6 Stunning Low Cost Simple POP Designs For Your Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 28, 2024 | 5 mins read

Stunning Low Cost Simple POP Designs

Simple POP design ideas that are unbelievably budget-friendly and designer-approved.

Looking for a quick makeover for your home without creating a hole in your pocket? We have the best solution for you. POP or Plaster Of Paris is a fast-setting plaster made of white powder that hardens when it comes in contact with water and is allowed to dry. They are popularly used to beautify and add definition to your walls and ceiling area. POP usually does not shrink or crack, making it an easy-to-maintain option for your home interiors

The cost of POP designs depends on multiple factors:

  • The amount of area to be covered. The larger the site, the more the price.
  • The design style and pattern you opt for- simple designs are less costly than intricate ones.
  • It also depends on the quality of the material. The cost is usually higher if you opt for a combination of wooden panelling and gypsum for your walls or ceiling.

Here we have curated the top 5 low-cost, simple pop designs for your home that will elevate the style statement of your home even if you are on a budget crunch. Read to know more.

Brighten Up Your Simple, Low-Cost Pop Design For Hall With Cove Lights 

POP false ceiling beautifies your space and helps add additional lights and light up the dark corners of your house. You can use ample cove lights, spotlights and fixtures, which is otherwise impossible. A simple, low-cost POP design can amp up your space and beautify low-lighting areas. The false ceiling design highlights the all-white colour scheme, the stone cladding accent wall, and the wooden furniture. The pop false ceiling design with spotlights also helps focus on your fall art and accents, as shown in the image.

Low-cost Pop design for hall with cove lights
A simple, low-cost POP design to make your hall look spacious and bright.

Cute Pop Design To Add Fun Vibe To Your Kids’ Room

Add fun to your kid’s room design with colourful pop designs for the ceiling and walls. The moon and star-shaped designs bring a playful vibe. The bottle green and white combination adds to the lively feel, while the wall-to-wall cabinet provides ample storage space for a clutter-free arrangement. You can add a pullout study unit that will elevate the functionality of your kid’s room and turn the area into a bedroom cum study. Add a star-themed wallpaper to match this pop design.

Simple pop design for your kids' room at low cost
Fun POP design idea to create a playful vibe in your kid’s room
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Bring Attention To Your Living Room With Intricate Pop Design On The Accent Wall

Do you love authentic Victorian designs and want to incorporate them into your home? POP floral patterns and trims can do the trick for you. If you wish for a cost-saving option, we recommend using POP wall designs only for your accent wall rather than the entire room. The wooden flooring, victorian inspired sofa unit and intricate chandelier bring an old-world charm to your home interiors. Accessorise the wall with two royal sconce lights and modern paintings to add to the aesthetics of the space.

Living room low cost simple pop with intricate design
A Victorian-style living room with a POP floral patterned design on the wall

Classic POP Design For Wall Trims To Lend An Elegant Look To Your Home

Wall trim designs define the home and lend a clean and sleek look. You can opt for authentic victorian trim patterns or some modern zig-zag patterns as per your taste. This living room has simple POP trims on the wall, moulding designs on the corners and some simple corner designs on the ceiling. Opt for earthy colours and simple accents to lend more attention to the POP designs. A floral patterned wallpaper on the sidewall can add to the beauty of the space and lend a serene vibe to your living room.

Classic pop design for wall trims
Simple wall trims to add dimensions and definition to your living room

Small Space Low-Cost Simple Pop Design For A Modern Compact Living Room

When designing small spaces, simple pop designs are a perfect solution. These designs elevate the aesthetics of the room without taking up much space. You can opt for a beautiful centre ceiling design and some corner designs. The light sea green walls contrast with the white POP ceiling design. Golden panelling on the ceiling highlights the area. Keep the colour scheme light and breezy, and choose some space-saving furniture pieces. The wall-mounted TV unit seaters with hidden storage and handleless drawers add functionality without taking up much space. You can add a modern sputnik chandelier to stitch the look together and add to the grandeur of this small space.

Small space low-cost simple pop design
A simple yet elegant pop design for your small, compact living room

POP wall or ceiling design is a quick and easy way to add glamour to your home, especially if you’re considering revamping your home or some budget-friendly home interior options. Now that you know POP designs, let’s familiarise you with light fixtures and matching colours. Explore the best lighting ideas for your home.

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