6 Latest Interior Decorating Trends to Dominate 2024

by Juhi Advani | January 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

Home interior decor trends for 2024

It’s impressive to know the latest interior decorating trends!

Interested in what the latest interior decorating trends are? Who doesn’t desire a home that sparks conversations among friends or discerning relatives? Think back on those memorable homes you have visited; perhaps a bathroom infused with the aroma of oud, a foyer adorned with travel tales in frames, or a living room blending modernity with tradition, leaving you curious about its origins. Familiar, isn’t it? We have been there too!

This year, we have connected with Shikha Agarwal, an adept designer and the Studio Head of DesignCafe Hyderabad, to shed light on the hottest interior decor trends taking centre stage.

Here are the designer’s top picks: 

Get Plants to Transform Your Space! 

The plant obsession lives on in the latest interior decorating trends of 2024! It’s not just about adding greenery; it’s about embracing a lifestyle. Whether succulents, lush tropical plants, or potted greens, the allure of bringing the outdoors inside remains evergreen. Sprucing up corners with plants can truly brighten up spaces, and size matters here. For more spacious homes, go big with tall planters, while smaller spaces sing with delightful climbers like pothos and figs. The best part? It is an affordable indulgence for everyone. Check out our accompanying image. A freestanding white shelf with two handleless push-to-pull drawers, wooden flooring, and a minimalistic ambience is adorned with lovely green plants! 

Home decor trends, which include plants for bringing the outdoors inside
Brighten up unused corners with plants

Latest Interior Decorating Trends Say NO To Wainscoting!

Wainscoting is applying decorating panelling and patterns on the wall. (Look at the image below). The tide turns away from wainscoting, steering towards cleaner, more refined textures. With minimalism taking over, homeowners are opting out of heavy textures and patterns on the walls. The home decor trends 2024 embrace subtle textures, clean lines and a clutter-free look, allowing spaces to breathe and focus on strategically placed items that can be replaced and moved.

Interior decorating trends which bid farewell to wainscoting
Bid farewell to wainscoting

Tropical Wallpapers: Top Searches in Current Home Decor Trends

While wall mouldings are taking the backseat, florals are certainly in! Whether you are a boho girl at heart or a lover of all things luxury, wallpapers should be on your home decor list! Homeowners haven’t realised the benefits of wallpapers yet. It is a growing trend that can quickly transform any space. This gorgeous bathroom features floral wallpaper, clever shelves, and a sleek vanity with push-to-open drawers that steal the show, while gold accents and vibrant plants elevate the glamour.

Home decor trends in  2024 with tropical wallpapers
Wallpaper will set the mood in 2024

Jhula Inside The House? A Big Yes From Interior Decor Trends Gurus

In our childhood, we have all cherished memories of homes with that beloved jhula, symbolising nostalgia and comfort. Dream interiors blend modernity with personal passions, and today, new homeowners are embracing this joyous trend. Whether for nostalgic nods or creating future family memories, adding a swing to the living room or balcony is a delightful choice, complementing sofa setups or maximising limited space. This modern balcony is a complete package with a cushioned two-seater hanging jhula, an outdoor coffee table for evening dates and a stunning bookshelf with a glass door for your reading dates! (Definitely a cosy WFH setup). 

Home decor trends which have a jhula inside the house symbolising nostalgia
Swings are the latest home decor trend
Explore trendsetting home interiors to redefine your space

Elevating Home Entertainment Through Aesthetics

Can a boring TV unit redefine home decor trends? 2024 introduces a revolution in home entertainment, where homeowners seek dedicated spaces for cinematic experiences, cutting-edge sound systems, and personalised home theatre setups. Say goodbye to exposed wires, cluttered accessories, and haphazardly placed electronics. Establishing an organised and visually pleasing aesthetic for your entertainment unit is paramount.

A TV unit set against a striking dark accent wall, adorned with custom shelves for decorative display, functional cabinets housing sophisticated sound systems, and sleek, handleless drawers discretely storing additional wires and accessories.

Home decor trends which have stylish and modern entertainment unit setup
Setup a stylish & modern entertainment unit

Scandinavian Classic Details: Timeless Elegance

Scandinavian classic details in home interiors capture that sleek simplicity and practicality. It’s all about clean lines, bright spaces flooded with natural light, and a touch of cosy warmth. Think light-toned woods, neutral hues, and functional furniture that’s as stylish as it is practical. Soft textures like wool and linen with nature-inspired elements create that inviting vibe we all crave. It’s about creating an incredibly welcoming home. A space designed in pastel tones featuring a Scandinavian dining table with grey and blue upholstery, a laminate finish crockery unit against a faded grey tiled wall with beautiful plates used as decoration scores all the points.

Scandinavian home decor trends in 2024 for a classic look
Scandinavian interiors continue trending

As we step into 2024, these home decor trends pave the way for personalised, inviting, and trendsetting interiors. Embrace these design inspirations and craft a home that resonates with your individual style and personality, setting the stage for a beautifully adorned living experience in the years to come.

Looking to stay ahead in the world of home decor? Book a consultation with DesignCafe today! 

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