Latest POP Designs For Your Bedroom

by Devna Tiwari | February 12, 2024 | 6 mins read

Best pop designs for bedroom

Here’s a quick lowdown on how you can use POP in your bedroom. Read this to know more about the latest POP designs.

POP or Plaster of Paris has been for centuries now. It is a compound made from a powdered mineral called gypsum that was found abundantly around the city of Paris and hence the name. Artisans use POP to design statues, cornices, interior mouldings and more as it does not contract after drying. It is also inexpensive and easy to work with. 

POP is popular in the world of medicine and most of us have seen it in the form of casts to hold in place a fractured bone or Ganesh Idols that are submerged during the Ganesh Chaturthi. POP has now found space of its own in the home interior industry with false ceiling designs, mouldings, wall panels in 3D and more. They are cost-effective, lightweight, fire-resistant and can be moulded into intricate and ornate shapes/ designs.

POP Ceiling Designs

POP is the choice of material to design any type of false ceiling be it for a bedroom, living rooms, dining rooms or kitchen. They are lightweight and are ideal for ceilings as weight is a key consideration when it comes to design elements inbuilt into a home at such a height. The relative strength of POP to its weight is an advantage as it does not require major modification to the existing load-bearing characteristics of the walls, columns and beams.

POP can be moulded into fluid and organic shapes with relative ease. This allows you to experiment with complex shapes that overlap or delicate floral pieces like rosettes and crown mouldings that are elegant. 

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Some of the popular ceiling designs are 

  • Plain ones with recessed lighting at the edges and spotlights for a clean and minimal look
  • False ceilings with cove lighting that is extremely popular among modern homeowners
  • False ceilings with intricate geometric patterns custom-designed for each room
  • Ceiling designs with CNC cut steel, aluminium, copper or bronze panels backed on frosted acrylic that lights up for a luxurious look 
  • False ceilings that use wooden rafters and woodwork elements with POP designs

All these ceiling designs are thanks to the versatility of POP that allows designers and homeowners to design and experiment limited only by their imagination.

Kids room with a pop ceiling design in stars and the moon shape is the pop ceiling design for bedroom looks fun.
A kids bedroom with a POP ceiling that has a cut out of stars and the moon to make this space look fun

POP Wall Designs

POP 3D panels are an ideal design choice for statement walls, for minimal or over the top designs or for fluid or flowing designs or if you are looking for something unique. These are best suited for foyer walls, the main wall of the living room, behind the TV unit, or as statement walls in the master bedroom. See this master bedroom here? It has delicately designed wall moulding behind the headboard that has gold wallpaper in between giving it an element of luxury. 

As is the case in this image, POP is extensively used to add a bit of flair to boring walls and thereby gives them depth and character.  They can also be painted with a colour of your liking to match the aesthetics and theme of your interiors.

Pop design for master bedroom, POP wall moulding & gold wallpaper lends a classy look to the area.
A master bedroom with POP wall moulding and gold wallpaper lends a classy look

A 3D Wall Panel With POP For Your Bedroom

POP is also used in wall mouldings, columns, rosettes, mandalas and skirting to give the space a European Classical look. Statues or figurines made of POP are also used to achieve his style of interiors. There are a multitude of design options for 3D wall panelling made of POP for you to choose from. These panels are made in factories and come in standard sizes with patterns that can be repeated seamlessly. And since they are factory-made they have superior quality as compared to what’s made on-site by masons and are stronger thanks to the use of substrate materials like metal wire mesh or frames. 

Pop 3d wall panelling design behind the headboard adds depth and character to space is the latest pop design for the bedroom.
A 3D wall panel made from POP in this bedroom adds depth and character to the space

An Abstract POP Design For Your Bedroom

Now here’s a winner. See this wall art in this bedroom here? One entire wall behind the bed has been designed with an abstract POP design with a marble like an effect. From a distance, it may look like wall art but in actuality it is a POP design. Needless to say it is as striking as can be and becomes the major focal point of this bedroom’s interiors. If you don’t have the budget to buy expensive art from a gallery then this is a great alternative. Who wouldn’t want to stay in here all day?

One entire wall, an abstract modern pop design for bedroom with the marble-like effect is a striking addition to space.
A bedroom design in POP made to resemble abstract art is a striking addition to this space

POP And Cove Lights In This Bedroom

This bedroom has been designed with a false ceiling in white with cove lights installed onto it. The false ceiling in POP lends a subtle and classy look to this space and the cove lighting gives this bedroom illumination that is soft and diffused. Wooden panelled false ceiling on the other end of the room complements the POP design to its left as it matches with the bed beneath. A blue textured wall completed the look of this space.

Pop ceiling bedroom with cove lighting, a wooden panelled false ceiling on the other end of the room brings a modern look.
A false ceiling with cove lighting in this bedroom for those who want a modern look
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And that is all folks. POP designs for your bedroom to go from blah to beautiful. This material has myriad use cases as you can see so get POP-ping! Call or write to us to know more. Design Cafe’s team of interior designers cannot wait to get started on your home interior project.

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