Balcony Diwali Light Decoration Ideas To Welcome The Festive Spirit

by Pooja Dara | February 12, 2024 | 4 mins read

Balcony diwali light decoration to make a magical festive touch

If you’re looking for more inspiration to spruce up your apartment for Diwali, check out our range of Diwali light decoration ideas for the balcony. 

The festival of Diwali is around the corner and the air is filled with prosperity, laughter, love and a lot of positive energy. Adding to this excitement are the social gatherings of family and friends, the exquisite sweet dishes and magical fireworks that you get to relish. 

While swings and benches make for incredible small apartment balcony decoration ideas during Diwali, one of the most important things that can help you set your Diwali experience apart from the rest is the balcony Diwali light decoration/setup. The balcony is the first thing that is visible from the outside to your guests so make sure you make a lasting impression on them. 

It’s now time to dive into some amazing Diwali lighting ideas for the balcony. We hope that something from our collection will definitely catch your eye. 

Traditional Lamp-Style Modern Light Diwali Decoration For The Balcony

The balcony features a three-seater sofa with colourful cushions and a centre table full of gifts, chocolates and sweets. The beauty of the balcony is always incomplete without nature being a part of it so remember to add a tall green plant at the far edge of the wall. Decorate the balcony railing with big lantern lights (reminiscent of the kerosene lamps), and adorn the ceiling with marigold flower/toran garlands to add charm and festive spirit to the space.

Balcony ideas Diwali light decoration in traditional lamp style add festive spirit to the space
A simple Diwali lighting idea for the balcony

Diwali Balcony Light Decoration With Fairy Lights And Traditional Diyas

Opt for fairy lights or string lights to decorate your balcony for Diwali. This type of Diwali light decoration idea fits perfectly on a small narrow balcony. Drape the string lights halfway (single/multiple loops) to create visual interest in the space and balance them out with battery-operated diyas and designer pendant lights. The most popular colours for lighting in this season are yellow, orange and white.

Opt for Diwali balcony light decoration with fairy lights and traditional diyas to create visual interest
String lights are the best for a narrow balcony
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A Curtain Of String Lights For A Large Balcony’s Diwali Decoration

If you have a large balcony in your apartment then go all out with your Diwali light decoration idea. The white swing chair contrasts elegantly against the brick accent wall, and the flower garlands hanging vertically add depth and character to the space. The fairy lights cover the balcony exterior entirely giving it a bold feel. Any Diwali decoration is unfinished without a brightly-coloured handmade rangoli so make one to bring in good luck.

Balcony Diwali light decoration with a sheet of string lights gives a bold feel
A sheet of string lights for a large balcony

Starry Diwali Light Decoration Ideas For A Cosy Balcony

The creative combination of string lights and starry decor can give a cosy and pretty vibe to the otherwise ordinary balcony on Diwali. How you drape the lights and the decor together makes all the difference. This pair of round moon lamps act as a stunning focal point for the balcony. Use LED lanterns/candles and battery-operated diyas to create a more sustainable and safe space if there is a rush of guests around.

Starry Diwali light decoration ideas for a balcony with LED lanterns
Place LED lanterns on your balcony’s floor

Diwali Balcony Light Decoration Ideas For The Furniture

Go in for light-weight furniture like a pouffe and an ottoman chair in medium balconies but keep the lighting either minimal or away from the furniture to avoid accidents. This balcony has a wide bookshelf that has been neatly outlined by fairy lights which is a brilliant way to decorate a balcony space. Use hangings made up of cut-out stars and birds on the wall to complement the Diwali lighting and also to bring warmth to the space.

Diwali balcony light decoration ideas for furniture outlined by fairy lights is a brilliant way to decorate
Hang decorative plates or artwork on the wall

All in all, give your home the much-needed modification that you were waiting for this Diwali season using our specially curated list of Diwali balcony light decoration ideas. If you need more guidance on this aspect, reach out to our team at DesignCafe and they’ll gladly help you out. Till then, here’s wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali from all of us. Stay lit, stay safe!

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