PVC Laminates For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | February 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Pvc laminate design ideas

Here’s our lowdown on how you can use PVC laminates as part of your home interiors

Laminates come in endless varieties, designs and price ranges. Conventional laminate sheets are made of sheets of paper and wood glued together with resin. Now, these are great as they offer good quality and finish but can be expensive. 

PVC laminates are a great alternative to conventional laminates. They are made of a plastic compound. PVC laminates have certain advantages over traditional laminates and are ideal for use in spaces that may have a lot of water or moisture. Let’s take a more in-depth look at PVC Laminates in detail.

What Are PVC Laminates? 

All the science students out there will know that PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is a human-made plastic compound. PVC laminates are made by layering paper and plastic resins at high temperature and pressure. The end product is decorative sheets with thicknesses ranging from 05 mm to 4 mm. PVC laminates were often considered inferior to conventional laminates as they can never match conventional laminates in terms of quality. But over the years PVC laminates are seeing a massive comeback as improvements in technology and manufacturing have allowed PVC laminates to be on par, and at times be better than conventional laminates.

What Are The Advantages Of PVC Laminates?

PVC Laminates are famous for their ability to be bent at 90 degrees. This trait allows them to be turned over the edges of a shutter for a seamless finish. This means that shutters made of PVC laminates do not require edge banding and save on installation cost and time. This is one of the biggest benefits of PVC laminates as it allows you to have a smooth finish mostly seen with expensive Duco paints at a fraction of the cost. PVC laminates have many design variations, colours and textures that make them a delight to work with. They are also available in matte, high gloss and metallic finishes. But by far the most significant advantage of PVC laminates is that they are highly durable, resistance to water and heat. This makes them best suited for kitchens, bathrooms or utility areas.

Pvc laminate design ideas for your bedroom
A wardrobe with shutters finished in PVC laminate

What Are The Disadvantages Of PVC Laminates?

Now being made out of plastic does come with its fair share of cons. PVC laminates are prone to scratches, but opting for a reputed brand will solve this problem. Also as a consumer you need to look out for 90-degree bends put in to cover the edges of your shutters. These can form thin cracks during assembly or after a few months to a few years down. This is often caused by carpenters who lack the necessary skills or training to use PVC laminates or if the laminate you selected is too thin to be bent. Look out for brands that advertise 90-degree edge bending in their catalogue. Also talk to your carpenter to gauge their understanding of PVC laminates. Alternatively you can consult a reputed interior design company that can address all these concerns as they have standard operating procedures for working with different materials   and finishes. They also offer a 10-year warranty that will cover any damage that may occur over time with usage. 

Disadvantages of pvc laminate are that they are prone to scratches
A TV unit in a neutral colour scheme finished with PVC laminate

How To Maintain A PVC Laminate Kitchen?

Maintenance of your PVC laminate or kitchen is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to use a mild household cleaning solution and a wet cloth to get rid of dirt, grime, stains or oils from the surface of your PVC laminate modular kitchen. It is important that you do not use cleaning cloths that may be rough or abrasive like Scotch Guard or steel wools as they can leave scratches on the laminate. This will result in staining in the future. Once you are done with wet cleaning, dry off the surface with a soft dry cloth to prevent soap residues that may easily show up on high gloss surfaces. Your ease of maintenance will largely depend on the type of PVC laminate finish you choose. A high gloss finish will be easy to clean but can be scratched easily while on the other hand a matte finish will be difficult to clean but will be resilient to scratches.

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PVC laminates are a great way to design a kitchen without breaking the bank or spend the money you save on accessories. They will add more value to your kitchen experience. They are also an excellent option for rental spaces as the pricing and durability offered by PVC laminates are unmatched by any other finish. A well-designed kitchen with the right choice of materials and finishes from a reputed brand (with their after sales services and warranty) will ensure you get to enjoy cooking in the kitchen of your dreams for years to come.

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