International Women’s Day | Celebrating The Power Of Her Creativity With Favourite Projects Of 6 DesignCafe Designers

by Mehnaz and Sreya | February 27, 2024 | 12 mins read

Designcafe's women interior designers on womens day

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate six of our incredibly talented and passionate interior designers as they share glimpses from their favourite projects at DesignCafe. 

“Where there is a woman there is magic.”- Ntozake Shange

Women’s Day marks the celebration of all brave, inspiring, and amazing women across the globe. It’s a day to remember how women have shaped the whole world, especially our homes. Be it a mother, sister, wife, or a daughter, a woman makes a house a home. And that’s why, in interior design, women’s choices have always mattered. They have an inherent ability to understand design sensibilities, which is something we have witnessed in our female clients and designers. So, this year, for International Women’s Day celebrations, we decided to highlight some of DesignCafe’s most loved projects led by 6 of our incredible women interior designers.

Let’s take a tour of these 6 fantastic home designs innovated and created by our women designers.

Project #1 

Megha Kathuria’s Minimal Marvel Home Design

“This project is one of my favourites because I got to play around with a minimalistic style of interior design and several luxury elements. The house reflects the perfect balance of elegance and subtlety, which is in alignment with my personal style,” says Megha. 

In our first list of celebrated women interior designers and their designs, we have a 4BHK DesignCafe Home in Bengaluru. 

Megha, our Design Team’s Thane Experience Centre Studio Head, believes in designing homes for her clients that reflect the personality of the family. Her goal is to design homes with distinctive appeal and fulfil the occupants’ requirements. We asked Megha about her favourite project, and she instantly spoke about an elegant 4BHK home interior for Jeya Kumar at SNN Clermont, Bengaluru. This home echoes a minimalist style of design that uses clean design lines and subtle interior choices.

The home is owned by a family that has migrated back to India from Switzerland. Hence, they wanted their house in India to be of similar sensibilities and that is why Megha chose high-quality materials and colour schemes that align with the family’s taste. The living room highlights the family’s classy lifestyle with a pop of brown and beige across the room. The master bedroom is an interplay of elegant and soothing interior design schemes with chic furniture that completes the look. The uncluttered dining room is dominated by a white colour scheme that keeps this home’s elegance consistent. The dining area has an open kitchen counter to make dining experiences a breeze. Since the entire home’s interiors are subtle and minimal, Megha incorporated a blend of veneer finishes, glossy finishes and luxurious lighting to keep this space vibrant.

Megha Kathuria's Minimal Marvel Home Design for women's day
Megha Kathuria's Minimal Marvel Home Design on the occaion of women's day
Home interior design by Megha Kathuria for women's day
Megha Kathuria's Home Design for women's day
Designcafe's women interior designers on women's day

Project #2

Ashika Nambiar’s Chic & Creatively Challenging Home Interior Project

“I loved how this project made me explore a design thinking process that was entirely different and new. I put myself in my clients’ shoes and understood the home through their eyes. This was both exciting and challenging,” says Ashika.

One of our ninja women interior designers is Ashika. She is a Senior Designer at DesignCafe, known for her passion-driven design ideas that can be vividly seen across her work. She’s someone intensely in love with the art of designing homes. Meeting new people and exploring new facets of interior design drives her to give it her all. And when we asked her about her favourite project, she chose one that was the most creatively challenging for her.

And as she designed affluent interiors for this home, Ashika knew that she had to think out of the box. The client, Srikanth, wanted their 3BHK home at Prestige Royale Garden, Bengaluru, to be unique and peppy, with all the nooks and corners nicely filled in without making the interiors look bulky, chunky or cluttered.

Ashika, a believer in subtle design, had to go beyond her personal preferences and understand the home from the client’s point of view. Therefore, she went through several sprints and thorough research about the client’s profession and social interests to include the family’s characteristic traits and personality to the interior space.

The project’s main highlights were the peppy living room with two accent wall designs, a compact TV unit, a pooja unit, and a swing partition that keeps the space busy without making it look overwhelmingly cluttered. The kitchen is another functional and aesthetic area in the house designed thoughtfully, allowing natural light indoors. The master bedroom features an accent wall at the entrance of the room and a modular study unit with an attached dresser. This room displays a combination of subtle and bold colours. Overall, the home mirrors a rich-looking interior setup equipped with a smart combination of materials, finishes and colours coupled with cutting-edge furniture choices, a USP of DesignCafe. The complete project was executed using premium finishes like acrylic, veneer and Duco to keep up the lavish feel.

