Adorn Your Indian Homes With The Best Wooden Centre Table Designs

by Pooja Dara | January 7, 2024 | 8 mins read

Wooden center table designs for Indian homes

A wooden centre table design for the living room comes with/without extra storage areas based on lifestyle needs and personal preferences. Let’s explore more about them.  

Furniture plays a significant role in creating the feel and look of any place, especially where you spend most of your time. When planning for your living room (entertainment space), the centre table is one piece of furniture that must not be overlooked. Here’s why:

  • It acts as an anchor that visually binds all the living room’s elements together. 
  • It provides a flat surface to rest your glasses, snacks and more when entertaining yourself.
  • It has a variety of configurations in terms of storage, shape, size and type of tabletop. 
  • A wooden or glass centre table design gives the space a rustic and luxurious touch. 

The Benefits of A Wooden Centre Table Design 

  • It is easy to clean/maintain as you need a soft cloth to wipe down the dust and wood polish to make it shine. 
  • Unlike plastic, it is incredibly sturdy and always stands the test of time as it does not get easily scratched or damaged.
  • It is highly eco-friendly and sustainable and can be recycled and remodelled to make new wooden furniture. 
  • It has a unique grain/texture since no two pieces of solid wood look the same, adding style to the room.
  • It is easy to customise and personalise it according to your needs/preferences and the room’s existing decor.
  • It adds an element of nature to your home and makes it feel more cosy, warm and inviting.  
  • It is a good one-time investment and also adds to the home’s resale value if it is properly taken care of.

How Do I Ensure The Wooden Centre Table Is Durable and Long-Lasting & Matches the Overall Decor of The Living Room?

To ensure that the wooden centre table design aligns with the design aesthetics of the living room, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Choose the right shape for the wooden centre table as per the room’s layout. For example, a square centre table will look good if the seating area is more compact. A rectangular centre table will work well near an L-shaped sofa, and a round/oval-shaped sofa is best in homes with kids and pets.  
  • You can also determine whether you want to purchase a single wooden centre table or a nested version of the wooden centre table. Nested centre tables will increase your surface area for use, helping you achieve a perfect balance between form and functionality. 
  • Consider the distance between the wooden centre table and sofa set to guarantee easy access and leg space. The distance should ideally be between 12-18 inches. Also, choose a centre table that is approximately 2/3rd of the length of your sofa set not to make your living room look overwhelming.  
  • Take the size of the wooden centre table into account, which will be further determined by the space size and seating arrangement available. What is the ideal height for a wooden centre table? The standard height of a wooden centre table should be between 16-18 inches and a little lower (<1-2 inches) than the seating space around it so that you can easily bend forward and place/pick up something.  
  • Decide whether you want the wooden centre table design to have a provision for storage to organise easily misplaced items OR use it as an ornamental piece of furniture only. Opt for a slightly taller centre table if you want ample storage space.
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What Is The Best Type of Wood For A Centre Table?

There are many kinds of wood that you can use for constructing your wooden centre table, which are:

  • Sheesham Wood (Rose Wood) – Termite-Resistant | Known For Its Colour and Wood Grains | Wear-Resistant
  • Solid Wood – Not Moisture-Resistant | Highly-Durable | Bold And Luxurious Look
  • Acacia Wood – Highly Durable | Dense and Hard | Suitable For High-Activity Areas
  • Mango Wood – Environment-Friendly | Economical | Most Popular In India | Sturdy and Strong | Attractive
  • Walnut Wood – Refined and Sophisticated Appearance | Grainy Pattern | Dark-Coloured | Most Expensive 
  • Teak Wood – High Quality | Fire-Resistant | Softer Touch | Highly-Priced | Weather-Resistant
  • Deodar Wood – Very Hard Wood | Longer Storage Life | Insect-Resistant | Easy Colour-Absorbent

Of all the wood types mentioned above, Sheesham, teak, and solid wood are the most popular options for Indian homeowners.

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Wooden Centre Table?

  • Wipe the wooden table with a soft cloth, slightly warm water and mild liquid dish soap to remove any stains. 
  • Dust the wooden table with a dry cotton cloth to eliminate the dust particles weekly. 
  • Do not use corrosive or acidic cleaning products on the wooden centre table. 
  • Avoid exposing the wooden centre table to the sun (if it is not polished/painted) to prevent swelling/colour fading. 
  • Use coating wax (natural wax and not silicon-based wax) to add a protective layer to the wooden table and lend a shiny look to it every 3-6 months. 
  • Use oil, vinegar, and a clean and soft cloth to get the watermark rings out of your wooden centre table.
  • Use coasters when placing hot drinks/cold drinks on the surface of the wooden centre table to prevent irreversible heat damage/ excessive moisture absorption.  
  • Use a good tablecloth/place mats on the wooden centre table to avoid any spillage of food/beverages.

Having gone through the FAQs, it is time to check out our amazing collection of wooden centre table designs. We are sure that something will catch your eye and inspire you. 

Unique Wooden Centre Table Design

This wooden centre table design is unique and multifunctional for your living room. It is compact and expansive at the same time because you can take out your cushioned stools for extra seating space and place them back in their designated spaces once you’re done.

Unique wooden center table design with multifunctional and includes cushioned stools for additional seating
This wooden centre table makes the entire furniture look like a single unit.

Bring in Style With This Circular Wooden Centre Table Design

This circular (slightly oval) wooden centre table design sports a clean, simple design with sleek legs. It gives a very sophisticated, elegant and minimalist touch to the space and blends in well with the living room’s design aesthetics and colour theme.

Minimalist wooden center table with oval design and sleek legs, adding sophistication to living room decor
the wooden centre table adds warmth and softens the overall look.

Modern Wooden Centre Table Design With Storage Underneath

This modern wooden centre table design acts as a mesmerising centrepiece in the living room and also features a classic storage space underneath it for stacking books and magazines. It has a uniform and symmetric design and complements the room’s existing furniture pieces and wall art.

Modern wooden center table design features a classic storage space underneath it for stacking books and magazines
Try to use the same wood type for the table and showcases to bring consistency.
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Go Classy With Wooden Centre Table Design With Glass Top

This wooden centre table design with a tinted glass top exudes a classy and grandeur vibe in the living room. It looks rock solid and sturdy, with thick wooden legs supporting the framework. It gives a bold and formal statement to the space along with the maroon carpet, cushions and curtain.

Wooden center table designs with glass top add visual depth and character to the living room
The glass top wooden centre table adds visual depth and character.

Go Old-School With This Box-Style Wooden Centre Table Design

This box-style wooden centre table gives a traditional and old-school feel and look to this large living room/entertainment space with its grain work and natural texture. The bottom portion of the wooden table serves as hidden storage for small items, which you can access by lifting the tabletop, while the top surface can be used for placing your food and drinks.

Wooden center table is designed in a box style, featuring hidden storage space and a natural texture
Opt for a simple wooden centre table if the room is painted in muted tones.

Nested Wooden Centre Table Design Doubles The Excitement

This nested wooden centre table design livens up the family room space. It helps prevent congestion in the area and is also space-saving as the tables can be placed one underneath the other as and when needed. The tables with different heights can also help you use the tables for multiple purposes at the same time.

Nested wooden centre table doubles the space-saving as the tables can be stacked underneath each other
The wooden centre table set brings all the elements of the living room together

Wrapping Up

Now that you have gone through the wooden centre table design furniture in detail, we have enough confidence that you’ll be able to revamp the space and make it look more lively. Book a free consultation with any of our interior design experts at DesignCafe, and they’ll gladly assist you with any queries.

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