Living Room Design Trends To Plug Into Your Nunchi In 2021

by Ekta Poddar | January 21, 2024 | 6 mins read

Living room trends which suits your style for interior design models for living room

Find out about the latest decorating trends for living rooms to create harmony in your home.

We have long been enraptured by Hygge, the Danish version of well-being. Then along came the quest for perfect balance with the Swedish Lagom. The year 2021 is going to see us venture from the cool Scandinavian climes, cross Asia and visit Korea for some Nunchi. Nunchi can be considered as a version of emotional intelligence or of situational awareness. It is about quickly assessing the environment by plugging into subtle social cues. In 2021, seize the opportunity to create some harmony in your living room, one that encourages unity and helps you develop your Nunchi further. Our guide to the latest living room design trends is sure to give you a head start.

Turn To Natural Material and Colours

The year 2021 is all about developing deep connections with nature. Biophilia or nature-inspired design comes into its own even more and makes it way into the latest interior design trends for living rooms. Natural materials like wicker and rattan that were relegated to deck or patio furniture will get a place of pride in the living room. Think stylish sofas and armchairs and cosy poufs. Think of metal and stone. Combine with earthy colours such as a rich clay, notes of orange, tones of fawn and chocolate to create that perfect zen space.

Latest Living room trends where you can interior design with natural material and colours
The use of warm earthy tones and natural material make for a sunny and inviting living room
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Embrace Nature, Embrace Wood

One cannot imagine using natural materials and not talking about wood. The use of wood will never go old as a home interior design idea for the living room. In keeping with the “going green” mantra, explore the usage of recycled wood in the coming year. Darker tones of wood will be favoured over lighter tones – another design trend we totally dig. You can use wood in multiple ways – for flooring, on the ceiling, for making living room furniture and even with accessories.

Latest trends for living rooms to embrace the wood for interior design suggestions living room
A handsome room divider in wood with convenient seating built in

Go Stylish With Green

2021 will see a literal interpretation of the ‘going green’ trend as the colour green makes its way to the latest decorating trends for living rooms. Splash out olive green on the walls or opt for wallpaper with a rich leaf pattern. Adorn your walls with art in shades of green, reminiscent of nature. Don’t want to limit it to walls? Accents of green in the soft furnishings will also do the trick.

New living room trends with green colour cushions and beautiful textured walls with design trends
Pops of green add interest to an otherwise muted living room

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Bring The Outside In With These Design Trends

What better way to celebrate green than by adding house plants?! Your living room will be the perfect setting for your indoor haven of greenery and freshness in the form of houseplants. Spider plants, aloe vera are only a few of the options when it comes to indoor greenery. Plants have multiple benefits– they invite the outdoors in, they make the space look gorgeous, and they purify the air.

Interior design living room furniture to celebrate the green by adding house plants for living room design trends
House plants create an intimate nook in this fabulous living room.

Speaking Of Flowers

From greenery, let’s turn to flowers. Floral wallpaper emerges out of mothballed obscurity to get a fresh new lease of life. Be bold in 2021 and experiment with different varieties of floral wallpaper for your living room – think abstract, contrast instead of match and go big in terms of scale. In the coming year, the wilting wallflower will increasingly be replaced with its sophisticated and chic avatar of bold floral patterns.

Living room design trends where floral wallpaper emerges out to get a new lease of life for latest living room trends
A bold floral pattern that makes a heady statement
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The Play of Black and White

2021 seems to be the year of making bold statements and this gets reflected in the latest decorating trends for living rooms. Nothing draws attention like contrasting colours that are cleverly juxtaposed. And when one thinks of contrasting colours, the classic pair of black and white immediately comes to mind. Play with effects of dark and light, of yin with yang to create a stunning effect in your living room. For a happy marriage between the colours, don’t forget to balance them out.

Living room interior design trends for a well balanced living room
A well balanced and stylish black and white living room

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Balance Of Geometric Design Patterns

The latest interior design trends for living rooms is not only about balancing contrasting colours. It is also about balancing abstract and geometric patterns. Use geometric patterns to create stunning visual displays in the coming year. Add them to soft furnishings, put them on a wall using wallpaper or go bold with abstract art. Ensure that you tie the look together and balance the boldness of geometric patterns with more restrained design choices in the rest of your living room.

Living room decorating trends for a balance of colours and interior
Clever use of grey and yellow tie the geometric pattern of the rug with the rest of the room

Maximalism Makes a Bold Entrance

The focus shifts from minimalism in 2021 to big and bold maximalism. Let your inner designer go wild in the living room and splash out on bright colours, statement accessories and jaunty décor. Embracing maximalism does not mean you throw all restraint to the wind though. As always, make wise choices and stay on the right side of bold but aesthetic.

Living room furniture trends for a bold entrance with maximalism
Pile on the cushions and go bright and bold for a gorgeous living room

Curves Are Back In Fashion

Looking for designer living room furniture that will soon become the envy of your guests? Consider discarding the straight and strict for curves. When choosing seating for your living room, opt for sofas with rounded backs and sides and round-backed chairs. Their soft and elegant curves will help you create the cosy harmonious look in no time at all.

Living room decor trends with a designer living room furniture
Rounded armrests and gentle curves make chairs cosy and comfortable

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The Calm Connection Of Blue

A list of design trends for 2021 will be incomplete without the mention of classic blue. This shade of blue has been named Pantone’s colour of the year and it brings with it confidence and connection. Inject some calm into your living room with the aid of classic or navy blue. From walls to rugs, from sofas to curtains, they can also be a canvas for your experiments in blue.

Living room design trends with the connection of blue
Blue sofas and curtains bring soothing notes to this living room
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From earthy and soothing colours to organic material, from curves to abstract patterns, our guide gives you several home interior design ideas for the living room for the coming year. Be mindful of the principles of Nunchi to create a functional and beautiful space – one that delights the senses and is the perfect haven of peace and relaxation.

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