Designer Picks 8 Cutting-Edge Interior Design Trends 2024

by Juhi Advani | January 23, 2024 | 6 mins read

interior design trends in 2024

Interior design trends 2024 for beautiful homes. Read more to stay in tune with trending styles.

While humans and their ideas evolve constantly, 2024 design trends mark a pivotal shift in the essence of home interiors, revealing a profound evolution in the owner’s perception of their su casa. Expert insights steer us toward crafting personalised havens—think solar panels and more—shifting from external dependency to a self-created habitat that’s anything but mundane. Reasoning takes centre stage as homeowners aim for an integrated living experience that promotes sustainability—a future-driven concept! Minimalism reigns in living rooms while smart automation takes the lead, promoting eco-conscious choices. 

Renowned for designing more than 10,000 unique homes in India, DesignCafe is a beloved home interior brand to many. To source our hottest interior trends of 2024, we turned to Shikha Agarwal, an expert designer and studio head from DesignCafe, Hyderabad

Foremost of Interior Design Trends 2024: Embrace Nature’s Palette

Create an ambience that inspires you to follow a healthy lifestyle. Opting for an earthy palette is a timeless choice, bringing a nature-inspired feel into our home—especially after spending so much time indoors lately. From warm terracottas to calming blues and greens, these hues create a grounding atmosphere. Homeowners are leaning towards intentional designs with floral prints, wooden accents, and textures. This serene living room features wooden flooring, exposed brick walls, a stunning rustic bookshelf with hidden storage, and unique wooden ceiling beams—a modern and cosy retreat.

Interior design trends which embrace nature’s palette
Cosy vibes in your home

Sustainable Materials: A Choice For The Future

With winters arriving late and growing colder each year, the impact of global warming is stark. The pandemic years witnessed a surge in farmhouse bookings as people sought an escape from urban pollution and crowds. While that’s not feasible for many, taking steps toward a sustainable future is within reach, aligning with our 2024 design trends. Choose eco-conscious options like reclaimed wood, bamboo, recycled glass, or water-saving sinks—a pivotal shift towards sustainability. This modern living room is styled with a striking floor-to-ceiling bamboo partition—unique, sustainable, and imbuing the space with character. Complemented by a natural wood coffee table and a sleek, handleless TV unit, this setting exudes a serene, clean, and forward-thinking ambience.

Interior design trends in 2024 which use sustainable materials
Conscious choices show positive results

Interior Design Trends Continue Minimalism! 

In 2024, interior design trends have embraced the essence of ‘minimalism,’ promoting understated simplicity. Notably, Pantone’s colour of the year, ‘Peach Fuzz’, sets the tone for gentle hues, fostering openness and allowing individual design elements to shine. Take a look at this living room adorned with peach walls, featuring a sleek TV unit seamlessly integrated with open shelves and drawers, extending into a tall bookshelf with glass doors—a touch of luxury. Completing the ensemble is a chic work-from-home setup with handleless drawers and a floating shelf. Clean aesthetics, well-organised storage, and a serene colour palette- you know what to ask your designer next time! 

Interior design trends in 2024, which are minimalistic
Welcome Pantone’s ‘peach fuzz’

Nature Indoors is a Peak Interior Trend this year!

Biophilic design is trending. It is aimed at deepening our bond with nature. Incorporating elements like green accent walls, indoor plants, and well-ventilated spaces, this trend is not just for aesthetics but for our well-being, too. Strategically placed indoor plants uplift the ambience, adding a rejuvenating vibe. This modern kitchen has natural wood cabinets (a timeless duo with green hues), luxurious marble countertops, and sustainable rattan chairs. And don’t overlook the kitchen’s potential for a herb garden, perfect for organic cooking. For an extra natural touch, consider installing a skylight, especially if surrounded by tall trees, enhancing that connection to the outdoors. 

Interior design trends in 2024 which bring nature indoors
Promote nature indoors through biophilic design

Latest Interior Design Trends Prioritise ‘Ready to Use’

While heirloom stone and marble furniture remain cherished, they now adorn homes as prized antiques, typically one among few in a room. As living spaces shrink due to increased population, homeowners are shifting from bulky, expensive furniture to convenient, adaptable modular interiors. Materials like MDF, HDF, and DesignCafe’s ARIA range offer customisable options, enabling the purchase of affordable quality furniture with aesthetics. Shikha Agarwal noted that the ‘Use & throw’ and ‘easy-to-assemble’ furniture trends are emerging. With DesignCafe, explore 51,041 design possibilities and enjoy a 10-year warranty, ensuring quality interiors for happy homes. 

Interior design trends 2024, which comprises ready-to-assemble furniture
Ready-to-assemble furniture has a fan following this season

Smart Automation: The Future of Efficiency

This year’s interior design trends are all about going modern and futuristic in our living spaces. Imagine seamlessly integrating smart, efficient, and energy-saving lighting tech that’s not just innovative but adds a touch of ‘cool’ to your home. Whether it’s activating lights with a clap, using voice assistants like Alexa, or customising settings through your smartphone, these tech-savvy solutions don’t just boost convenience; they’re the epitome of modern living. Being tech-smart isn’t just practical; it’s downright stylish!

Interior design trends in 2024, which uses smart automation that offers convenience
Homes that offer convenience at the fingertips
Want to get started on your dream home interiors?

The Versatility of Plastic Paints is Taking Over 2024 

Plastic paints are reaching new heights in popularity, becoming a go-to choice for interior finishes in 2024. Their usage extends beyond aesthetics, offering not just a vast array of finishes—such as mimicking luxurious textures like marble or providing robust, long-lasting matte surfaces—but also ensuring durability that stands the test of time. This surge in demand is reshaping interior design conversations, emphasising both style and longevity as non-negotiable elements in creating inspiring living spaces.

Interior design trends 2024, which uses plastic paints
Explore plastic paints

Say Hello to Pastel Charms This Year! 

Lastly, let’s talk about these adorable colours! The interior design trends of 2024 wholeheartedly welcome the soft, pastel hues. DesignCafe has PU and Duco finishes. These gentle tones bring a playful and cheerful ambience, turning spaces into lively yet elegantly soothing areas. Pastels are more than just colours; they embody joy, instantly elevating any corner they touch. This part of the living room is adorned with stunning wall moulding, two cosy armchairs in delightful pastel pink, and golden-accented coffee tables, setting an aesthetic for your home.

Interior design trends in 2024 using pastel colours for the living room
A living room with delightful pastel armchairs


Envision your dream home: enveloped in serene earthy tones, adorned with sustainable materials showing your dedication to the planet, and dressed in a minimalist palette radiating clutter-free, inviting living. This is the canvas that defines the landscape of interior design trends in 2024. We hope you’ve found these insights inspiring, empowering you to transform your space into a thoughtfully designed abode. Feel free to connect with DesignCafe’s expert designers today

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