Popular Kitchen Accent Ideas For Your Home

Amazing kitchen accent ideas for your kitchen

Incorporating attractive kitchen accent colours (on the wall, backsplash, cabinets or countertop) can actually energise your kitchen and your mood without you having to resort to a full-scale kitchen renovation. Read further to find out how that’s possible

Who says only white-toned or single-toned kitchens look sleek and classy? Add a pop of colour here and there and turn a simple-looking kitchen into a stunning and refreshing space. Play around with the kitchen accent wall colours, kitchen backsplashes or even kitchen countertops (you name it!) and see the magic unfold right before you.

A great kitchen accent colour or kitchen accent wall tile brings personality and visual depth to a kitchen. Speaking of kitchen accents, you need to keep a few things in mind to make an informed decision regarding the kitchen’s overall design aesthetics. Here we go:

  • The accent pieces need to be in sync and consistent with the existing kitchen’s decor and style/theme.  
  • If you’re planning to design an accent wall for your kitchen, define your kitchen’s style first. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started in this aspect:
  1. Industrial → bold colour accents like black or dark grey with white/off-white, exposed brick walls, etc. 
  2. Rustic → distressed wood, brick, stone, neutral paint colours like beige or cream, white tiles, etc. 
  3. Modern → glossy tiles, natural wood, geometric patterns, matte black or grey paint, etc.
  4. Coastal → bright and beachy colours like seafoam green, turquoise, powder blue, etc. 
  • Do not use too dull/dark or too bright colours in excess proportions as ‘kitchen accents’ as it can be quite distracting and overwhelming. 
  • Be mindful of your project budget so that you can choose your kitchen materials, patterns and styles accordingly.
  • Ask for samples from tile or cabinet manufacturers if you’re still unsure what type/colour of tiles/cabinets will best suit your kitchen.
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Now, get ready to be inspired by our favourite kitchen accent ideas.

Blackish Grey And White Kitchen Accent Colours

These matte-finish blackish-grey base cabinets pair well with the white wall cabinets in the kitchen. This two-tone cabinet colour combination adds a sprinkle of style to this space, while the cream kitchen backsplash lends some subtleness and warmth.

L-shaped Kitchen accent colours in blackish grey base cabinets and white wall cabinets lend some subtleness and warmth.
The kitchen accent cabinets and the black countertop give the kitchen a more refined look

Coffee And Off-White Kitchen Accent Colours

Coffee and off-white kitchen accent colours on these cabinets transform the ordinary-looking large kitchen from boring to extraordinary. The black countertop and the gold colour finish on the kitchen backsplash add a bold and glamorous statement to this kitchen and also pleases the eye.

Kitchen accent wall colour in off white with brownish cabinets and gold finish backsplash adds bold and glamorous statement.
Toned-down accent colours and materials make the kitchen feel more inviting and personal

Dark Brown And White Kitchen Accent Colours

This kitchen space is the ideal blend of traditional and modern vibes. The dark brown wooden cabinets and the modular white wall cabinets compliment each other and give the kitchen a very defined and sleek look. In addition, the recess ceiling lights and under-cabinet lighting provide the much-required illumination to space. 

Kitchen accent idea, small kitchen with brown wooden cabinets and white wall cabinets accent colour lends a sleek look.
The off-white flooring, walls and white cabinets make the small kitchen look more spacious and airy
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Green And Cream Kitchen Accent Colours

Doesn’t this kitchen instantly give you a cosy and relaxed countryside farmhouse vibe? The lime green base cabinets add a pop of bright and fun colour, earthiness and naturalness to space while the cream wall cabinets tone down the entire look. The white brick-style kitchen backsplash visually connects the two colours together.

Small kitchen accent colours in green base cabinets and cream wall cabinets lend a countryside farmhouse vibe.
Matching the curtains with the accent cabinets in a white-walled kitchen may also prove to be a great idea

White And Medium-Grey Kitchen Accent Colours

This large and spacious kitchen looks absolutely wonderful with the medium-grey and white accent cabinets. The patterned tiles on the kitchen backsplash and the black countertop clearly define and demarcate each section and lend a contemporary and semi-formal feel to the kitchen.

Cabinets in white and medium grey kitchen accent colours lend a contemporary and semi-formal feel to the kitchen.
A tiled kitchen backsplash makes the covered area more stain- and moisture-resistant

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White And Yellow Kitchen Accent Colours

This is a white kitchen with yellow kitchen accents that frame some closed and open cabinets/drawers here and there. Although yellow is a very bold choice for the kitchen, it is also a very cheerful and optimistic colour at the same time. The textured backsplash offers a matte counterbalance to the yellow kitchen accent.

Cabinets in the white and yellow kitchen accent colour bring a bold look to the small kitchen.
Opt for large kitchen windows with simple window treatments to ensure that plenty of natural light enters the small kitchen and makes it feel bigger

That’s all there is! Kitchen accents are indeed a fun way to add your own personality and creative touch to your cooking space. There are many different ways in which you can do that, so if you’re confused as to how and where to start from, the interior design experts from Design Cafe are here to gladly help you out.

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