Mixing Drinks With A View: Balcony Bar Ideas That Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

by Nikita Keshwani | January 23, 2024 | 6 mins read

Balcony bar design ideas for your home

Get ready to serve up delicious cocktails from your new and stylish balcony bar 

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, why not turn it into a functional and stylish mini-bar? There’s nothing quite like enjoying a refreshing drink from the comfort of your home while cherishing the surrounding scenery. And what better way to do that than from your balcony bar?

With the right balcony bar design, you can create an outdoor space perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying scenic views. Whether you have a spacious balcony or a compact one – we have all the design inspiration you need for a bar balcony that’s both space-efficient and beautiful. 

So, let’s toast to enjoying the great outdoors in style!

Storage Cabinet For Home Balcony Bar:

This humble balcony storage solution is ideal for adding a bar to your outdoor space. It fits in a corner and utilises the small balcony space smartly to give you enough storage space for your bar collection and glasses. The backlit shelves and glass shutters give this balcony bar unit a classy look. Use the space above the cabinet to mix drinks or keep snacks for your guests to enjoy with the drinks.

Balcony bar design idea with storage cabinets
A small balcony bar unit for compact apartments

Open Wine Rack For Apartment Balcony Bar:

If you love showing off your wine collection, we have the perfect balcony bar design for you! This wall-mounted open rack design lets you display your extensive liquor collection without occupying any floor space. Isn’t that super cool and extremely space-efficient? It’s no wonder that this balcony bar design is a hot favourite amongst young couples living in compact urban apartments. The green turf grass background also lends a natural touch while making for great wall decor for your balcony.

Apartment Balcony bar design with open wine rack for nature lovers
A space-saving balcony mini bar for nature lovers

Balcony Bar Design With High Seating:

We suggest considering a tall bar unit when looking for balcony bar design ideas for your home. It is a practical and stylish choice as it takes up very little space. Take this outdoor balcony bar, for instance. It doesn’t just act as a focal point in the otherwise plain balcony but also offers ample storage for barware. Use the drawers to store crockery, barbeque accessories, outdoor cushions, et al. The two bar stools are a great addition to this setup and add a touch of sophistication to the balcony. 

Balcony bar design with high seating for a modern rustic look
A chic balcony bar unit for a modern rustic balcony

A vibrant home balcony bar:

This balcony bar bench is a must-have for those who love a splash of boldness in their outdoor space! It features a storage bench in a sunshine yellow colour that extends into a balcony bar unit with sliding doors. The tinted glass doors add a layer of privacy to the mini-bar while making it look swanky. Now you can sip your favourite wine while relaxing on the bench with your favourite book. Use the bar unit drawers and the storage underneath the bench to keep dry snacks or barbeque accessories handy.

A functional balcony bar design with comfortable seating arrangement
A functional balcony bar with comfortable seating

Balcony Mini Bar With A Floating Shelf:

Don’t let a narrow balcony limit your options for a bar in the balcony. Here’s one of the best small balcony bar ideas that lets you enjoy an extensive setup in a limited space. This marble balcony bar top extends into an open wine rack with a geometric design that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space. Not just that, but there’s a floating shelf above to display your favourite bottles and hang your glasses! And adding a glass shutter cabinet brings just the right amount of glamour and extra storage space. 

Balcony mini bar with a floating shelf for a limited space
Wall-mounted balcony bar with wine glass stem rack
Space saving balcony spaces for an aesthetic vibe!

Party-Perfect Bar Balcony Design:

Love hosting house parties? Then this glittering balcony bar design idea is sure to get your spirits high! This balcony comes equipped with everything you need: a tall bar cabinet with hidden storage, a stylish wooden bar top with bar stools, and a wall-mounted wine glass holder. It even has a small cabinet under the bar counter for snacks and dry pantry items, so you never run out of things to serve your guests. The turf grass flooring and the hanging plants create an inviting atmosphere, while the bulb lights create the right vibe for a cocktail party.

Balcony bar design which is a party perfect space
A spacious balcony bar with lots of seating space

We hope these balcony bar ideas have inspired you to maximise your outdoor space and transform it into a cosy and welcoming area. Incorporate these ideas to enjoy the fresh air and stunning views from your balcony while sipping on your favourite cocktails. And if you’re looking for an expert’s help in designing a balcony bar for your home, get in touch with our experienced designers today.

FAQs On Balcony Bar Designs

How do I design a balcony bar that fits my space and needs?
Before designing a balcony bar, figure out the available space by measuring the balcony dimensions. Determine how much furniture you need to add for seating and entertaining guests. Pick a tall bar unit that utilises vertical space and fits even in a compact corner. Lastly, add stylish lights to complete your balcony bar setup.

What materials are commonly used for balcony bars?
Wood is the most popular choice for balcony bars because of its natural look. For a modern industrial look, metal is a great choice. Glass is used for mini bar doors to add a touch of glamour to your balcony bar.

What type of seating options should I consider for my balcony bar?
A storage bench is ideal for balcony bar seating as it is cosy and offers hidden storage space underneath. Bar stools are a classic option for balcony bars, providing a comfortable perch for enjoying drinks. You can add a lounge chair that allows guests to stretch out and enjoy the view while sipping on their drinks.

How do I incorporate lighting into my balcony bar design?
String lights are an affordable and popular option for lighting up balcony bars and are very easy to install. You can use wall scones to give your balcony bar a sophisticated look and feel. You can also add decorative lanterns to add soft and warm lighting to your balcony bar.

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