Celebrating The Life Of Rekha, A Woman Who Believes In Living Life Queen Size

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 29, 2024 | 4 mins read

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” –Michelle Obama

This women’s day, we bring you the story of Rekha, a woman with exceptional quality to live her life the way she wants to, never let the world decide for her, and be the woman we all aspire to be. She strongly believes – “to make your family happy you need to be happy” – is what makes her a headstrong lady with a beautiful heart, precisely what is needed to make this world a better place for oneself and everyone around.

Rekha is a teacher, mother of two. Beyond the roles she plays at home and work she is an independent urban woman with deep-rooted traditional values. She is passionate about cooking and feeding people, but her eyes twinkle when she says, “I am my favorite.”

Her greatest satisfaction is balancing her personal and professional life perfectly. And though sometimes she finds it a little challenging she manages it harmoniously.

Her Strong View Against Gender Stereotype

She firmly believes women play an integral part in making a house a perfect home. Every woman has the ingrained quality of bringing positivity, love, care, and discipline to a home is what Rekha believes. However, she has a strong view against gender stereotypes. Her progressive thoughts are so strong that she is making sure to teach the same in her kids as well. Being a mother of a young boy and a girl, she makes sure never to discriminate between them so they learn all of life’s skills equally. With progressive mothers like Rekha inculcating solid values to the next generation, we are reassured that our future is in safe hands.

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What Does Home Mean To Her?

Her home is her happy place. It gives her independence to do what she wants and be herself. She endorses the fact every woman should have the right to choose what’s suitable for the home. 

Her Take On Women’s Involvement In Home Interiors

When we asked about her thoughts on the changing role of women with respect to buying or doing up homes she said that earlier with joint family setups there was little to no room for opinions on interior design or on the choice a woman could make for her home. However, times haves changed, and women have full right to choose the interiors that suit their needs. Making a home functional and efficient not just enhances the beauty of a space but makes household work easy, less time-consuming, and effortless. 

She had a tinge of regret for not being able to accomplish the dream of a 20 years younger self due to parental restrictions and circumstances back then. Still, she is determined to give her kids the freedom to follow their passion and do what they love to do in life, be it her daughter or son.

Design Cafe Salutes Women Like Rekha

Women like Rekha are a real inspiration to each one of us. They may not do extraordinary things to get accomplished but they do ordinary things differently. She justifies the role of a mother, wife, and a teacher effortlessly without giving up on her thoughts. Giving equal importance to herself, her family, home, and professional life make her a modern Indian woman we all look up to. We at DesignCafe feel incredibly proud to have her as our client and the opportunity to design her home with interiors that resonate with her style, taste, and preference while making her it efficient, just like her.

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More power to all women out there trying to accomplish their dreams of changing the world in their small little way, one step at a time. The entire team at Design Cafe team salutes women like Rekha to live life on their own terms.

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Sreya Dasgupta is a content writer at DesignCafe

Sreya Dasgupta

Sreya Dasgupta is a content writer in DesignCafe who loves travelling, reading and archiving inspiring stories of life through her words. Her belief of finding something interesting in every nook & corner of this world, her passion for exploring new culture, culinary and lifestyle inspires her to write. When not working, she loves spending time with her Ukelele.

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