False Ceiling Light Types For Your Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 10, 2024 | 4 mins read

False ceiling light types for your home

Lighten up your home now with these false ceiling light types for your home!

When it comes to designing a home from scratch or just planning an overhaul, there’s one thing that you simply cannot ignore — lights. You could get just the right wall paint done, the furniture could look spot on, the false ceiling could look grand and the marble flooring could be perfect. But — take our word for it — if you don’t install the right kind of lights for your home, all of that won’t catch anyone’s attention. In order to make your home look more presentable and elegant, you need lights that effectively and efficiently add warmth or highlight to your space.

For the same, tube lights are not entirely reliable. These days, false ceiling lights are installed in modern homes. There are umpteen false ceiling light types, and they are preferred for their ease of usage and because they don’t occupy much space.

A false ceiling adds a layer of grandeur and sophistication to your space. False ceilings are perfect to be included in your living room and bedroom design. However, it is necessary to choose the right kind of lights that pair well with a false ceiling. Keeping in mind the spatial dynamics, size and theme of your home, you can choose the appropriate false ceiling lights from a wide range.

False ceiling lights are extremely easy to maintain and create an attractive warm and fuzzy aura. It is, therefore, no surprise that modern homeowners prefer to go for false ceiling lights. They fit in perfectly in traditional, minimal or contemporary homes and evoke seamlessness everywhere they are installed.

Most importantly, false ceiling lights help in creating just the right mood and vibe. You can totally transform the feel of your home, all thanks to false ceiling lights!

All curious to know about different types of false ceiling lights? Take a look at our quick guide for clues. We have listed down all the preferred options to make your choosing effortless.

1. Recessed LED False Ceiling Lights

We bet you must have seen recessed lights at various homes. Indeed, they are highly efficient and easy to access. You could conveniently use them with your false ceiling. They are also extremely cost-effective! These lights help in effectively highlighting various sections of a room. They create a nice spotlight for your prized accessories, knick-knacks and even walls.

Recessed led false ceiling light is one type of false ceiling lights
Adjust the glow in your room as per your mood with recessed LED lights
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2. Cove False Ceiling Lights

Always liked gentle, soft lighting? Cove lighting will help you in setting up that look for your space. You could integrate these lights easily with your floor lamps or false ceilings. The best thing about cove lighting is that they enhance and highlight the key sections very well. All in all, cove lights grant a plush look to your home, just like you have always dreamt of it to be!

Cove false ceiling light comes under the trending false ceiling light types
Go with the trends, choose mood-boosting cove lights for your home

3. Mounted False Ceiling Lights

Facing spatial challenges? Effortlessly beat them by installing mounted lights. These lights are specially made for bathrooms and areas with low ceilings. Mounted lights are good if you wish light to uniformly spread across your space. Often, hanging lights cannot be installed due to space constraints. In such instances, you can go ahead with mounted lights as they fit well even in constricted areas. They are also preferred due to their economical price points and are available in various textures, sizes and shapes.

Mounted false ceiling light types are suitable for bathrooms and constricted spaces
Mounted lights are great for bathrooms and constricted spaces

4. Panel False Ceiling Lights

Create your own sunshine with panel lights. If you love having cohesive lightning across your home, then we recommend panel lights to you. These lights not only grant a holistic, warm feel to your home but also sleekly fit into a false ceiling as well. Most importantly, they are very easy to install, low on maintenance and offer an affordable back-lit solution.

Panel false ceiling light is a different types of false ceiling lights
Perfect for even lightning, panel lights create warmth across your room

With a range of options available for false ceiling lights, you are certainly spoilt for choice. While choosing them for your home, keep basic factors like budget, size of your room, maintenance, shape, texture and material of lights in your mind. Once you are through with them, taking a final call will not be difficult.

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Do read our guides on false ceilings if you are looking to revamp your space. In case you need help in customising lighting in your home, feel free to reach out to us for a quick consultation.

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