8 Aesthetic Yet Simple POP Design Ideas For Indian Home

by Nikita Raikwar | January 23, 2024 | 8 mins read

Beautiful Yet Simple Pop Design For Hall

Want to have a modern POP design in your home but are confused with the many options out there? These 8 low-cost, simple POP designs for your home will help you make a choice. Read along!

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a home, the design of the walls plays a crucial role. One of the most popular ways to beautify walls is by using Plaster of Paris (POP) designs. POP designs are versatile, durable and come in a wide range of patterns and styles that can transform any space into a stunning work of art.

In this article, we’ll focus on low-cost, simple POP designs that add elegance to your home without breaking the bank. We’ll discuss 8 different designs that are easy to implement yet impactful enough to elevate the look and feel of any room. From geometric patterns and floral motifs to abstract shapes and textured finishes, this list has something for everyone.

So, whether you’re a homeowner looking to spruce up your interiors or a designer searching for inspiration, read on to discover some of the best low-cost POP designs for your home.

1. Traditional Simple POP Design For Hall For A Classic Indian Design:

This design involves creating a false ceiling with a central design element. It is a popular way to add elegance to any room, and the central element can be anything from a chandelier to a decorative panel. However, while it’s a traditional and simple POP design for the hall, it can dig a hole in the pockets and is time-consuming to install.

To make the traditional POP design more cost-effective and simpler, modifications can be made. For instance, a simple border around the room’s edges with the POP design can create a similar effect without needing an entire false ceiling, reducing both time and cost.

One popular design is the floral motif, which involves creating intricate flowers and leaves on the ceiling’s surface. Another example is the geometric pattern, which involves creating a repetitive design using shapes like squares, triangles, or circles.

Traditional simple POP design
A simple modern POP design that’s traditionally used and popular
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2. Cove Low-Cost Simple POP Design For A Cafe Aesthetic

This simple POP design for the bedroom involves creating a curved moulding between the wall and ceiling, which is then covered with POP to create a smooth surface. This design creates a subtle, recessed effect perfect for indirect lighting.

One of the main benefits of the cove POP design is its ability to create indirect lighting. This is because the recessed area can be fitted with LED lights, which cast a soft glow on the ceiling, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, this design can create the illusion of more space, as the curved moulding draws the eye upwards, making the room feel taller and more spacious.

One popular design is the stepped cove, which features a series of curved steps that create a dramatic, layered effect. You can also use a plain cove design with a simple smooth curve that blends into the ceiling. Both designs can be enhanced with LED lighting to create a stunning, indirect lighting effect.

Cove low-cost simple POP design
Recessed lighting featuring a cove POP design in the bedroom

3. Circular Modern POP Design For A Modern Look:

This design involves creating a circular shape on the ceiling using POP. The circular shape can be simple or intricate, and it can be a single circle or a series of concentric circles. This simple pop design can create a focal point in the room, and it’s a popular choice for bedrooms and living areas.

To make the circular POP design more cost-effective and simpler, a smaller circle can be created in the centre of the ceiling, rather than covering the entire ceiling with the design. This reduces the amount of POP needed and makes the installation process quicker and more straightforward.

One popular design is the sunburst, which features a series of circles radiating from a central point, creating a dramatic, star-like effect. Additionally, floral designs featuring intricate flowers and leaves can also be designed in a circular pattern. 

Circular Modern POP Design
A circular cove pop design for an illustrious look

4. Geometric POP Design For A Contemporary Vibe

This low-cost, simple POP design involves creating a pattern of shapes on the ceiling using POP. The shapes can be simple, like squares or rectangles, or more intricate, like stars, diamonds or hexagons. This versatile design can create a bold, modern look or a more traditional, elegant look, depending on the shapes and colours used.

A simple pattern can be created using fewer shapes or a simpler design to make the geometric POP design more cost-effective. For example, a border of squares or rectangles can be created around the edge of the ceiling, creating a subtle, geometric effect without needing a complete ceiling design.

One of the Geometric POP designs you can use is the chevron pattern, which features a repeating V-shape in bold. A repeating pattern of hexagons in different colours or textures is also a great low-cost, simple POP design choice if you love Geometric POP Designs.

Geometric POP Design
Star-shaped cove pop design that features indirect lighting

5. Floral Modern POP Design for Nature Lovers

This design involves creating a design element on the ceiling that resembles flowers or leaves using POP. It can be simple, like a few flowers scattered across the ceiling, or more intricate, like a vine of leaves and flowers and is often used in bedrooms and living areas to create a romantic and natural atmosphere.

A simple flower or leaf design can be created using fewer elements to make the floral POP design more cost-effective and straightforward. For example, a few flowers arranged in a circle around a central light fixture can create a stunning focal point without designing the entire ceiling.

A floral simple POP design featuring a large bed of intricately-carved roses in a circular pattern or a vine design featuring a series of leaves and floral arrangements is an attractive choice for someone interested in a floral yet simple POP design for bedrooms. Additionally, one can combine the design with other POP designs and styles to create a unique combination of your own.

Floral modern POP design
Handmade pop design with floral and leafy designs for this Indian home.
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6. Combination of Modern POP Designs For A Unique Personalised Feel

A combination modern POP design involves combining two or more of the previously mentioned designs, such as the geometric design with the cove design or the circular design with the floral design. This creates a unique and personalised look to suit any room.

The modern POP design can be simplified or scaled down to make the combination POP design more cost-effective and simpler. For example, a geometric design could be combined with a simple cove pop design rather than an intricate floral design, or a circular design could be combined with a basic geometric design rather than a more complex vine or leaf pattern.

One popular combination is the cove design with a simple geometric border, creating a modern and elegant look. As mentioned in this article, a circular design with a floral or vine pattern can create a romantic and natural atmosphere. 

Combination of modern POP designs
A mix of cove pop design and geometry makes this ceiling visually striking

7. Minimalist POP New Designs For A Clean And Streamlined Look

This design involves creating a simple and clean pattern on the ceiling using POP. The design is minimal and straightforward, with clean lines and geometric shapes. Modern and contemporary homes often use this design to create a sleek and streamlined look.

The minimalist modern POP design is versatile and customisable to suit any room. It also creates a modern and sophisticated look, making it a popular choice for homeowners who want to update their space. The simple design makes it easier to maintain and clean, which is ideal for busy households.

One of the popular designs in minimalist POP designs for bedrooms is the simple square or rectangular pattern, which creates a clean and modern look.

Minimalist POP new designs
A Minimalist POP design that looks modern and clean

8. 3D POP Designs For Bedroom For An Eclectic Aesthetic

This design involves creating a pattern that appears to be three-dimensional, adding depth and texture to the ceiling. This design often creates a dramatic and visually exciting look in a room.

The design can be scaled down or simplified to make the 3D POP design more cost-effective and simpler. For example, a simple 3D cube or diamond pattern can be created using stencils or pre-made moulds rather than more complex hand-carved designs. Additionally, lighting can create shadows and depth, adding to the 3D effect without the need for intricate design work.

One popular design is the 3D hexagonal pattern, which adds depth and texture to the ceiling while remaining simple and elegant. Another example is the 3D floral pattern, which adds a touch of whimsy and romance to any room.

3D POP Designs For Bedroom
A Kid’s bedroom featuring 3D Cloud POP designs for a fun vibe!

And with that, we end our top 8 simple POP designs for your home! Loved the article? Connect with our team of expert designers at DesignCafe to kickstart your modern POP design at home today.

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