Ashika Nambiar's Chic home interior project
Ashika Nambiar's home interior project
Ashika Nambiar's challenging home interior project
Ashika Nambiar's creatively challenging home interior project
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Project #3

Nikita’s Classy Home Interiors With Rich Colours And Unconventional Patterns

“Being a woman, I feel we understand a home’s requirements more deeply and that helps us get into the client’s shoes as we design their dream homes. I also try to put myself in the home I design to create interior solutions from a user’s perspective,”- says Nikita.

Nikita Chotrani, a Community Manager (Design Partner Team) at DesignCafe, loves designing homes. A qualified architect, Nikita knew her heart lay in the intricate details of interior design. This makes her one of our most passionate women interior designers in the team. She often follows her heart for her design inspirations. When we approached her to share her projects, she chose to talk about one that is classy, luxurious, and a great example of trending design ideas. Nikita had to design this wonderful 3BHK for Irfan’s family of six. The apartment is in the Kolte-Patil Mirabilis Gated Society, Bengaluru. 

The challenge was obviously to create a place that resembled each of its family member’s personality and character. The family wanted their home to echo a sense of classy and luxurious interiors with a touch of traditional design elements. They wanted the house to be unique, with rooms of different styles yet overall having the same homely feeling. Therefore, Nikita chose to experiment with different design themes and elements to bring a vibrant look to the place. 

She chose sophisticated colour schemes coupled with elegant, laminate-finished furniture and regalia wallpaper to exude a high-end, classy interior setup with a royal touch. The living room, which is the heart of the house, echoes a mature but peppy interior with an exciting twist of wooden furniture sets. The dining area was compact and was designed with a crockery unit. So, Nikita added a glamorous mirror panelling, beadings and a frame finished in Duco that made the space look elegant and luxurious. 
The master bedroom has a Moroccan design theme with pastel mints and ornamental carved headboard painting. The room exhibits a luxurious design theme with cutting-edge modern storage facilities to keep the place neat and uncluttered. The kitchen is designed to be fully functional with easy-to-access storage solutions. The kitchen is designed with a lot of top storage to prevent elderly folk from bending to access any bottom cabinets. Overall, the house reflects a rich set of interiors designed with the family’s lifestyle in mind.

Nikita’s Classy Home Interior Project
Nikita’s Classy Home Interiors With Rich Colours
Nikita’s Classy Home Interiors with unconventional patterns
Nikita’s Home Interior Project for women's day

Project #4

Sudeshna’s Luxurious And Elegant Home Interior Solution

“As a woman, I understand the power of being organised, self-disciplined, determined and confident. I understand emotions, love creating a perfect balance between professional and personal space, and these influence my designs as well,” says Sudeshna.

Sudeshna, an Associate Studio Manager at DesignCafe, firmly believes that good interior design has the power to enhance life experiences and create unforgettable memories. Her passion for painting made her choose this career of being an interior designer, but she soon realised interior design is much more than illustration and design. The power to transform a lifetime dream into a reality with her creative skills, professional abilities, and design sensibility motivates her to take up new challenges, learn new software and give her best to every project she lays her hands on. She is always ready to accept challenges, which makes her an innovative woman interior designer. 

When asked about her favourite project, she spoke about luxurious home design and decor with an open family area, a big library and a pooja room design with oxy fixing and beautiful lighting effects. The client, Pankaj Saxena, was keen to have maximum storage space in his 4 BHK house at Azven Breathe Apartment Sarjapur, Bangalore, without compromising aesthetics. The family was also very particular about the vibe of the home. 

“It should look like a luxurious home but not a 5-star hotel,” said Pankaj.

So, she designed an open family area with closed storage and a giant wall-to-wall library. To lend a touch of grandeur to the master bedroom, she added a customised leather bed with a high black headboard. She also designed the window seating of the master bedroom with a black Marquina Italian finish and threw in a few leather cushions. This cosy little spot was made for the couple to spend some quality time together.

