Balcony Glass Door Designs: Enjoy The View From Your Couch

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Balcony sliding doors make your home look spacious

Bring the outdoor view indoors with our stunning balcony glass door design ideas.

Having a home with a view is bliss, especially in urban areas. A cosy balcony allows you to relax after a long day and gaze at the sunset or start your day with a cup of coffee while enjoying the morning breeze. The balcony is your personal space that connects you with nature and gives your home a refreshing zone. Nevertheless, having a huge balcony, courtyard or backyard like your grandparent’s house is almost a dream in modern times. So, the best way to optimise your small balcony is to use space-saving outdoor furniture and a balcony glass door design.

Glass doors are lighter on the eye and make your space look bigger. This also makes your balcony an extension of your main home instead of being a separate part. So, if you want to enjoy the view from your living room or bedroom and lend an upbeat feel to the space, here are a few glass door designs for the balcony. 

Balcony Sliding Glass Door Design For Compact Spaces

A sleek glass sliding door separates this balcony from the living room. If you have a small balcony, sliding doors are perfect for you. They help save a lot of space and provide hassle-free movement. You can add a folding table attached to the railing and two chairs to create a cosy seating corner on your balcony. The turf grass floor carpet and hanging planters bring in a tropical vibe and turn your balcony into a tranquil paradise.

Folding Glass Door Design For The Balcony

These balcony glass door designs are great for creating a subtle partition between your living room and balcony. You can fold the door to the side and make the room look bigger and spacious, perfect for a house party setup. And when you want to keep the scorching sunlight out, just fold it back. Go for a frosted glass door design for privacy and add interesting layers to your home interiors. A bookshelf with concealed storage and a wall-mounted TV unit and a cabinet with open and closed storage options add functionality to this living room, making it perfect for smart urban homeowners.

A Balcony Glass Door Design With A Wooden Frame Lends An Ethnic Look

Wood lends a sense of warmth to home interiors. The sleek design and sliding mechanism help in free-flow movement. A wooden tabletop, a modular wine cabinet with a tinted glass front and rattan upholstered chairs lend an earthy tone to this living-cum-dining room. All the modular furniture blends perfectly with the home’s design aesthetics. We have added a basket swing chair and some hanging planters to turn the balcony into a comforting nook. The clear glass door lets ample natural light into the living room and allows the residents to enjoy the outdoor view while lazing on the couch.

Make way for high end balcony design trends

Japanese Glass Door Design For Your Balcony

Japanese glass door designs are excellent if you like clean lines and geometric patterns. The black borders add definition to your space and lend an elegant look. It matches extremely well with quirky industrial-style balcony designs. The stone finish wall and wood panelling on the ceiling create a bold statement, while the vibrant chairs and lightwood table add a pop of colour to the space. We have added some potted plants to infuse a tropical vibe into the urban balcony. 

French Glass Door Design For A Vintage Touch

French glass doors lend a traditional touch to your room and add to the style statement, provided you have enough space for the doors to swing. This door features iron panelling to add an old-world charm to the space. It is also an excellent option if you have toddlers at home. We have used glass only on the top half of the door to keep it out of your kids’ reach. In this way, you can prevent accidents due to breakage yet bring in ample natural light to your indoors.

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Balcony Glass Sliding Door Design With Curtains

As discussed above, balcony glass sliding door designs are more efficient compared to French doors, especially for small balconies. But clear glass doors can hinder your privacy, especially if you stay on the lower floors. For this, you can either use tinted glass or pair it with a curtain or blinds to increase the privacy of your home. The rocking chairs and side cabinet add a fun element to the space, while the terracotta accent wall brings an earthiness to the balcony.

Now that you are aware of the various balcony glass door designs, let’s talk about how to plan functional and cosy balcony interiors. A good balcony interior needs a lot of precision, mindful designs and an expert eye to turn it into the favourite nook of your home. So, book a free consultation today and get ready to begin your journey towards a designer home, personalised as per your lifestyle and budget.

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