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Navratri Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Navratri decoration at home with stunning navratri puja decorations

If you are stuck and can’t think of ways to decorate your home this Navratri well do not fear we at Design Cafe are here. Read our latest blog on Navratri decoration ideas and decorate your home like a pro!

Need a hand in Navratri decoration ideas for your home? We at Design cafe are here to help you but before that let’s get into a bit of history shall we! Navratri is celebrated for nine nights, and ten days the legend says that during Navratri goddess Durga defeated the demon Mahishasura and in order to celebrate the victory of good over evil and that is why  Navratri is celebrated.

A Dash Of Rich Colours

This Navratri makes a colourful statement in your living room with pretty rich cushions covered in silk cases in colours of green, blue, red, orange and yellow. It’s time to deck up those plain boring walls with intricate mythological paintings that often depict a story. You can put paintings of different sizes and arrange them accordingly. If your floor is dull and pep it up with a traditional carpet that will instantly transform your living room floor. A nice yellow armchair brings a bright and bold vibe into this living room which is perfect for the festive season.

Navratri decoration at home with paintings of mythological characters
A living room with paintings of mythological characters and silk cushions resting on the futon

A Grand Entrance For This Navratri

This Navratri decoration idea will allow you to make a grand entrance. The arch between the hallway and the kitchen is decked up with gorgeous hand-painted bells made of clay. You can hang bells of different sizes and paint them with different coloured paint so then you have a variety of bells dangling at the entrance. Want light up your living room then you can use fairy lights, and small diya’s can be placed across the sides of the staircase.

Navratri decoration ideas for living room with bells and fairy lights
A living room with an arch decorated with bells and fairy lights
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A Simple Decor For Navratri

Looking for a simple Navratri decoration at home? Then this decoration idea is one you might want to consider. This living room has rich curtains in a traditional print that are elegant looking and add a pop of colour to this living room. Beautiful wall art is placed on the wall, along with traditional paintings that depict mythological characters. Diya’s have been arranged neatly across the coffee table that brings light into this hallway.

Simple navratri decoration at living room with wine red curtains
A living room with wine red curtains in a traditional print and a pretty mandala hanging off the wall

Magnificent Mandap Decorations For Navratri

It’s Navratri that means mandap decoration for Navratri at home is a mandatory affair. This mandap is beautifully decorated with flower garlands made from flowers in the colours of yellow, pink and orange. The mandapa has a jali door in dark wood, and the idol of goddess Durga rests inside. A traditional rug has been used instead of a rangoli and is decorated with a copper bowl and flowers in the middle. Two elephants made from stone are placed at the entrance of this pooja room that brings a temple vibe into this home.

Mandap decorations for navratri to make beautiful navratri puja decoration at home
A mandap with the idol of goddess Durga decorated with flower garlands

A Wall With The Art Of Crochet

This is a simple yet attractive home decoration for Navratri that can be used. Toran or crochet wall hangings are excellent to hang on plain accent walls as they make the wall stand out and add a tint of creative touch. This living room wall has three torans hanging off the wall that have been made using white, red and blue wool. Torans are great if you don’t want to hang paintings or other decor items and want to keep the decor simple.

Navratri decoration with pretty multicoloured crochet hangings
A wall decorated with pretty multicoloured crochet hangings
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