Different Types Of Light Decoration Ideas For Bedroom

by Henna Achhpal | February 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

Bedroom lights decor ideas for your home

Move beyond functionality and plan your bedroom lights decor for aesthetics

The bedroom is your personal space where you unwind after the day’s activities, so you want to make sure the ambience is just right. You may not realise it, but lighting plays a significant role in setting the mood of a room. Think about harsh white light and soft yellow light, and you’ll know what a difference lighting can make to how you feel in a room. Choosing the bedroom lights decor strategically helps a great deal in defining the look of a bedroom.

Different types of lights serve various purposes. You may need white light when you’re working and yellow light to relax. These light decoration ideas for bedroom guide you on the different light fixtures that are popular for this part of the house.

Bedroom Lights Decor With An Extravagant Accent Wall

If you’re wondering how to decorate your bedroom with lights and looking for something unconventional, how about this designer accent wall that’s fitted with lights. When you think of lights, the ceiling is the most obvious place for them to come to mind. But this bedroom lights decor leaves behind the mainstream. The wooden decorative layer behind the bed serves as an oversized headboard and features hidden lights that give a glow effect.

Bedroom lights decor with an extravagant accent wall
Give your bedroom an eccentric touch with unconventional ambient lighting
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Classic With A Contemporary Twist Decorative Wall Lights For Bedroom

These decorative wall lights for bedroom are a great blend of classic and contemporary. The lights are fashioned like the string lights that are so popular and feature the traditional bulb. Still, instead of simply being decorative string lights for bedroom, it’s a proper light fixture with a modern and designer look. These lights will be a perfect fit for the wall behind the bed and even better if you have some artwork on the wall.

Decorative wall lights for bedroom with a modern and designer look
Go for this light fixture inspired by the decorative string lights for bedroom

Fan With Lights Is A Popular Choice For Bedroom Lights Decor

A ceiling fan that combines a light fixture is one of the popular light decoration ideas for bedroom. It looks perfect when it’s the centrepiece of a false ceiling like in this bedroom. The hidden lights in the false ceiling give a soft glow and act as a frame to the fan and light combo in the middle. You will find many types of designs for a ceiling fan that comes attached with a light fixture – from simple to more structural.

Light decoration idea for bedroom - a ceiling fan with light combo
A ceiling fan that combines a light fixture makes for a great ornamental addition

Light Decoration Ideas For Bedroom With An Oversized Ceiling Light

One tends to reserve the statement-making ceiling light fixtures for the living room where you’re likely to entertain guests, but you can go the extra mile for your bedroom lights decor too. An oversized designer ceiling light instantly ups the glam factor of your bedroom. A light fixture such as this would flood the room with a lot of light that you may not always require, but the fixtures are usually so beautiful that they act as a work of art and add to the decor even when not in use. You can also get dimmers to adjust the brightness according to your need.

Bedroom room decoration with ceiling lights instantly ups the glam
Statement ceiling lights add to the decor of your bedroom even when not in use

Decorative Hanging Lights For Bedroom On The Side

Instead of ceiling lights, you can also install decorative hanging lights for bedroom in one corner of the room or hovering above the side table near your bed. Get a light fixture with a fancy lampshade that features a pattern or design. This way you achieve a great play of light and shadow on the wall which looks particularly good against a blank or simple wall in the bedroom.

Decorative hanging lights for bedroom with a fancy lampshade features a pattern design
Decorative hanging lights for bedroom look great with patterned lampshades
Looking to upgrade your bedrooms interiors

Wall Sconces Are All-time Trending Decorative Wall Lights For Bedroom

Wall sconces are a particular favourite when it comes to decorative wall lights for bedroom. It’s probably their space-saving feature that makes them such a winner with homeowners. Installing these wall-mounted light fixtures on either side of the bed saves precious space on the bedside table. To add to that, the upwards and downwards light effect that these fixtures lend to the walls is a mood in itself.

Bedroom led light decoration with wall sconces on either side of the bed
Wall sconces are decorative wall lights for bedroom that never go out of style

If you thought a regular tube light or bulb would have been enough for your bedroom, these different types of light decoration ideas for bedroom should have changed your mind. These light fixtures are more than just functional but add to the aesthetics too. Even when not in use, they serve as decor pieces that are almost works of art. There is so much you can do with bedroom lights decor to enhance the look of your space.

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