Stunning Dussehra Decoration Ideas That Make Your Home A Happy Place

by Shreya Bilagi | February 14, 2024 | 5 mins read

Dussehra decoration ideas for your home

Deck up your home this Dussehra with some elegant dussehra decoration ideas. Read on to know more about Dussehra decoration ideas for your home.

Let’s get into a little bit of history of why Dussehra is celebrated. Dussehra is celebrated to cherish the win of good over evil. It is the day Rama kills Ravana, the king of Lanka who kidnapped Sita. This Dussehra, we want you to make sure you deck up your home the right way with enthusiasm and cheer. And that is why we at DesignCafe have come up with a blog on Dussehra decoration ideas for your home.

Aromatic Ambiance: Dussehra Decoration At Home

Let the aroma work its way through your living room this Dussehra. If you want your living room to smell great and also need some aromatherapy, then this Dussehra decoration is meant for you. It’s time you get the candles and incense sticks out. Make sure your living room smells amazing this Dussehra by lighting scented candles and fruity or floral-scented incense sticks. If you have a plain wall, it’s time you pepped it up. Take a look at this living room. It has a beautiful painting that depicts Ramayana hanging off a plain wall which merges beautifully into the festive theme. Garlands drop down from the painting, which adds to the dussehra decoration festive vibe.

Dussehra decoration ideas for your living room
Dussehra decoration at home with candles and incense sticks

A Grand Entry To Your Home With Elegant Dussehra Decoration

Have a grand entry to your home this Dussehra. Check out this Dussehra decoration idea which will leave your foyer looking fabulous. This foyer is decorated with some vibrantly coloured rangoli on the floor to brighten up the space. Miniature candles are placed on the rangoli that light up the foyer. Diyas in a bowl on a traditional round rug look really beautiful as they rest and float in the water. A flower garland is placed on the door which enlightens the entry.

Foyer decoration ideas for dussehra festival
Decoration for Dusshera with a candle-lit rangoli
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Bring Out The Linen: Dussehra Decoration Ideas For Home

It’s time you bring out all your traditional rugs and put them on display for Dussehra decoration at home. This idea is for those who like to decorate their living room with a variety of rugs and linen. This living room has a rich red futon with pretty cushions in yellow and green placed on it. The plain white wall is decorated with a mythological painting and fairy lights that illuminate the space with a warm glow. The floor has a large rug depicting a mythological story that is excellent for bringing a festive vibe into this living room.

Living room decor ideas for dussehra hyderabad telangana
Dussehra decoration ideas for home with traditional elements

Display Dandiya Sticks As A Quirky, Fun Dussehra Decoration!

Dandiya is generally played in late evenings after one is done performing all the religious rituals. The Dandiya sticks represent the sword of Goddess Durga. A great way to decorate an accent wall or even a plain wall is by hanging dandiya sticks on the wall. They make a great piece of art, especially for Dussehra decoration at home.

Wall decor with dandiya sticks for dussehra decoration
A red accent wall decorated with dandiya sticks for Dussehra decoration

Dussehra Puja Decoration With Garlands in Reds and Pinks

Rejuvenate your puja room space Dussehra with traditional floral Dussehra puja decoration ideas. Take a look at this pooja room, it comprises garlands made from red and pink roses. It’s simple, elegant and oh so pretty, and ties the whole festive vibe in Indian homes, effortlessly. This rose garland transforms the look of the idol of god by giving it a more rich and festive look.

Dussehra decoration ideas for your pooja room
Dussehra puja decoration with rose garlands for a simple traditional festive vibe
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And that brings us to an end to some of the simplest yet stunning Dussehra Decoration Ideas For Your Home? Looking to revamp your home this festive season?  Book A Free Consultation with award-winning expert designers at DesignCafe today. Our expert designers will help you with space-saving modular home interiors, personalised to suit your budget and lifestyle. Here’s wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous festive season from the entire team of DesignCafe.

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And while you are at it, here are some frequently asked questions surrounding Dussehra Decorations at home, answered!

1. What are some traditional elements of Dussehra decorations?

Traditional elements of Dussehra decorations often include Rangoli designs, colourful torans (door hangings), idols of deities, oil lamps or diyas, and garlands made from marigold flowers.

2. What are some eco-friendly Dussehra decoration ideas?

For eco-friendly Dussehra decoration ideas, consider using natural materials like clay lamps, fresh flower arrangements, reusable and recyclable decor items. You can opt for biodegradable Rangoli colours and eco-friendly idols to minimise environmental impact.

3. How can I incorporate flowers into my Dussehra decorations?

You can incorporate flowers into your Dussehra decorations by creating vibrant flower Rangoli designs, making garlands or floral torans, and floating flowers in bowl arrangements as centrepieces.

4. Can you recommend budget-friendly Dussehra decoration ideas?

Budget-friendly Dussehra decoration ideas include DIY crafts using recyclable materials, making your own Rangoli patterns, sourcing fresh flowers and utilising existing decor items creatively. You can also opt for locally sourced and affordable decor elements.

5. Are there any specific colours associated with Dussehra decorations?

Dussehra decorations often feature vibrant and auspicious colours like red, yellow, orange, and green. These colours symbolise the festival’s spirit and are commonly used in Rangoli, torans, and other decorations.

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