She chose a blend of gold and wooden textured laminate for the living area to strike a perfect balance of sparkle and elegance. She chose onyx fixtures with beautiful lighting to match up with the entire house’s design. Her aspiration to lend a personal touch in every nook and corner of a space, her problem-solving nature, and her eye for detail helped Sudeshna create a beautiful home for Pankaj that is a perfect blend of function and elegance.

Sudeshna’s Luxurious And Elegant Home Interior Solution
Sudeshna’s Luxurious Home Interior Solution
Sudeshna’s Elegant Home Interior Solution
Sudeshna’s Home Interior Solution

Project #5

Dhanushri’s Rustic, Sophisticated And Modern Home Design With An Indoor Garden

“Empathising with a client’s emotions, breaking down complex problems and concepts, understanding personas and helping every client make a property their dream home is what inspires me the most as a designer,” says Dhanushri.

Dhanushri is an Associate Studio Designer at DesignCafe. She is relentless in understanding every client’s need to transform the property, reflect their personality and curate the space as per the client’s specification, budget, and preference. Her knack for design and eagerness to design rooms and arrange furniture at an early age led her to pursue interior design. 

When we asked her to share details about one of her favourite projects, she chose a modern, rustic and elegant project. The client, a couple Balaji and Shilpa, was very particular about the space’s aesthetics and wanted a simple design for their 4 BHK Villa at  NVT Villa, Bangalore, one that resonated with their personality.

For the kitchen, she chose a rustic style with a marble backsplash to break the monotony. To create a perfect harmony of modern and traditional elements, she chose a beautiful combination of veined marble and rich wood grain for the master bedroom. For some natural and unrefined elements in the living room, she opted for wooden grain and polished wooden rafters. But the highlight point was designing the kid’s room and an indoor garden area. It helped bring out the playful side of Dhanushri, motivated her to make the space joyful, break her boundaries and bring out the best in her.

Dhanushri's Rustic, Sophisticated And Modern Home Design
Dhanushri's Rustic Modern Home Design
Dhanushri's Sophisticated Home Design
Dhanushri's Modern Home Design
Dhanushri's Home Design on the oocasion of women's day
Dhanushri's Home Design

Project #6

Anisha Nizampuram’s Upbeat, Modular Home Interior Solution

“The best part of the design process in this project was to know and interact with the clients who were entirely supportive. I got a chance to comprehend their point of view that guided me in the project as well as helped me understand the beauty of designing a home that has its family as the epicentre,” says Anisha. 

Anisha is a Senior Designer at DesignCafe. She is one of the most imaginative women interior designers who is always excited to translate her ideas into real designs to help people build their dream houses. For the Women’s Day special blog, she chose to share one of her projects that beautifully highlights DesignCafe’s USP – space maximisation storage solutions and better spatial planning. 

This 3BHK home is located in Hallmark Vicinia, Nanakramguda, in Hyderabad. The interior design project led Anisha to explore the various facets of contemporary interior solutions to provide a home to clients Prakash and Srujana that doesn’t just look good but also meets the needs of their lifestyle. Anisha shared that she had to go through research on the client’s lifestyle to design this home’s interiors that align with the family’s identity. 

This home reflects a modern minimalist style of interiors that come with neat and organised design arrangements. The living room is a spacious abode with functional furniture where the family can gather and have a gala time together. The dining area exhibits a clean and uncluttered design that mirrors the family’s love for subtlety. The master bedroom is kept simple and elegant to align with the rest of the home’s interiors. Anisha used a modular, simple kitchen for the family to complete the minimalist-style setup. Overall, the place represents a modern-day minimal home with an interplay of acrylic, laminates and classy colour schemes.

Anisha Nizampuram's Upbeat, Modular Home Interior Solution
Anisha Nizampuram's Upbeat Home Interior Solution
Anisha Nizampuram's Home Interior Solution

This was our small tribute to the women interior designers of DesignCafe. Hope you liked our Women’s Day special blog. Do celebrate Women’s Day with the lovely women in your life, be it your sister, mother, wife or lover. If you want some expert advice in giving your home a stunning makeover, book a free consultation with us today. Our design experts will help you with personalised home interiors that suit your budget and lifestyle seamlessly. Hope to design your dream home soon!

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