8 Essential Copper Kitchen Accents Your Home Needs Now

by Pooja Dara | February 4, 2024 | 7 mins read

Copper kitchen accent ideas that are stunningly beautiful

While copper can fit anywhere in your home, the ideal place is in the kitchen, where this warm metal can work its magic and take centre stage, whether it is weathered/worn or perfectly polished. Let’s see how.

Copper kitchen accents have been used for centuries as copper is a popular metal for decorative and functional purposes in your home kitchen. Here’s why:

  • It can withstand daily use, scratches, dents and high temperatures, so it is more durable.
  • It is naturally safe and hygienic as the metal does not release harmful chemicals or react when heated.
  • It is an excellent heat conductor, allowing for more accurate temperature control. 
  • It accentuates the look and feel of the kitchen and adds to your kitchen experience.  
  • It is versatile; you can get creative with the finish you want (hammered/smooth).
  • It is more expensive than stainless steel, nonstick surfaces and aluminium but worth the investment.
  • It is naturally equipped with antimicrobial properties so that sanitation won’t be a major issue.
  • It appears rich because of its evolving patina coverage, recyclability and malleability.

While copper is not a conventional choice of material in the current interior design landscape dominated by stainless steel, and granite, it is a pleasant surprise to the daring homeowner who wishes to make their kitchen memorable. 

What are Some of the Creative Ways You Can Incorporate Copper Into Your Kitchen Design?

There are a host of ways in which you can incorporate copper into your kitchen design

Brownish Copper Kitchen Units

These brownish copper kitchen units housed within the white open-plan kitchen look gorgeous. The copper-clad cabinet fronts draw most of the attention in this space, and the recessed lights amplify their intricacies. Clean the surfaces with a soft wet cloth to remove grease fumes and retain the original shine.

Brownish copper kitchen units are housed within white open-plan kitchen
Copper kitchen units pair well with brick accent wall
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Copper Backsplash for Kitchen

This light copper backsplash kitchen design looks luxurious and elegant. The duality of the shades on the tiles lends a distinctive character to the cooking space and visually divides the top and bottom cabinets. This kitchen copper backsplash is easy to maintain, just like copper kitchen countertops.

Copper kitchen backsplash featuring dual shades on tiles adds a unique touch
Coat the copper kitchen backsplash with a safe lacquer to revive its shine

Copper Kitchen Accessories & Cookware

Whether stacked on the shelf, hung on the wall or simply placed on the kitchen worktop, copper kitchen accessories and cookware are quite the serve since they are multifunctional and enhance the aesthetic value of the kitchen. Cooking in copper cookware and utensils lend a healthy taste to the food and keeps the food warm too.

Copper kitchen accessories and cookware lends a healthy taste to food
Mix & match copper kitchen accessories for a rustic feel

Copper Kitchen Cabinet Accents

Copper kitchen cabinet accents in the form of cabinet door frames act as a striking focal point. The copper kitchen sink also complements those accent highlights and ties the whole vibe of the kitchen together. Green plants bring the outdoors in.

Kitchen design with copper accent cabinets in door frames acts as striking focal point
Use kitchen copper accents sparingly for a subtle effect

Copper Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Copper kitchen cabinet handles and pulls can be a great option for cabinet doors if you want to make a big impact without much hard work. They lend a formal yet contemporary vibe to the kitchen and make it look minimalistic.

Copper kitchen cabinet handles bring a formal yet contemporary vibe
A bright pendant light illuminates the kitchen

Copper Kitchen Sink Faucet

Gold-tinted copper kitchen sink faucets are the most practical choice for your modern kitchen design. It is highly resistant to denting and cracking. The copper sink faucet pairs brilliantly with the yellow kitchen backsplash and cabinets and oozes summery warm vibes.

Copper kitchen sink faucet pairs brilliantly with the yellow kitchen backsplash
White kitchen countertops soften the yellow cabinets
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Copper-Shaded Kitchen High Chairs

Adding copper-shaded kitchen high chairs to the counter creates a personal space for socialising with friends and eating meals. It instantly channels a trendy cafe vibe into the space with minimal effort. They match perfectly with just about any kitchen decor style and ceiling lights.

