Vastu For Home Office: Make Your Work From Home Experience Work For You

Vastu tips for home office/working from home

Vastu tips to make your home office a productive space

Post pandemic, the lines between home and office have blurred. When everyone had to resort to working from home in 2021, little did anyone anticipate that this way of working might become a more permanent thing for the years to come.

For jobs and businesses that can successfully run from the comfort of your homes, it is vital to ensure that:

  • You create zones or spaces within the house that separate your work life and personal life; this means that working from your bed is a strict no-no, for example; and
  • Your home office interior is a positive and productive zone where work actually gets done consistently and without any hindrances.
Vastu tips to make your home office a productive space

Here are some essential Vastu for home office tips to help you organise your work-from-home space in the best way possible.

Which Is The Best Direction As Per Vastu For Home Office?

Your work desk or your home office set-up should be in the house’s southwest, west or south directions as per Vastu principles. These directions are known to generate a productive work environment and to provide stability in your work.

The southwest corner of your home is typically also ideal for the master bedroom. To avoid working from your bedroom, you can set up your work desk in an adjacent passage or near the bedroom door, if possible.

Alternatively, you can station your work desk in the southwest part of rooms placed to the north or east side of the home.

Things to remember:

  • The northeast direction is not ideally recommended to set up your work desk. But if it’s the only available option, you can go for it by placing the work desk in the southwest part of such a room. Besides, the northeastern room of your house can be a productive space for those in creative fields such as writing, design and even accountants.
  • For entrepreneurs, it’s best if you stick to the southwest, south and west directions for your home office.
  • The northwest direction is to be strictly avoided for the work-from-home space at all costs.
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Which Is The Best Colour As Per Vastu For Home Office?

Light and neutral colours for your home office create the right atmosphere to help you deliver your best. A cream-coloured palette, for example, will enhance respect and attention towards your work. A soothing green palette brings in positive energy and good vibes. Pastel yellows ensure good health and prosperity, while a pale golden colour means profits and a productive work environment.

Colours to avoid: Dark colours like black and blue.

What Are The Vastu Tips To Consider For The Work Chair And Work Desk?

As per Vastu for home office, your work chair should be sturdy, comfortable and able to support your head too. The work desk must be placed in the southwest direction of the space you’re occupying for work.

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Where Should Drawers/Cabinets Containing Work Papers Be Placed?

The southwest and west directions are ideal for placing drawers, cabinets and the works that store important work-related documents. This placement ensures that these storage units open up facing the north, northeast or east directions, which is ideal per Vastu for home office.

Keep Your Home Office Clutter-Free

There should be no room for unwanted and discarded papers and out-of-order office supplies like pens in your home office. These are believed to bring negative energy into the workspace.

Additional Vastu Tips To Enhance Your Work-From-Home Experience

  • Avoid sitting in front of obstructions like a door or window. Doing so hampers your focus while working.
  • Placing a water jug in the northeast part of your work desk at home brings in positive energies.
  • Place a lamp in the southeast part of the workspace, or ensure that this area is well-lit to ensure a productive and efficient workspace.
  • Avoid using tables with glass tops as your work desk. If you are using your dining table with a glass top, for example, ensure that you place a table cover before using it as your workstation.
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The home office is here to stay. As per Vastu for home office, these easy-to-follow guidelines will help you create the right environment to be at your best while you work from home.

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