Unlocking 10 Key Differences Between Glazed Vitrified Tiles and Double Charge Tiles

by Agniva Banerjee | February 25, 2024 | 7 mins read

Glazed vitrified floor tiles for your home

Tile up your space right. Here’s a comparative guide to help you.

Selecting the ideal glazed vitrified tiles for your house or place of business can be daunting. Given the abundance of choices, it’s essential to understand the primary distinctions between different types. They are the cornerstone of interior design and are crucial in establishing the mood and personality of your home or commercial place. Thus, making an informed decision is necessary as it is more than simply selecting what looks good—it also considers the durability, economics and aesthetics of a good tile design.  

To assist you in making the right choice regarding your tiling needs, we will examine the differences between digital glazed vitrified tiles and double-charge tiles in our blog.

The Production Process That Sets Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles Apart

Digital glazed vitrified tiles are created by glazing a layer of liquid glass onto a vitrified tile body. This gives them a shiny finish. In comparison, double-charge tiles get their name from the unique manufacturing process, where two layers of pigment are added to the tile’s surface. This process creates a thicker, more durable design.

Digital glazed vitrified tiles for a glossy finish for the bedroom
A glossy finish for the bedroom

Unique Aesthetics of Double-Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Glazed vitrified tiles (India-inspired) are known for their glossy appearance and vibrant colours, making them a popular choice for spaces where aesthetics matter. The double-charge vitrified tiles are designed for high-traffic areas due to their durability. They often feature intricate patterns and designs.

Double-glazed vitrified tiles in vibrant colours  for the living room
Thought about adding gloss to the living room

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles Score Brownie Points on Durability

Glazed vitrified tiles’ advantages and disadvantages should be considered to make an informed choice. Having said that, there is one area where these tiles fall behind. This is the durability factor. While they are sturdy, the glaze on top can be susceptible to chipping and scratches over time. Here, double-charge tiles take over. Their thicker surface layer makes them highly resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for commercial spaces.

Double charge vitrified tiles with good durability
Commercial spaces require sturdier tiles

Vitrified Tiles Glazed are a Better Choice for Residential Applications

Both digital or ceramic glazed vitrified tiles are suitable for residential spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Due to their sturdiness, double-charge tiles are frequently used in high-traffic areas like malls, airports, and offices.

Vitrified glazed tiles for residential applications
Go ceramic in floor tiling!
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Glazed Vitrified Wall Tiles Need Regular Maintenance

You can use glazed vitrified wall tiles or install them for your floors, and they are relatively easy to clean. However, the surface may require more maintenance to preserve its shine. Comparatively, double-charge vitrified tiles are low-maintenance and can withstand heavy cleaning and footfalls without chipping or getting scratched. Think about which tile type will suit your needs. 

Low-maintenance glazed vitrified wall tiles which can withstand heavy cleaning
Different tiles suit different needs

Cost Factor Favours Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Typically, glazed vitrified tiles are more budget-friendly than double-charge tiles. They are preferred by those who don’t mind the need for extra elbow grease. Considering that homes aren’t high-traffic areas and hardly see much rough use of floors, whether it comes to impactful furniture or tough cleaning agents, these tiles are more suited for those looking to save money without compromising aesthetics. 

Cost-effective digital glazed vitrified tiles for extra elbow grease
Budget-friendly glazed vitrified tiles in India

Consider Size and Thickness if Selecting Glazed Vitrified Wall Tiles

Glazed vitrified tiles come in a wide range of sizes and thickness options. Similarly, double-charge tiles are available in thicker and larger sizes. This makes them a good choice for expansive areas. You could opt for either depending on how big your rooms are and what area you want covered by each tile. 

Size and thickness of glazed vitrified wall tiles
A diversity of size and thickness in the tile world

Ceramic, Double & Wooden Glazed Vitrified Tiles – Variety is Spice!

Single or double-glazed vitrified tiles offer various designs and colours in ceramic or wood, making them suitable for diverse interior styles. On the other hand, double-charge tiles are known for their uniform patterns and are often used in spaces with a more contemporary or minimalist aesthetic.

Double and wooden glazed vitrified tiles for minimalist aesthetic
Varied materials and textures for multiple purposes

Stain-Resistant Property of Glazed Vitrified Tiles India

When it comes to stain resistance, both digital glazed vitrified tiles and double-charge tiles play on equal footing. They are both resistant to stains and liquid damage, making them suitable for areas prone to spills. Think kitchens, bedrooms or even living rooms. 

Glazed vitrified tiles which are stain-resistant and ideal for kitchen and bathroom
Tiles that are ideal for bathrooms & kitchens
Stunning home interiors for your first home!

Environmental Impact of Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles Vs. Double Charge Tiles

The production process of glazed vitrified tiles may involve more resources and energy. In contrast, the double charging process may have a slightly lower environmental impact due to their durability and longer lifespan.

Environmental impact of digital glazed vitrified Vs Double charge tiles
Go eco-friendly with the right tile choice

Ultimately, your specific needs will determine which tiles are best for you. Affordability and aesthetic appeal combined could make vitrified tiles glazed the ideal option for you. But double-charge tiles are a great choice if lifespan and durability are your top concerns. When choosing, consider your available area, the budget, and your preferred style. Before you know it, you will have a gorgeous, functional, tiled surface that satisfies your needs while creating a personal statement for your space. Confused about which tiles to use for your home? Worry not! Our DesignCafe experts are eagerly waiting to help you out. Connect with our experts here: DesignCafe – End-to-End Home Interior Designs

FAQs On Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Are there differences in the appearance of glazed vitrified tiles and double-charge tiles?
Yes, there are distinct differences in the appearance of glazed vitrified and double-charge tiles. Glazed vitrified tiles have a glossy finish with vibrant colours, often favoured for aesthetics. In contrast, double-charge tiles feature thicker, more intricate patterns, making them ideal for high-traffic areas with a more contemporary look.

Which type of tile is more durable, glazed vitrified or double charge tiles?
Double-charge tiles are generally more durable than glazed vitrified tiles. Their unique manufacturing process involves adding two layers of pigment to the surface, resulting in a thicker and more resilient tile. This makes double-charge tiles a preferred choice for high-traffic areas and commercial spaces.

Do glazed vitrified tiles and double-charge tiles have different levels of water resistance?
Both glazed vitrified tiles and double-charge tiles offer good water resistance. The glaze enhances their resistance to water, making them suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Double charge tiles, with their thicker surface layer, are also highly water-resistant and can be used in similar areas confidently.

Which type of tile is easier to clean and maintain, glazed vitrified or double charge tiles?
Glazed vitrified tiles are easier to clean and maintain than double-charge tiles. Their smooth, glossy surface allows for effortless cleaning, and they are less prone to staining. Double-charge tiles, while durable, may require slightly more effort to clean due to their textured patterns, making glazed vitrified tiles a more low-maintenance option.

Are glazed vitrified tiles and double-charge tiles made from the same materials?
No, glazed vitrified and double-charge tiles are not made from the same materials. While both are vitrified tiles at their core, glazed vitrified tiles have a liquid glass glaze on the surface, giving them a glossy appearance. On the other hand, double-charge tiles have a unique manufacturing process with two layers of pigment applied to their surface, resulting in a thicker and more durable design.

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