Just In: 9 Trending Bedroom Designs Of 2024

by Juhi Advani | January 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

Trending bedroom interior design for 2024

Trending bedroom designs bring in sage green, ruffles and more.

This year’s hottest bedroom designs are all about favourites in the past. We are noticing a shift in headboards that bring in fluidity, seating for cosy nooks and colours that add serenity and modernity to the space. For more depth, designers are recommending layering and floral wallpapers for added texture this season. How are Indian homes being designed with these trends? Let’s explore colours, furniture, and bedroom decor you can incorporate into your new home. 

We got in touch with Designer Tasneem Asriwala, studio head at DesignCafe, Mumbai, for her expert insights on trending bedroom designs that will be making rounds in 2024. Let’s see what are designer’s top picks: 

Layering: Top Trending Bedroom Designs for Unique Homes

Layering your bedroom is now a popular bedroom trend. Just as a canvas needs coats of paint for detailing, a bedroom needs different decor elements. It’s all about mixing and matching till you reach ‘oh, that looks nice’. Play with textures, colours, and patterns using throws, cushions, and rugs. Don’t shy away from mixing bedding and furniture. Peek into this contemporary bedroom with a sustainable cork wallpaper that blends with wooden flooring, a cosy rug and dark wood side tables. 

Trending bedroom interior designs for 2024, which includes playing with texture and colours
Layering for a fusion of textures

Stand Out Colour Trends for Bedrooms

The current bedroom colour trends follow the concept of painting one of the four walls with a bold pattern or using wallpaper to make it stand out. This trend is about showcasing your style through visually striking design choices. Take a look at this beautiful master bedroom with intricately patterned floral wallpaper in pistachio green for the accent wall – perfectly complemented by a tinted glass wardrobe, off-white headboard and decorative mirrors. 

Bedroom interior design trends which follow the concept of painting one of the walls with a bold pattern
Bring focus to just one wall

Muted Palette – Trending Paint Colours for Bedroom 

Soft, calming hues like gentle greys, serene pastels, and muted earthy tones are the essence of this trend, creating a relaxing bedroom to forget the day’s stress. Muted colours also enrich the textures within the space! Picture this chic bedroom in pastel tones adorned with wooden panels, floor-to-ceiling curtains, pendant lights, and a cosy, thin rug, creating a soothing ambience.

Bedroom interior design trends 2024, which includes a muted colour palette
Subtle colours are trending this year

Trending Bedroom Furniture: Dramatic Headboards 

Headboards offer a comfortable surface for cushions and your back when reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing in bed. Headboards are undergoing a transformation, evolving into larger, curvier, and more patterned designs. You can now find them in different shapes, stripes, and intricate curves like this luxurious tufted headboard. 

Trending bedroom interior design 2024, which includes dramatic headboards
Go all in with headboards

Ruffle Revival: Trending Bedroom Decor Hit Nostalgia

Nostalgia takes the spotlight as ruffles make a comeback in pillow covers, throws, and curtains. These delicate embellishments infuse a romantic touch and an innocent charm into any room. Whether subtly showcased in pillow and bedsheet borders or boldly featured in curtains, this trend is your chance to express your fondness for ruffles. Check out this bedroom with ruffled curtains in green. 

Trending bedroom interior design which marks a comeback of ruffles in pillows, curtains
Ruffles are getting popular

Window Seat: Topping 2024 Bedroom Trends

Reviving our love for window charm. Let’s reintroduce window seats into the unused corners of our rooms, perfect for reading and relaxation. These cosy nooks offer a peaceful escape within the room, elevating its comfort. Check out this modern bedroom tailored for work-from-home families, boasting a snug window corner beside a wall-mounted work desk. Settle in with your laptop and coffee, or savour the rainy seasons—it’s pure bliss!

Bedroom design trends 2024, which includes reviving your window seats
Bring back window seats!

Trending Bedroom Colours 

Pale greens like sage and soothing buttery yellows emerge as influential colours for 2024, bringing a sense of warmth and refreshment to the bedroom ambience. This room utilises its limited space with multifunction furniture and a refreshing colour scheme of green and white-green wall panelling, a sliding wardrobe with a mirror for a spacious look, plant decor, and charming bed lamps. 

Bedroom interior with trending colours of 2024, like pale and sage green
Go green in 2024
Transform your bedroom into a cosy oasis with stylish home interiors

Rattan is Here to Stay: 2024 Bedroom Furniture Trends! 

Rattan is finding its way into wardrobe shutters, dressers, and nightstands. Its versatile and natural appeal adds a touch of rawness to spaces, plus it’s a renewable resource, making it eco-friendly. Check out this bedroom with a rattan table and headboard, bringing a very earthy feel. It fits well with an earthy colour palette and wooden furniture

Bedroom interior design trend 2024 includes rattan in wardrobe shutters, dressers
Rattan furniture stays relevant this year, too

The Last One Bedroom Trend to Watch Out for: Curtain Trims

Curtains take on an ornate twist with embroidered trims, pom poms and highlighted edges, introducing more patterns to your bedroom. This detailing adds sophistication and a bespoke feel to bedroom windows. Check out this bedroom with a sheer white curtain with intricate trims on the edges. It’s the little things that make the difference!

Bedroom interior design trends with decorative curtain edges
Bedroom with decorative curtain edges


As we close the curtains on 2024’s bedroom design trends, we are surrounded by echoes of nostalgia, striking designs, and beautiful intricacies. These trends invite homeowners to fashion spaces that showcase comfort and personal style. From the return of ruffles to the enduring charm of rattan, each trend extends an invitation to craft the bedroom of the future. We extend our thanks to Designer Tasneem for her valuable insights. To explore interiors for your home, connect with one of our expert designers today. 

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