you like mysteries, don’t just become one but get this decor done. You can also add a subtle pop of colour (with a calming blush) to make it all the more wow-worthy.

Luxury bathroom tile ideas with unique prints are so perpetually fascinating
Thrill-packed luxury bathroom tiles

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A Calming Luxury Bathroom Tiles Design Idea

Down for a rip-roaring encounter of bliss? Well, take a look. These beautifully ornamented luxury bathroom tiles emanate off-the-hook cheerful vibes. It’s amazing how well-blended and neat everything looks. To come up with this, all you need are some emblazoned tiles and you have a card up your sleeve! The whole decor is screaming serenity as if one is relaxingly cruising through the ocean under the bright sun — an activity so calm and surprisingly tranquil that it sends a thrilling sensation down the spine. So, if you want to encounter that, what’s the wait for? Fire up the grills for something unique and incredibly fascinating and don these luxurious bathroom wall tiles right away!

Luxury bathroom tiles design emanates off-the-hook cheerful vibes
Did someone say luxury with Pinterest-y aesthetics?

Subtle But Sophisticated Luxury Bathroom Tiles Ideas

The coolest and yet the chicest piece of luxury vinyl tile bathroom that you will ever have! The pristine white with a joyous blend of colours throws such an ethereal glaze; it’s almost blinding. Sleek, simple and minimalist, this bathroom decor will make you stop right in your tracks. You can even add cute details here and there to outshine your own performance (after all, the fight for perfection is always with the self). All you need is some plain white tiles and a few colourful ones.

Sophisticated luxury bathroom tiles in plain white and colorful ones outshine
A visual representation of ‘playing it cool’

Bold Solid Colour Luxury Bathroom Wall Tiles Ideas

Add vibrancy, texture and colour to your bathroom decor with the solid green classic luxury bathroom tiles design. Bringing you the fresh soothing notes of greenery and the irresistible tingle of spark, this bathroom decor will spread an intoxicating fragrance with a fusion of sophistication and irresistibility that you would fall head over heels in love with! You can also use other bold solid colours like royal blue, sapphire or even yellow. It all depends on the kind of feel you are going for. Also, don’t hold back with the accessorising bit. Make sure you add little adornments in the corner like flowers, wall hanging photos, light bulbs, exotic vases and so on.

uxury bathroom wall tiles in solid green elevate a refreshing look to the place
The luxury of vibrancy in your bathroom

We spend our whole lives stuck in the labyrinth of getting our bathroom decor right, thinking about how we will have the most luxurious decor ever and how awesome it will be. But we never do it. We just use our vivid imagination. But don’t lose hope, you just need a start.

We hope these luxury bathroom tiles ideas gave you a kickstart and were useful to you and you made the best out of them. These classic luxury tiles and bathroom design ideas will help you augment the whole vibe of your home sweet home and make it indubitably attractive and immensely fashionable. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the above-listed ideas and come up with deluxe decor for your bathroom today!

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