11 DIY Crafts For Home Decor For A Quick Spruce Up

by Noopur Lidbide | February 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

DIY crafts for home decor to inspire your home decor

Looking for fun projects to take up while you stay indoors? Look no further! These DIY Crafts for home decor are the perfect way to build up something creative for your home!

While work from home is here to stay for a while, all of us can agree that a few creative breaks every now and then are always welcome! Why not use this time to perk up your home interiors? While home decor is seldom inexpensive there are some fun and easy DIY projects that can help you add beautiful elements to your house without being over the top. Scroll through these 11 DIY crafts for home decor to inspire your own home decor project.

DIY Coffee Table For Home Decor

You have a rustic makeover on your mind? Give your regular coffee table a ditch and give.

Do you, empty crate a fresh coat of paint. Discarded crates have multiple uses. They can serve as tables or additional seating. It adds a rustic touch to your space. You can have fun with colours and patterns while you paint and get as creative as you like with such DIY crafts for home decor.

DIY coffee table for home decor adds a rustic touch to your space

Washi Tape Art For Home Decor

One of the most minimal DIY craft ideas for home decor with maximum impact is the use of funky washi tapes to create your own modern art. Geometric patterns like these are easy to make. If you have a spare wall in your room this is what you can do. All you need is a couple of cool washi tape rolls and a pair of scissors to add an element of decor in almost no time! P. S. This origami-inspired decor also gives you a peek into the use of origami art for wall decor.

Washi tape modern art for home decor with geometric patterns

DIY Wall Hanging Craft Ideas

There are a number of things that you can create as beautiful wall decor for your home. Dreamcatchers are one of them. Creating a dreamcatcher isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are many online tutorials to help you get started with some easy to do, intricate-looking designs!

DIY wall hanging craft ideas for your home decor

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Vintage Cases For Home Decor

Those old suitcases might have become too heavy to lug around but that doesn’t mean they serve no purpose anymore. Vintage suitcases look really classy when substituted for regular coffee tables. The only effort you might need to put in is to clean and polish these. Added perks include the availability of storage space that they offer.

Vintage cases for your home decor

DIY Indoor Swing

This may seem like an ambitious project at first glance but a swing is certainly one of those DIY wall hanging craft ideas (with a twist) that you can pull off without much effort. A spare tire, a sturdy rope and the right fittings can help you install an interesting looking swing with ease!

DIY indoor swing is one of the DIY wall hanging craft ideas

Grow Your Own Herbs Patch

One of the simplest ways of adding a touch of green, a new piece of decor and growing your own herbs, and all in one go is to plant your favourite herbs in old planters or containers. You can also get creative while decorating your containers. Greens are a minimal yet great way of giving a fresh new look to any space.

Growing your own herbs comes under diy crafts for home decor

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DIY Lamp Shades

This DIY wall hanging craft idea is sure to bring out your inner child! These string lampshades are super fun to make and are a testament to how simple materials like a string, a balloon and glue can help create something so elegant looking.

DIY wall hanging craft idea with DIY lamp shades

Simple Decor Hacks

Open spaces like balconies or terraces are tricky when it comes to lighting. This ingenious lamp shade made out of an old umbrella is a nice DIY hack to bring light, decor and a little bit of cover around the seating arrangement in a balcony.

Simple DIY decor hack with umbrella and seating arrangement in a balcony

Flag Garlands

If your little ones are tired of staying indoors all the time, you might want to revamp the indoors to make things a little more interesting. Teepee tents and colourful flag garlands are an excellent choice for DIY wall hanging craft ideas. You can throw in a string of fairy lights for added effect!

DIY crafts for home decor with colourful flag garlands

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DIY Crochet Wall Hangings

If you are skilled at crochet or have old crochet items that are sitting in your storage, fashioning a beautiful decor item out of these isn’t too difficult! Make your blank walls look pretty with these intricate weaves as decor.

DIY wall hanging craft ideas with DIY crochet wall hangings

DIY Bathroom Stand For Home Decor

Your bathroom essentials need a defined space of their own. And it’s best to have these items handy while you are at it. An old stool can be repainted and re-used as a stand for your everyday bathroom essentials. It is a fuss-free way of introducing new decor into the space.

DIY bathroom stand for your home decor

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