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7 DIY Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas For Your Home

7 DIY diwali diya decoration ideas for your home

Are you in the market for some stylish Diwali decoration ideas? Have a DIY itch that you want to satisfy with handmade décor? Perhaps you want to return to your roots and are yearning for the simplicity of the good old days when earthen lamps were the norm and LED lights were a far-off dream. Or you may want to share some quality time with your children and do up the home with their help. Here are a few Diwali lighting ideas to trigger your creativity and kindle your imagination. Bring out the paint, uncap the bottle of glue, put your artist cap on and get ready to light up your home in style.

Cast Magic With Glass

There is indeed something magical about light glimmering through coloured glass. To make this a simple and beautiful Diwali light decoration, all you need are some glass bangles, pieces of cardstock or used cardboard, some heavy-duty glue and tea lights. Using one of the bangles, draw out a circular base on the cardstock. Snip away and then glue on the bangles, on top of each other, to form a glittery holder for your tea light. You can use six to seven bangles or more if you wish to build a taller cylinder. Embellish with beads, rhinestones and sequins to add sparkle or you can leave it as is.

Use glass bangles to decorate Diyas this Diwali, to know more check  Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas from Design Cafe.
Broken glass bangles are a great way to funk up your Diwali decoration
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Make Brilliant Best of Waste

Have a bunch of CDs that are taking up valuable real estate in a neglected corner? Add some pizzazz to them and give them a new lease of life. Use acrylic colours to paint designs on a CD and decorate with beads and sequins. Place or glue a tea light or a clay diya in the middle of the CD for the simplest version of this Diwali decoration. Position a series of decorated CDs or place them at different heights for a more elaborate diya installation. If you are feeling ambitious, assemble several CDs to form a hollow ball and string some lights into them for your very own Diwali chandelier. A great lighting design for your home this Diwali is it not?

Best handmade Diya decoration ideas are to use waste materials like CDs to decorate Diya in Diwali.
Make use of those Old used CDs this Diwali and paint them different colours

Enhance Your Rangolis

Rangolis are known to bring good luck and are a traditional favourite home decoration idea during Diwali. With some clever placement of diyas, even the plainest of rangolis can be transformed into wonderful artwork. Put down the diyas on the outer rim of the rangoli or place them in radiating lines from the center. Floral patterns or rangolis made of flowers can be made to look even more gorgeous when enhanced with lit diyas. Experiment with clay lamps that have multiple faces, placing them at the center of the Rangoli to maximise their impact. They make a stunning design for Diwali lighting and you cannot go wrong!

A simple Diya decoration ideas is, place the diya next to rangoli and enhance the plainest of rangolis into wonderful artwork.
Rangoli designs sparkle up with pretty diyas

Bring The Sound of Sea

To achieve a rather charming effect, create diya decorations using that stack of seashells you gathered during your beach walk.  You can also repurpose seashells from other decorations that are no longer in use. If you have a large shell with a flat bottom, pour some melted wax and insert a wick into it for a quick and lovely candle. Placing a tealight in such a shell will also have the same effect. Style the lamp by placing it on the coffee table or side tables in your living room, preferably on a bed of flowers. Alternately, use smaller shells to decorate an old shot glass or a small bowl to result in beautiful votive holders. That is how you decorate a diya with waste material!

Beautifully decorate diyas at home using that stack of seashells you gathered during your beach walk.
String up seashells and drape them in your balcony or at the main entrance
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DIY With Hand Painting

Make Diwali the festival of colours by painting your diya decorations. For this activity, you will need clay diyas – with or without pre-made designs – acrylic colours and paintbrushes. Soak the diyas in water for several hours, to get rid of any residual dirt and to ensure that they soak less oil. Dry them in sunlight or naturally to remove any moisture. Turn the lamps upside down, and using a thick brush, paint their base and exterior surface. Wait for the paint to dry before flipping them around to paint their insides. Use a contrasting colour or shades of gold to pick out any existing design of make one of your choice. Pay special attention to the rim of the lamp. Be sure to use festive colours such as orange, red, yellow and gold, the brighter the better. Once the paint dries, you can go the extra mile by gluing on mirrors, pearls, or rhinestones or use glitter pens to add a touch of glamour. This beautiful diya decoration will surely win you accolades from friends and family alike

Paint your diyas with different patterns and colours for a colourful DIY look.
Paint your diyas with different patterns and colours for a colourful DIY look

Dazzle With Paper

Intricate quilling adds a touch of class that is hard to replicate and there are plenty of ways you can use this craft form for diya decorations. Arrange quilled petals in concentric circles on a base made with stiff paper to make a gorgeous diya holder. You can also attach quilled shapes directly to a tea light using a hot glue gun to achieve a similar effect. Use festive colours when selecting your quilling strips and before you know it you will be all set to light up the festival of lights in style. Diya painting designs were never simpler!

Quilling petals designs using paper crafts to decorate your Diyas.
Quilled petals are an interesting decoration you can use, place them on your dining table with diyas for a fun look
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Float Like a Cloud

Fill a large bowl with water and spread some flower petals on the surface. Take a tea light and measure out a base out of sparkly foam paper. Draw a design – such as a large flower – around the base and cut foam in that shape. Fasten the light to the paper and then push the boat out when it comes to embellishments. When done, gently lower the paper into the water such that it floats on the surface. Light the lamp and feel the magic unfold. Your very own DIY Diwali diyas!

Flower petals with floating diyas in a large bowl is a beautiful decoration you can place across the home.
Flower petals with floating diyas in a large bowl is a beautiful decoration you can place across the home.

Asato maa sad-gamaya – lead us from untruth to truth – so begins a powerful Sanskrit prayer. There are numerous reasons why we light lamps or diyas during Diwali. As a prayer to the divinity to lead us from darkness to light, to celebrate the victory of good over evil and to mark the triumphant return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya. Lighting a diya is also a symbolic purification of the self. As you light the flame this Diwali, take the opportunity to beautify your home with handmade diya decorations, using our ideas here. Upcycle disused material, repurpose a few items, add some paint, rhinestones and glitter. Then sprinkle on some magic dust and watch your home glow with auspicious warmth and beauty.

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