2022 Janmashtami Decoration Ideas For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | August 10, 2022 | 5 mins read

Janmashtami decoration at home in 2022

Bring home joy and prosperity this Janmashtami! Take cues from our lowdown on awesome Janmashtami decoration ideas at home and pooja room to welcome Lord Krishna in style this year. 

Krishna Janmashtami is an annual Hindu festival commemorating the birth of the eighth incarnation Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. The day of Janmashtami is no less than a party for devotees of Krishna spread all across the world! The smell of fresh sweets, Krishna temples adorned like a bride, Dahi handi competitions, bhajans (prayer songs) and chants to make you attain peace and dance with joy all at once. This is how the most religious birthday party – Krishna Janmashtami – is celebrated in India. And to welcome this child of Vrindavan, every Indian household begins their preparation in full swing to cradle him with love.

Today we bring you krishna Janmashtami decoration ideas at home to help you ensure a grand welcome for Nand Gopal.

Bring Home Lord Krishna

This is for those of you who are celebrating Janmashtami for the first time and looking for simple Janmashtami decor at home. You will own an idol of Lord Krishna if you are planning to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami this year. Most of us who celebrate Janmashtami either have Lord Krishna’s idols made from natural stones like marble or metals like brass. You can choose your favourite idol that is readily available in the market this time of the year. Also, don’t forget to get Shringaar (dresses and accessories) for your idol of Lord Krishna. If you are planning to incorporate a colour theme for the decoration this year make sure you choose a similar or complementing shade of Lord Krishna’s dresses and accessories.

Janmashtami decoration home to bring lord krishna
Simple Janmashtami decoration ideas at home

Janmashtami Jhula Decoration At Home

The most exciting part of Janmashtami decoration is decking up his jhula (cradle) for baby Krishna. If you do not have one at home there are endless varieties available in the market and online. You can also make a DIY jhula by simply using cardboard boxes, plywood or a piece of fabric. The internet has several varieties of videos available online for you to refer to. Once you have the cradle in place, you can decorate it with paint, garlands, lights, flowers or keep it simple as we see here in this image.

Janmashtami jhula decoration ideas at home, it is a part of janmashtami decoration
DIY Jhula decoration for Janmashtami at home
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Incorporate A Theme For Janmashtami Decoration At Home

Over the years, it has become a trend to incorporate a theme to every celebration and festivities. Why not pick a theme for Janmashtami decorations at home this year? We suggest you recreate the birthplace of Lord Krishna – Mathura or Vrindavan – where he spent most of his childhood. Here in this setting, we have tried to re-create Vrindavan by using a backdrop of the famous rasleela, flowers, greenery, bells and a tulsi pot that are often associated with tales of Vrindavan.

Janmashtami decoration ideas at home to decorate your home this janmashtami
How to incorporate Janmashtami decoration theme at home

Add A Dahi Handi In Your Pooja Room Decoration This Janmashtami

Each time we think of or remember tales of Lord Krishna’s mischiefs, the first thing that comes to mind is him breaking the dahi handis (butter pots) to slurp creamy butter! There’s nothing that can take the place of these earthen pots if you are looking for easy decoration ideas this Janmashtami. Simply hang or place these clay pots to symbolise dahi handis. You can put cotton inside it to make it look like the butter we just talked about! You can further decorate these pots with garlands, lights and paint, and hang them from the ceiling of your pooja room or at either side of the entrance as shown in the image here. These pots can also become a permanent addition in your pooja room if decorated well.

Pooja room decoration ideas for janmashtami to make a beautiful krishna janmashtami decoration
A playful Krishna Janmashtami decoration at home

Simple Janmashtami Decoration At Home

If you are someone who likes a minimalistic style of decoration even on festivals then this one’s for you! This simple Janmashtami decoration makes use of fairy lights, garlands and colourful drapes. You can choose drapes and flowers as per your taste and mix it with lights in complementing shades to complete the look. You can also place a clay pot with some real butter or cotton as suggested previously (and shown in the image here) to incorporate elements of Janmashtami. A simple Janmashtami decoration idea like this is also ideal if you don’t have a separate pooja room.

Simple janmashtami decoration at home
Minimalistic decoration for Janmashtami at home
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Janmashtami is all about creating a colourful space at your home to celebrate the birth of the most notorious god there ever was! We hope these Janmashtami decoration ideas for your home help you achieve just that!

Happy Decorating And A Very Happy Janmashtami!

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