High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet Designs for A Modern Kitchen

by Humera Nishat | January 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

high gloss kitchen cabinets for you home

Replacing those old cabinets with these high gloss laminate kitchen cabinets is the first step to a sparkling home!

It’s the right time to replace your boring old cabinets with high gloss kitchen cabinets. Everyone wants their cooking space to look good and feel like home. And what’s better than high gloss kitchen cabinets? High gloss is in right now and they sure look polished.

High gloss laminate kitchen cabinets come in a variety of colours and each is better than the other. You will never run out of options! Not only are these high gloss kitchen cabinets terrific looking and will give your kitchen a modern look, but they are also very easy to maintain. So, the days of scrubbing are over! Check out these low-maintenance high gloss flat panel kitchen cabinets!

Minimal High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes, less is more and that is exactly the case with these high gloss kitchen cabinets. Even though the finish is a high gloss, the overall look of it is minimal. You can never go wrong with minimal cabinets. They fit every aesthetic and type of furnishing. They come in a lot of colours, so you will have plenty of options to browse through. This black and white design is a classic one and you can never go wrong with it! This is truly the holy grail of high gloss laminate kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cum dining area with high gloss laminate kitchen cabinets in minimal white and black design.
Minimal high gloss laminate kitchen cabinets like this black and white one are a great design for those who like to keep things simple. The finish is glossy and polished, thus it will be easy to clean and maintain. The best part? Black and white go with every combination

White High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets For A Clean Look

Most hotel kitchens go for the all-white look. Not only does it look extremely classy and old-school but it also maintains uniformity. If you want your kitchen to look like a professional hotel kitchen, you should go for these all-white high gloss flat panel kitchen cabinets. To add that extra oomph, you can paint the kitchen cabinet knobs a gleaming silver colour. It will add spice to the kitchen cabinets and your entire kitchen aesthetic will look put together. And if you think that the all-white look is too dull for you, then you can add colourful knobs that will complement the white kitchen cabinets.

All-white kitchen with modern high gloss white kitchen cabinets look classy.
All-white high gloss kitchen cabinets give off a classy and professional vibe. We have used a grey wall and grey countertop to complement the look. A clean aesthetic, these white kitchen cabinets make your kitchen pop with brightness! Your kitchen will definitely stand out
Glass front, open shelving, corner, base, wall, tall, shaker style, and custom kitchen cabinets are popular

Light Grey High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets With Under-Cabinet Lighting

When opting for high gloss kitchen cabinets, you can safely choose solid colours. Use colours in similar shades for the walls, ceiling and floor, and top up the look with under-cabinet lighting. Your kitchen will end up looking peaceful, serene and well-maintained.

U-shaped kitchen has high gloss kitchen cabinets colours in the light grey aesthetic look.
Light grey high gloss kitchen cabinets like these paired with grey or white walls, floor and ceiling create the illusion of a large space. We have added under-cabinet lighting to add to the glossy finish

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets With A Splash Of Color

Everyone likes a bit of colour and there are no two ways about it. Adding splashes of colour to your kitchen is a great way of elevating the look and feel of a modern custom kitchen. You can always go for neutral colours like peach, beige or grey. But if you really want your kitchen to pop and make a statement on its own, you should pick bold and out-there colours like dark purple, red, yellow or turquoise. Go all out with colour and make your kitchen your personal canvas! And if you think that bright and peppy colours are too much for you, then you can tone it down by adding a simple border in white or grey. Or you can add monotone accents in your cooking space.

L-shaped kitchen with modern high gloss kitchen cabinets in yellow and white colour combination looks splendid.
Adding bright quirky coloured cabinets like these to your kitchen is a great way of spicing things up. Bold shades like yellow, red and purple are statement colours that really make your kitchen pop. Here, we have kept the wall paints and light fixtures simple to allow the cabinets to make a statement. We have also added under-cabinet lighting to perk up the space a little more

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets For A Vintage Vibe

If you are into the exquisite vintage look and feel, try these beige high gloss laminate kitchen cabinets with gold accents. With a tasteful look, your kitchen will awe everyone. There isn’t much to do with these vintage high gloss kitchen cabinets as the design is so artistic by itself. You can customise the gold accents according to your taste. This is one of the best high gloss flat panel kitchen cabinet ideas and your kitchen space will look perfectly splendid.

Beige high gloss flat panel kitchen cabinets designed in the island kitchen look vintage.
Vintage-looking high gloss kitchen cabinets like these give an exquisite look. To go the extra mile and make the design look even better, you can customise gold accents around the high gloss kitchen cabinets

These were our personal picks for high gloss kitchen cabinets. Put your creative hat on and customise these cool kitchen cabinets right now.

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