Celebrate Independence Day In Style With Our DIY Ideas

by Mehnaz Farooque | August 5, 2022 | 7 mins read

DIY Independence day decoration ideas at home

Embrace freedom, diversity and Indian art at home with creative independence day decoration!

As India enters its 76th year as an independent nation, the country celebrates freedom and togetherness. With a long, bruising fight against COVID-19, we have seen a lot over the last few years. Hence, celebrations now hold a more special place in our hearts than before. And while we have slowly started getting back to normal, let’s embrace our ‘at home’ events that have become more popular than ever.

So, continuing the success of the last home Independence Day celebrations, we bring you yet another blog on Independence Day at-home decoration and design ideas to commemorate this special day while in the safety of our abodes. But this Independence Day, we will not just help you with some tricolour decor DIY tips (although we admit we love them). This time, we thought of giving you ideas to celebrate our freedom, history and values with home interior ideas to celebrate independence and feel it deep within our home.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on to our bandwagon to freedom as we take you to our Independence Day celebration stations!

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Embrace Freedom With A DIY Clutter-Free Mission For Your Home

This Independence Day, why not embrace freedom literally by rearranging your house to make more space for you to move around freely? Yes, most of our houses remain cramped with furnishings and decorations, allowing us less space for ourselves; so, this Independence Day, let’s declutter, free the fuss and embrace freedom for ourselves by making our rooms spacious. Here are some DIY tips for you to rid your home from the unnecessities:

  • Bring in new and modular storage for your home, especially for the kitchen.
  • Use the vertical areas of the rooms for storage, such as wall-mounted shelves, showcases, etc.
  • Invest in multifunctional furniture pieces, for example, a bed with storage, a wardrobe with a concealed dressing unit, etc. 
  • De-clutter the non-essential decor pieces that have been lying around for like ever!
  • Arrange your sofas and beds by the walls to have more walking space in the living area and bedrooms.
Independence day decoration and DIY tips for clutter-free home interior
Living room Independence day decoration for a clutter-free look by placing sofas by the wall and adding wall-mounted shelf.
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Incorporate The Value Of Diversity For Your At-Home Independence Day

To celebrate India’s diverse cultures and styles, embrace this diversity to create various zones in your home with Independence Day theme decoration. Yes, now that we are all spending more time at home, it is only essential to reimagine our house and create diversity among our rooms. It means creating different corners and areas for various tasks. For example, separate your study area from your bedroom and diversify your resting and work sections.  This diversification will also help you create break-out areas and tea corners at home — preventing monotony from settling in with exciting zones and corners.

Independence day decoration ideas incorporate the value of diversity at your home
Create different corners to bring in diversity
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Celebrate Sustainability With DIY Khadi Decor For An Unconventional Independence Day

Khadi had a crucial role in India’s Independence movement. It is a handspun and handwoven cloth that was endorsed by Mahatma Gandhi. And this is why khadi is so special. While the material is highly appreciated in the fashion industry, it is yet to be celebrated in home interiors. Therefore, why not celebrate this  Independence Day with some freedom-inspired khadi decorations? Yes, you can use khadi as your material for different interior designs such as khadi drapes, khadi sofa cushion covers, khadi wall macrame, etc. Khadi has a very earthy appeal that will bring in the sustainability vibe to your home, and you will be able to celebrate Independence Day with a deeper meaning.

DIY Independence day decoration with eco-friendly khadi for home interior
Use eco-friendly khadi for home decor

Go For The Most-Admired Tricolour Decorations For The Day

If you, like us, cannot miss integrating the most-loved tricolour decorations, here’s an idea to implement them most subtly. First, divide the three colours for each room or section of your house and then play around with the colours throughout your home for the Independence Day decorations. We’d say: Why not go with a minimalistic white colour for your bedroom room decoration to imbibe the peacefulness of the colour into your house? Then, you can use the green in your study room to replicate the essence of growth and productivity of green. You can add the colour as an accent wall colour or include it through different pop elements. You can also have the green through biophilic features. You can add the saffron colour in your living area, either with a saffron-accent wall Independence Day decoration or saffron accent furniture pieces like an armchair sofa or a sectional sofa, etc. This way, you can include the colours throughout your house in a very subtle way.

You can use your kitchen area with some blue renovation to add vibrancy to the place with an exciting twist of blue for the blue chakra colour.

DIY Independence day decoration at home with tricolour
You can create a tricolour decoration with different rooms
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Celebrate Independence Day With Some Freedom Movement Period Indian Art

Another great way to integrate the feeling of patriotism into our home decor is by adding some Indian art, specifically the freedom movement period art. For example, Gandhiji’s spinning wheel or chakra would make gorgeous art for the living room or decorate the showcase with some tricolour handmade clay pots, flower vases, etc. You can also add a descriptive painting of the freedom fight time in your living area to denote the challenging struggle. This way, you can add more meaning to your Independence Day decorations and make your celebrations more rooted and organic.

Indian Independence day decoration idea with some Indian patriotic art
Celebrate Independence Day with some patriotic art

Do Some DIY Home Decorations With Some Classic Patriotic Movie Props

A beautiful way to celebrate Independence Day at home is by including books and portraits of classic patriotic movies in your home. Imagine your bookshelf showcasing the different legendary books on our freedom fighters or decorating your hall area with pictures of patriotic films that have always captured the essence of the freedom fight for us. You can even arrange a home theatre event for your friends and family to watch the classic Indian Independence stories and celebrate the day!

DIY Independence day decoration ideas at home with classic patriotic movie props
Independence Day decor with patriotic movie posters

Some Other Favourite DIY Independence Day Decor Ideas

  1. You can decorate your front porch with the Indian flag to commemorate the day
  2. You can add some mini tricolour flag decorations in your foyer area to welcome your friends and family
  3. Use the colours in your dining table decorations with a white dining table cloth and saffron and table runners and mats
  4. Try decorating your walls with handmade wall crafts in tricolours 
  5. Create handmade Indian flags and decorate your study room’s bulletin board
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So, there you are. We have given you some creative and unique Independence Day decoration ideas to celebrate the day in a more meaningful way. We have also provided you with some easy and convenient DIY tips to enjoy the day. While playing with the tricolours for decoration is a sure way to celebrate the day, we hope you also try the offbeat Independence Day decoration ideas. And when you do, don’t forget to share the pictures with us. Until then, a very Happy Independence Day from us to you!

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