Top 6 Recommendations For Best Colour For Pooja Room As Per Vastu

by Noopur Lidbide | February 21, 2024 | 5 mins read

Colour of pooja room according to vastu

Tips on which colours to use for the pooja room as per Vastu shastra

The pooja room,  a customised, small temple for your home, is the most peaceful and positive room of the house. To magnify the positivity of the pooja room, you can design it with some vital Vastu shastra tips. 

Vastu shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture that helps you design your house to attract prosperity, peace and happiness. Among the helpful tips and guidance that this ancient science offers regarding structure, directions, colour, size and so on for the different parts of your house, we’ll focus on the best colour of pooja room according to Vastu here.

6 Vastu-based pooja room colour ideas for your home

Opt For A Prosperous Yellow Pooja Room Colour As Per Vastu

Yellow is a warm colour associated with positivity and happiness. In its subtle shade, yellow proves to be the perfect background wall colour for the pooja room. A pooja room facing the northeast direction, combined with the colour yellow, can help derive maximum good energies as per Vastu shastra principles.

Colour of pooja room according to vastu
Yellow for the pooja room is a bright and positive colour option

Orange Is One Of The Radiant Vastu Colours For Pooja Room

Marigold flowers are found in all auspicious ceremonies in India, in events as big as weddings or as small as prayer sessions. The orange colour of the marigold is associated with auspiciousness and can transcend into the place of worship at home. You can use orange colour in the background to give the pooja room a sacred, pious and venerated look. The key is to keep the colour subtle enough, so it does not overshadow the main pooja elements of the room. 

Orange is one of the radiant puja room colour as per vastu in hindi
The sacred orange is another warm colour that is right for the pooja room as per Vastu

An All-White Pooja Room Ambience Brings All The Positive Vibes

The white colour of pooja room, according to Vastu, denotes purity and peace, both of which we aim to find in our places of worship. There are monumental temples in India which too celebrate this all-white colour scheme. Marble, for example, is a reliable material and a great choice to introduce an abundance of peaceful vibes in your pooja room. White marble is the right colour as per Vastu and adds grandeur to such a positive and affirmative space.

An all-white puja room colour as per vastu ambience brings all the positive vibes
The colour white is as pure and peaceful as it gets for a pooja room
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A Rich Golden Colour Livens Up The Pooja Room In A Vastu-Compliant Manner

It is not always possible to have a separate pooja room in your home. With a small corner or a wall reserved for the pooja room, you can opt for a colour that distinguishes the place of worship and is also Vastu compliant. A shinier variant of the warm yellow, the trick with gold is to use it just enough without letting it overthrow the aesthetic balance of the space. The metal cutwork design for the pooja room adds the right amount of bling to the space. 

Rich golden colour livens up the vastu colors for pooja room
Combine glamour with good vibes with the colour gold for the pooja room

The Colour Green For The Pooja Room Naturally Symbolises Life

Not only is the colour green a Vastu-approved expression of nature and life, but it is also a beautiful pop of colour to add to your home. With a green pooja room colour as per Vastu, you can feel one step closer to the fresh and divine energy that your pooja room offers.

Colour green as the best colour for pooja room as per vastu naturally symbolises life
Infuse life into your pooja room with the colour green

Go For A Fresh Blue Colour Of Pooja Room As Per Vastu

Installing a pooja unit in a common space like this needs proper thought. The colour should be such that it blends with the colour scheme of the areas surrounding your pooja room. Light colours like blue comply with Vastu shastra requirements. Additionally, a colour like this blue can help in seamlessly transitioning from one space to another.

Pooja room colour as per vastu blends with fresh pastel shades like blue
Fresh pastel shades like blue are welcome colours for the pooja room

Which Colours Should Be Avoided For Pooja Room As Per Vastu?

  • According to Vastu shastra principles, light, bright and serene colours are the best options for the pooja room or pooja unit.
  • This means that you should avoid dark colours that break the chain of positivity and light.
  • Black, for example, is a colour that you should avoid for the pooja room at any cost

The pooja room is one of the focal points in the house where all the positive energy converges. It is significant from a religious and spiritual point of view. Get the design and Vastu compliance right with these six options for the best colour for pooja room as per Vastu.

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