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Women’s Day Special: Home Office Design and Decor Ideas For Her

Home office design and decor ideas for her

Feminine home office decor and ideas for the special woman who deserves the best today and every day.

“If I had to embrace a definition of success, it would be that success is making the best choices we can… and accepting them.” – Sheryl Sandberg

The list of success criteria for women seems to be endless with the multiple roles she is expected to juggle. The perfect superwoman of today is expected to do it all with elan. As we celebrate International Women’s Day we wish, for the special women in our life, the power to decide. The power to choose how they define success and the path to it. Regardless of whether you are a career woman who needs a home study to put in hours after work, or you are your own boss who needs a private space to work, or a homemaker who wants a quiet place to read, write and reflect, you deserve a special home office designed specifically for your needs. Our guide to feminine home office ideas will help you build just that; a calm private oasis that you can call your own.

Be Bright, Be You

The home office design should be such that it reflects your sense of style and aesthetic. If you like bright, this uniquely feminine home office décor may be for you. Occupying a corner of an open play layout, the workstation is done up in teal in white. Overhead shelves finished in the same colours provide required storage and bring a sense of symmetry and cosiness to the space. Yellow is used as an accent colour, bringing additional brightness and pop. The desk lamp design is a great example of how you can ensure functionality but with a quirky touch.

Home office design ideas under which uniquely feminine home office décor is special for women's day
Bright colours make for a unique and quirky design

Don’t Cut Corners

Can’t spare a room to implement all your home office ideas? Don’t wait for a larger home to turn your home office dreams into a reality. Instead, look for an unutilised corner and put on your thinking cap as to how best to use it. Here a floating deck is built as an extension to an entertainment centre. Some slick storage, a handy cork board for all those reminders and notes and to make it practical and a delight to work at.

Home office design where a floating desk is built as an extension to an entertainment centre
With a bit of creativity you can convert any unused space into a home office
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Ain’t No Sunshine When She is Gone

Sunshine can do wonders for our health and productivity. We cannot get enough of the warm and airy look of this bedroom and home office. The room has large windows that are minimally dressed in blinds to make the most of natural light. The workstation is cunningly integrated into the side table in an unbroken line. It faces the window, ideal for enjoying the views. A cheerful colour scheme of yellow and white further enhances the cheeriness of the home office.

Home office furniture room which has large windows that are minimally dressed in blinds to make the most of your home office design
A sunshiny and cohesive bedroom and home office set up

Invite Others For A Cuppa

A home office is your private domain, a place where you can shut out distractions. It’s pleasant, though, to be able to invite others over for a cup of coffee. Your significant other may join you or you would like to invite a friend over for a tete-a-tete. A welcoming sofa is exactly what you need for such occasions, as in this example. Not a fan of having visitors to your working space? The sofa is perfect for when you need a break or are battling with a particularly difficult problem at work.

Home office desk which is a place where you can shut out distractions in your home office design for her
An inviting sofa is perfect for when you need a break or have visitors over
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Go For Natural Gold

This feminine home office décor combines two of our favourites – green and gold – transforming a simple trestle table and a few upcycled crates into a gorgeous home office. The space is brought to life by the presence of masses of greenery by way of hanging pots and succulents potted in metal pails. The green adds a lovely sense of calm to the already serene space. Brining gilded luxury are the accents of gold found in the décor such as art-work and soft furnishings. The touches of gold are kept to the minimum proving the rule that often ‘less is more’.

Home office table and a few upcycled crates are trandformed into a gorgeous home office design for women
Hints of gold and greenery turn a simple home office into a luxurious oasis

Pink Is The Colour For Home Office Design

No list of home office ideas for her is complete without a healthy dose of pink. If pink is your colour of choice, there are several ways you can use it. You can go all with a pink-themed study or you can use pink as an accent colour. Contrast it with grey and white for a grown-up and sophisticated look as in this example. Grey walls are a bold choice especially when paired with a grey couch and desk. The pink rug, star-shaped cushions and pink filing systems are brilliant design elements that uplift the room no end.

Women's day home office setup where you can go all with a pink themed study as an accent colour for home office design
Experiment with pink as an accent colour and watch the magic unfold

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