Adjustable-height copper kitchen chairs design to create a personal space for socialising with friends
Adjustable-height copper kitchen high chairs add flexibility & comfort

White Kitchen Copper Accents

If you have a large kitchen and a financial budget, you can opt for a white kitchen with a copper sink faucet, copper kitchen cookware & pots, copper kitchen cabinet handles and copper kitchen pendant lights. It brings to mind the vintage farmhouse. However, be careful not to go overboard with the copper element, as it may look overwhelming.

White kitchen with copper accents: Sink faucet, cookware, cabinet handles, and pendant lights
Copper accents add pop of colour to the white kitchen

We hope that this blog on essential copper kitchen accents will help you add some vibrancy and character to your kitchen. If you need more clarity on this aspect, contact the DesignCafe team or book a free virtual consultation, and we’ll gladly help you. 

FAQs on copper kitchen

1. What is the average cost of using copper in the kitchen?

The average cost of using copper in the kitchen can only be calculated depending on how much of its quantity, in what capacity and kitchen zone where it will be used. Copper saves time and energy regarding maintenance and durability in the long run. 

Copper kitchen sinks are not in trend in India as much due to the oil used in cooking and the difficulty of maintaining it long term. The oil drops may permanently stain the kitchen sink surface.

Copper kitchen accessories can include copper platters, vases, water pots, and more. Copper kitchen accents can also be used in the form of cabinets and inserts. Copper backsplash kitchen design is also huge maintenance if it covers a ‘full’ area; otherwise, only a band of copper is used here and there in the kitchen. 

2. How does copper compare to other materials in terms of durability and maintenance? 


  • The danger of scorching is less, so it helps cook food with less energy and keep it warm for a long time.
  • It is corrosion-resistant, providing uniform undercoating on steel or tin pans free from defects.
  • It can be easily cleaned using a gentle sponge soaked in lemon/salt mixture and warm water and wiping it dry.   
  • Copper cookware has an evenly distributed weight, heavy enough to sit on the stove securely but not too heavy that you can’t lift it with one hand easily.  
  • Manually polish your pans and pots occasionally to maintain their attractive appearance.


  • It is one of the softest metals, so it scratches and dents quickly but is corrosion-resistant.
  • Extensive metal leaching into the food during cooking can create liver disorders and constipation.
  • It is a good heat conductor with non-sticking properties, but excessive heating can lead to surface discolouration.
  • It is easy to clean using mild soap, warm water, and a soft sponge. 


  • It is a poor heat conductor; that is, it is slow to heat up and cool down too. 
  • It is really heavy in weight but completely non-reactive and easy to clean and maintain. 
  • It costs substantially less, but you must apply a ‘seasoning’ coat to protect it from rust. 
  • Cast iron cookware is exceedingly durable and is resistant to chipping, denting and warping. 


  • Nonstick surfaces work well when intact and secure, so avoid getting scratched/scuffed.
  • Use heat-safe materials like wood, hard nylon or silicone on nonstick surfaces and avoid metal utensils. 
  • Put a soft cloth or paper towel between nonstick pans if you stack them up in a pile. 
  • Clean your nonstick cookware with a natural sponge/soft plastic brush and mild dish soap.


  • Stainless steel pans and pots are non-reactive; you can cook just about anything in it without worrying about how much lemon juice/vinegar/wine is in the dish. 
  • It is slightly porous, so the food will slightly stick to the pan. Thoroughly coat the pan with cooking oil or fat and ensure it is preheated before you cook on its surface to avoid this situation. 
  • It has poor heat-transfer properties, so if you are not skilled enough, you may end up with burnt food or undercooked parts. 
  • It can hold its inherent properties for many years. Even if it loses its shine or discolours, it will still maintain its cooking performance. 
  • You might have to scrub more or use a strong vinegar/baking soda solution with water to clean heavily burnt pans. It can also sometimes be difficult to clean by hand.\
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