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Your Child Will Love This! Bedrooms With The Best Paint Color Combinations

Colour combination for your children's bedroom

Children’s moods are affected by their environments, and that includes the colours in their room. Pick from our list of best paint colour combinations.

Did you know that the best place to let your imaginations run wild is your children’s bedroom? Bright colours and fun schemes are what children’s bedrooms are all about. Whether your child is calm and sweet, energetic or playful or a mixture of two, there is always a paint colour combination suitable for them.

And remember, colour influences the mood and has different effects on children. Psychologists and interior designers are stressing on the importance of choosing the right paint colours for kids’ rooms. If you’ve noticed how kindergarten classrooms are always cheerful with colours like yellow. So let us explore some of the most refreshing paint colour combinations for your kids’ rooms, shall we?

Yellow and Magenta Is A Cheerful Paint Colour Combination

Sunny and cheerful, the colour yellow can liven up any space. It is a stimulating colour and pairs with other colour palettes effortlessly. It also adapts itself to any decor scheme as well. In this case, it’s magenta – notice how the pairing of yellow with it in this bedroom makes it feel so lively? Bright magenta cabinets and yellow accents on the geometric patterned wall makes this area a fun place to chill.

Kids bedroom colors yellow and magenta is a best paint colour combination for kids bedroom
A clever use of the pillows and blankets to match the colour scheme of this bedroom

A Combination Of Purple And Orange

Two bold colours on the opposite side of the spectrum, but when paired together, they can create a magnificent look. Purple is a colour that inspires sensitivity, thoughtfulness and spirituality and if used in a kid’s bedroom it can help slow down their restless pace. Orange is a cheerful colour and has been shown to enhance communication and socialisation skills. This children’s bedroom in the image depicts the perfect balance of both colours. While the entire room is purple, orange accents make the whole space pop with creativity.

Childrens bedroom colours combination with purple and orange create a magnificent look in kids bedroom
Orange accessories make for a gorgeous contrast in a purple bedroom scheme, like orange drawers and large pillows

Light Pink And Brown

Topping the list for a girl’s room is the colour pink. Calming, empathetic and nurturing, the colour pink influences children to behave in a more caring and considerate way. Too much pink can be irritating and can cause headaches, and this is where brown comes into play. Brown is an earthy tone that can help children feel stable and grounded. The image here shows us a perfectly balanced use of both so that they don’t overshadow each other. Different hues of brown are used in the entire bedroom from walls, cabinets, and hardwood flooring but in a manner that is not overpowering. Pretty pink accents have been for the chair and pillows. Subtle decor makes this colour combination a hit.<