A Room Full Of Love! 10 Ways To Design A Romantic Bedroom

by Devna Tiwari | January 2, 2024 | 7 mins read

A Room Full Of Love! 10 Ways To Design A Romantic Bedroom
When was the last time you watched The Notebook and wondered if someone could build an elegant house for you just like Noah built one for Allie? Or if your spouse granted you full freedom to design your nest just the way Christian did with Anastasia? Well, it doesn’t happen in real life, does it? Designing your bedroom once you are married can be challenging, considering that your room’s aesthetics must reflect both your personas. When married, you not only share a bed but each corner of the bedroom with your spouse. From the walls to cupboards,  sheets to rugs, colours to room decor – your spouse and you need to fall in love with everything in your bedroom. Do remember, your bedroom holds the honour of being the most special place in your home. Defined by four walls, it is the space where you dream your future together. It’s where your spouse and you spend quality time, right? So bring out the most romantic version of yourself as you design your bedroom. It has to be comfortable, elegant, impeccable and intimate. There are lots of parameters to consider before you get started. This includes the size and shape of your room, your personal styles, colour preferences, budget, furnishings, and other tiny details that generally skip our mind. It is always a good idea to hire an interior designer as you begin this mammoth task because they hold a creative lens. Just to get you started we have compiled ten dreamy design ideas for your bedroom to keep the romance alive. We bet these designs will excite you. And once your bedroom is all set, you won’t want to step out of your cosy little nest, even over a long weekend! Let’s get on a design trip together and get started, shall we?

Get Cheeky With Pillows!

Romantic bedrooms design with cheeky with pillows these big soft pillows with smaller ones is perfect bedroom designs for couples
How many pillows are too many when it comes to making your room cosy?
Redefine the term pillow talk! There’s something sexy about pillows in a bedroom. A perfect combination of big soft pillows with smaller ones is perfect for a cosy snuggle. White linen on pillows with embroidery are ideal for a classic traditional bedroom and lend a pretty, pristine look. Design idea: Avoid playing too many colours while picking pillows and cushions. Stick to classic linen feather-like white and pastel colours with matching spreads. Just don’t forget the softness!

Candles And Flowers, Never Go Wrong

Romantic bedroom ideas for couples with candles and flowers for makes romantic bedrooms
Infuse fragrances into your bedroom with essential oil diffusers, pillow mists, and scented candles
Bring back that honeymoon suite feel to your bedroom. There’s no doubt, hotel rooms that brim with fresh and calming scents offer a different level of luxury. You can add the same charm to your bedroom. A serene, scent-misted bedroom will calm your senses (and of your partner!). Light up your room well with scented candles for a romantic night in with some take-away dinner.
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Design idea: Rosewater and scented candles are refreshing and send out relaxing vibes. When opting for the latter, pick beautiful canisters to bring in an artistic edge to your scented paradise. Choose aromatic varieties that offer a pleasant, understated scent. You can also add essential oil diffusers or pillow mists to infuse fragrance into your bedroom.

Build Yourself A Cocoon

Couple bedroom design by reinforce a sense of privacy and intimacy with this cocoon
Reinforce a sense of privacy and intimacy with this cocoon-like setting
Yes! You heard it right. Build yourself a cocoon. Well, not literally a cocoon but a cosy little corner where you feel protected relaxed from hum-drum of everyday life. Add a pile of sheets and sheers with some really soft pillows. Voila! There you have your cocoon. Sneak in a snuggle or two on a lazy Sunday afternoon! Design idea: Drape curtains in front of your bed for solitude and intimacy. It’ll feel like a tiny cocoon one that is cut off from the outside world. Fluffy bedding you’d never wish to get off doesn’t harm either. Also Read: Romantic Bedroom Colours For Your Home

Add A Luxe Headboard

Romantic bedroom ideas for married couples with green velvet headboard to make more romantic bedrooms
That luxe green velvet headboard elicits the romance of a deep forest
A luxe velvet headboard elicits the romance of a garden or a deep forest. A headboard, one in a vibrant hue, lends a subtle touch if you are looking for something less overtly romantic.
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Design idea: Carefully select the colour and size of your headboard as it can lower the charm of your bedroom if not in proportion. A velvet-textured headboard in a deep shade works magically well of it goes with the rest of your decor.

Hang A Canopy

A beautiful canopy paired with flowers lends a chic touch to your romantic master bedroom design
Is there anything more sensual than a flowery canopy?
Canopies are sexy. Yes, there’s just something mysterious and enchanting about its soft, flowy and translucent look. It offers you privacy yet keeps the mystery going. A beautiful canopy paired with flowers lends a chic touch to your bedroom design. But of course, real flowers must be restricted to special occasions, if you know what we mean! Design idea: Pick the right set of sheer fabrics and punch things up with splashes of pastel coloured pillows and rugs.

Stay Grounded In Your Romantic Bedroom

Hite linens, soft comforters and lots of pillows is always the right choice for romantic bedroom design
This room is an uncomplicated setting for a couple in love with life
Floor-level bedding sets the mood for sexy fun. Loose white linens, soft comforters and lots of pillows is always the right choice. The ease and comfort this bed offers is irresistible. Perfect for chilly evenings and a cup of coffee! Design idea: Be picky while choosing your mattress. An incredibly soft bed might be appealing but is not ideal for sleeping. Play with colours as long as it doesn’t disturb the mood of your bedroom. Hint: Softer pastels are a good choice!

Delicate Curtains Are Sublime

Bedroom ideas for couples with soft and delicate sheers with the right amount of lighting
Soft and delicate sheers with the right amount of lighting are nothing short of perfect
Semi-sheer, transparent curtains elicit a sense of ethereal romance. They scatter light for a delicate and surreal effect. Even better if your bed looks out to a picturesque scene when the curtains are pulled back.
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Design idea: Try to choose solid white or neutral coloured sheers in a soft fabric. Prints or deep colours can dim the romantic vibe of your bedroom.

Come On Baby Light My Fire

Romantic bedrooms with an indoor fireplace will kindle the passion and closed fireplace with glass or iron cabinets looks much nicer
A bedroom with a fireplace ignites passion like no other
A bedroom with an indoor fireplace will kindle the passion like no other. Your showstopper is a  fireplace. A textured stone wall will give your bedroom the feel of an old palace. Design idea: A closed fireplace with glass or iron cabinets looks much nicer as compared to an open fire. Not to forget it is safer too1 You don’t want to light your fire in the literal sense do you?

White Is The New Always Hot

Romantic bedroom ideas for married couples go with white is the new always hot
A complete white bedroom for a vibrant couple to dream a colourful life
If red is sexy then white is classy cool and the new hot! Piles of elegant layers ensure you’ll never want to leave your bedroom. An all-white bedroom decor and interior channels the dreaminess of clouds straight into your bedroom. Design idea: A totally white room can get slightly dull after a point. Bring in an antique mirror in natural brown wood with a toned bed-side table for an alluring, nostalgic touch.

Make It Moody

Contrasting dark and light shades for romantic bedrooms design for couples
Sophisticated design created by contrasting dark and light shades and sheer drapes overhead
Make a striking statement with textured, painted walls and floors. Your bedroom will feel a lot more private, wrapped in grey or black paint. And set the mood for sure!
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Design idea: If black/grey is a colour you don’t consider auspicious, pick any deep shade of your choice. Use well-matched decor like burgundy walls with golden decor or a teal wall white and silver decor. Setting up a new bedroom is just like stepping into a new relationship. It requires love, affection, care and loads of attention. You are sure going to have a room full of love with our romantic bedroom design ideas. Here’s to a bond like never before!

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