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Different Types Of False Ceiling Designs For Your Home

Different types of false ceiling designs for your home

It’s time to pep up those ceilings and so we thought we would give you heads up! This blog will take you through types of false ceilings. 

Look into a sky full of stars and if not look into your false ceiling at home. With trends changing every few decades, there are different types of false ceilings that have emerged.  Plaster of Paris (POP)  wooden, gypsum, metal,  PVC, fabric or cloth, mineral fibre, and  glass false ceilings. There are plenty to choose from.  

Wooden False Ceiling Design For Rustic Lovers

For you rustic lovers we have a solution for you. Opt for a false wooden ceiling that adds to the beauty and serenity. This gorgeous living room has used a mix of PoP and wood to create a false ceiling design that lends an elegant look with a tinge of a rustic touch. However, there are different types of false ceiling materials. You need to see which material can be used where,  and how you can choose a false ceiling design for your home. So for instance if you are looking for a false ceiling for your home, that’s easy on the pocket, lightweight soundproof and fire resistance, then the best option for you will be gypsum. If you are looking for a smooth finish, then PoP is the best pick as it suits any design. If you are the kind that likes to go with an industrial look and focus on durability, then a false metal ceiling is ideal for you. 

Types of false ceiling with wooden design for rustic lovers with a mix of pop and wood
A living room with wooden beams on the ceiling make for a nice rustic earthy space

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Catch A Star Tonight

There are a ton of types of false ceiling designs that you can choose from. This room has a creative false ceiling made from Plaster of Paris (PoP). This kids room has used a star-patterned false ceiling with a warm tinge of light coming through. This kind of false ceiling is perfect to give your kids bedroom a playful effect. 

Different types of false ceiling with a star patterned false ceiling made up of plaster of paris
A kids bedroom with a false ceiling made from POP, multiple shelves and a playful grey wallpaper

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Go A Little Eclectic With This Electric Blue

There are various types of lights used in a false ceiling design. This home theatre has a cinematic vibe to it not just because of its pretty grey velvet seating but also because of the blue cove light. Enjoy a bowl of popcorn and unlimited entertainment in this real theatre-like experience.