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25 Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

25 Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

In Hindu tradition, Diwali is that time of the year when our artistic capabilities come to the forefront. Make sure this Diwali your home decor attracts good fortune and joy. Here are some of the best Diwali decorations you can liven up your home with!

Diwali is just around the corner and its onset sparks feelings of joy and festivity within each one of us. As you read this, you must be getting your beautiful home spring cleaned, polished and painted for this festival of lights. Your grandmother’s recipes for home-made ladoos and pedas time will be out, and ready to be prepared in batches as you send out blessings to friends and family. And the most fun part of Diwali is getting our homes ready with elegant decorations. Here is Design Cafe’s ready reckoner of traditional Diwali decoration ideas for your home.

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Living Rooms

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall: Present an enormous mirror in your front room. Mirrors elevate spaces  and make a room look bigger
  • Gold rush: Gold is a lovely colour scheme for Diwali theme decoration. Your diyas, lanterns, fairy lights and idols can all have a gold finish 
  • Get creative with cushions:  Cushions are versatile decor item. Mix up cushions of different colours, sequins, beads and the like. 
  • Rug it up: Something as straightforward as changing your floor covering can have a colossal effect. Rugs revive rooms in a jiffy. Else, opt for dhurries with traditional motifs. It is an easy Diwali decoration and can be used through the year too
  • Light up your life: Best Diwali decoration ideas are incomplete without lights. Fairly lights are quite affordable and you can scatter them around surfaces and window sills. Else bundle them up inside glass containers, crystals or any holders for a staggering impact
  • Flower power: Flowers add freshness and colour to rooms. Traditional Diwali decoration is synonymous with blossoms. Place them in a vase on your coffee table or even in a bowl of water with a tea light candle floating amidst 
  • Tea lights for festive glow: Tea light votive holders are a creative Diwali decoration idea too. Place a pair or a cluster of several on side tables, your main entrance or the dining table for a festive glow
  • A herby affair: Decor apart, your home needs to smell festive too. Kitchen herbs like star anise, cinnamon, cloves are aromatic and can be mixed up with dried petals – that’s your DIY potpourri.

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Diwali Decoration Ideas for Living Room.
Hang strings of fairy lights in your living room a magical sparkle
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Diwali Lighting Ideas for Balcony

  • Bamboo mania: Drape a bamboo screen in your balcony for privacy and hang some decorative lanterns or plants to spruce up the look
  • Mix it up: Fairy lights, artefacts, and comfortable furniture together make for an ethnic ensemble – perfect as a Diwali theme decoration idea
  • Chandeliers as a cynosure: Chandeliers add home decor anywhere – a large balcony, a patio, rooftop or over your dining table. They make for easy and simple Diwali decoration ideas and have great replay value too!
  • Starry lights: String lights or chain lights will make your balcony more charming at night. Let them hang by the window panes adjoining your balcony – dim lights shimmering through will sparkle up your home
Decorate your balcony using chandeliers, lantern, starry lights and more using Design Cafe's Diwali Lighting Ideas for Balcony
Brighten up your balcony with a cluster of diyas in the center of or dimly lit bulbs hanging on the ceiling – both options gel well

Diwali Wall Decoration Ideas

  • Paper garlands: If you want a quirky, fun them then opt for a paper cup garland- no doubt a colourful Diwali hanging decoration. It is easy to string together and can be used later in the year at your kids bday party or just as a creative decor item at home
  • Paper torans: Crepe paper torans last longer than floral toran without a doubt, and definitely look more pleasant than plastic counterparts
  • Sweet-smelling candles: Scented candles in a jar is another jewel you want to display for Diwali Basically pick a couple of bricklayer jostles in different sizes, wrap them with bands, strips, or yarns, and place a candle inside. In case you’re not inspired by bands and yarns, you can paint these containers. For the best outcome, use an acrylic paint that works beautifully on glass surfaces
  • Paper sack illuminators: Paper sack illuminators are a creative handmade Diwali decoration you can try this year. To make paper pack lights, basically, punch out a design on both sides and put your flame inside
  • Colour up tea light candles: Tea light candles are a staple for Diwali beautification, however, they can look a tad boring with their metal holders. For this, washi tape is the answer! The width of washi tapes coordinates brilliantly well with holders. Pick tapes in different colours and fold them over the tea light. Perfect Diwali craft is it not?
Decorate you wall for diwali using wall hanging crafts, lights, chandeliers and more using Design Cafe's Diwali Wall Decoration Ideas.
Skirt your window panes with fairy lights to frame up the room
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Flower Decoration for Diwali at Home

  • Rangoli riot: Diwali without rangoli is like mithai with sugar! Totally insipid and incomplete. This festival of lights make sure you follow the well-established convention of designing your passageway with intricate rangoli designs. Not only is it a simple and eco-friendly but a perfect Diwali decoration idea for galleries and stages
  • Flower petals: Loose flower petals can be used to embellish any decor item adding to festive charm for Diwali. Encircle diyas or candles with flower petals This also makes for a magnificent Diwali table decoration.
  • Garland glory: Flowers like Marigold chains and or roses work charmingly well with all Diwali home decoration ideas. Reds, pinks, orange and yellow are the colours of the festival. Alluring botanical tapestries of marigold flowers and mango leaves are also stunning Diwali hanging decoration ideas that lend a natural look to homes.
Decorate your home with flowers for Diwali using Diwali flower decoration ideas 2021 from Design Cafe.
Rangoli with flowers or garlands hanging on your walls- do not miss any corner when it comes to flower decoration for Diwali

Diwali Decoration Ideas For Pooja

  • Play with clay: Diya’s or earthen/mud lights are quintessentially Diwali. These earthen lights illuminate the magnificence of your home. You can even make your own diyas using flour or soil too or transform a basic diya into a beautiful piece with paints, sparkles, and pearls. Apart from the Pooja room or Thali, pepper your staircase, hallways, front door and balcony  with dimly lit diyas
  • Scented candles: Scented candles are a great addition to Pooja rooms too. Line up candles around the deity and let your home environment soak in the aromas this Diwali
  • Rangoli designs: Rangoli, is an age-old custom to deck up a home with myriad hues. They look good at the base of the idol in the Pooja house or in the yard
  • Ganesh and Lakshmi: Diwali is synonymous with worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for health wealth and happiness. Idols in metal, brass or clay are options you can choose from to place in the Pooja room or Pooja thali. Adorn them with flower buds and bring in fresh energy this year!
  • Floral adornments: Flowers are adornments you can’t ignore. Get creative this year and place them in a jar or hang them at entrance or windows in chains to enhance living space!
A colourful pooja thali adorned with miniature idols and a single diya is one of the popular Diwali pooja thali decoration ideas.
A colourful pooja thali adorned with miniature idols and a single diya is all you need
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We hope these Diwali decoration ideas for your home are going to bring in the cheer this festive season. Make your home a paradise of positive energy, love, laughter and sparkle with these Diwali home decoration ideas! May the beauty of Diwali season fill your home with happiness and the coming year provide you with everything that brings joy.

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