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Make Your Living Room Diwali-Ready With These Amazing Decoration Ideas

Diwali decoration ideas for living room

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to deck up your house for Diwali this year, go through some of our best Diwali decoration ideas for the living room.

Diwali is one of the most popular Indian festivals. Along with exquisite sweet dishes and magical fireworks, this festival is also one of those times where the entire family gets together. Thus, a Diwali party at home is always a grand affair. So if you are throwing a Diwali get-together at home or helping out a friend or a family in their home-party preparations, here is a handy list of Diwali decoration ideas for the living room — the social hub of any house. So brighten up your living room in beautiful and artsy ways by creatively playing around with our handpicked Diwali decor. Unravel them now and watch out for the paper diya Diwali decoration idea (it’s our favourite one!).

Light Up Your Place With These Diwali Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Keep the room dividers open and light up each side of your main entrance with lace lanterns, floor lamps, string lights, flower garlands and diyas. However, make sure that it doesn’t look too jumbled and overdone. Change the old frame of your bulbs with patterned ones so that they emit light in mesmerizing patterns, just like in this picture. The overall colour scheme of this living room for Diwali seems almost perfect, doesn’t it?

Diwali living room decoration ideas with different types of lighting like fairy lights, lanterns and diyas Light up your living room with different types of lighting like fairy lights, lanterns and diyas

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Bring In The Flower Power For Your Living Room Diwali Decor

There is a graceful yet striking beauty in keeping things minimalistic as well. This living room entrance looks super festive and appealing with the flower-made rangoli, yellow flowing curtain drapes and soft lights popping out from here and there. The wooden divider and the tone of the furniture also completely complement each other and enhance the overall design aesthetics of the space.

Diwali room decoration with a beautiful rangoli design this diwali A beautiful rangoli design to greet your guests this Diwali

The Eco-Friendly Diwali Decoration Ideas For Living Room

If you’re an advocate of eco-friendly practices, then you can opt for this living room/drawing room decoration for Diwali. You can make paper diyas and innovatively place them on columns of string lights to create a wonderful piece of wall art. Similarly, you can use battery-operated diya-style lights to demarcate the corners of your room. Go in for a  traditional wall painting to elevate the living room instantly. And how can you even forget those brightly coloured cushions? They remind us of those lip-smacking  Diwali sweets.

Diwali room decoration ideas with paper diyas hang on one wall Paper diyas hang delicately on one wall and make for an eco-friendly decor item

Mandala Peekaboo For An Artistic Living Room Decor

If you have sufficient time to prep up your house this Diwali, opt for painting a Mandala pattern on your accent wall or using a full-size Mandala wallpaper instead. Known as ‘magic circles’, they are used as a symbolic decoration during this time to represent a body-mind-soul reconnection and a period of powerful existence. This Mandala pattern stands out in contrast to the brown wall colour and also blends in perfectly with the existing living room decor.

Diwali decoration ideas for living room on a neutral wall with string lights A Mandala pattern on a neutral wall is complemented with string lights in this living room

When Simplicity Meets Auspiciousness For Diwali Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Immerse life into your static home decor by simply placing a potted banana plant indoors, a brass/copper bowl full of water and some nice floating candles on this modern centre table. Copper and brass (precious metals) are used to please the gods who in turn shower their blessings over us. Also, the natural sunlight peeking through the window and the patterned carpet takes the decor of this living room to the next level.

Diwali room decoration ideas with a banana plant in one corner and candles A banana plant in one corner and a copper decorative bowl with candles add just the right amount of ethnicity to this living room

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A Creative Interplay Of Textures And Colours For The Living Area

Set the festive theme in your living room by adding yellow and orange Marigold streamers. It is a lovely way to welcome guests and make them feel right at home. The soft glow of the lights and a woven wall art piece look stunning while the colourful sofa set brings in a sudden pop of colour.

Diwali decoration ideas for living room with a creative textures and colors Marigold flowers are traditionally used as part of Indian festivals and celebrations; bring them indoors for a sweet and vibrant Diwali this year

All in all, give your living room the much-needed upgrade that you were waiting for this Diwali using our curated list of Diwali decoration ideas. Make sure you tweak it as per your personality and make it look inviting to your guests. On that note, the Design Cafe team wishes you a safe, happy and fun-filled Diwali!

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