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Namma Bengaluru: Design Trends 2020

Namma Bengaluru home interior design trends in 2020

Bengaluru’s homes are a stylish blend of tradition, modernity and functionality.

Intimate Sunday brunches, crazy Friday nights, and an active startup ecosystem. The buzz in Namma Bengaluru keeps newsrooms on top of their game! Bengaluru  strikes a perfect balance between a rocking nightlife and soul searching vibes. Beyond all razzmatazz the city has a quiet quaint side that you’ll witness inside the homes of old Bangaloreans. Traditional materials, vintage decor and earthy charm characterise most homes here.

But in recent times, thanks to a growing population of techies in the city, there is a new subset of homeowners whose profile is a tad different to the older generation. Homeowners of 2020 love beauty, lavish modern lifestyles and the greatest of comforts. Jam-packed with double income, discerning couples who are buying their first homes,  the city’s crowd knows exactly what it wants. Ask any designer at Design Cafe, and you will know that Bengaluru’s homeowners meet them armed with design doctrines sourced from the internet and social media.  

The young working crowd of Bengaluru is slowly but surely embracing the idea of playing with global trends, materials and finishes. But if there is one factor that makes binds all Bengalureans together it is an intrinsic leaning towards functionality.

Let us take a closer look at what every homeowner in Bengaluru loves, wants and desires. Trust us, our design trends for 2020 will have every Bangalorean yearning for more.

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Bengaluru’s Trending Colours

Bengaluru’s high flying techie crowd has developed a taste for neutral colour palettes and minimalist style home interiors. Frequent jaunts to Silicon Valley, for on-site projects, has got them craving for greys and whites when it comes to choosing a colour palette for their home interiors. Their selection revolves around warm neutrals that are globally popular.

DESIGN TIP: Our 2020 suggestions for Bengaluru is breaking the stereotype with a pop of colour to lighten up your entire space. The colour could be on your couch or one wall behind the TV unit. Throw in a rug on a plain wooden floor for a splash of colour and texture in any corner of your home. Spotlights, shining like stars on your ceiling, will take care of the rest.

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